Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 36

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 36

36-Back To The Deluca House

Sarah pov

This morning I jumped with joy when I received Ashley’s call. She asked me to come back home. I ran outside the room and found Sean and Shella making out in the kitchen.

“Geez! Gross!” I covered my eyes and they both literally jumped up in terror, “What you two are doing here?”

“Can’t you see?” Sean had disappointment in his eyes due to the unfinished business. He did not feel shame while adjusting his swollen d*ick inside his pants.

“If you can’t have it then that doesn’t mean we are also immune to nature.” It was meant to be an insult. A reminder that Justin was no more in my life. But I decided to ignore that.

I was too happy to let any whining reach my heart.

“Gosh! I am not asking you two, to stop banging each other. The kitchen is not meant for this. Either go to your room or get a personal kitchen!”

Here, I just took verbal revenge trying to make him realize that he did not have his own roof over his head I went inside the kitchen, ignoring the hormones packed love birds, to fill the kettle with water. I wanted my green tea badly.

“You never did it in your room whenever I caught you and Justin.” Sean rolled his eyes and scurried out Shella came behind me and rested her cheek on my back.

“Hey, Sarah. It’s nothing serious. You know that, right?” My dear friend was trying to explain herself.

“Shella!” I whispered throwing a cautious glance towards the kitchen entrance, “With Sean? Hell! What even?”

“I know.” She walked to my side and took the cattle from my hand, “I was just looking for an outlet. Nothing serious. You tell me about that Pashley.”

“Hello, girls. What is this all about?” Nadia entered the kitchen holding her yawn, “By the way, I also want that green tea, Shella.”

“You people won’t believe it.” I did not try to suppress my emotions, “Sean’s idea worked guys. Ashley just called me. Justin has allowed me to go back. Can you believe it? Yahoo!”

“What!” Not only girls but Sean who was now standing in the doorway also had disbelief in his eyes.

“It worked, Sean. It worked.” I went to him for a hug forgetting momentarily that we were roasting each. other just a few minutes ago, “Thank you, man.”

Sean patted my back awkwardly and stepped aside.

“Spare me of your hugs, Sarah.” He went to the couch in the living room and started opening a beer bottle.

I shared a look with my friends who shrugged not understanding what he was up to.

“Are you not happy?” Shella asked him, placing one hand on her hip.

“Trust me, girls!” He smirked wickedly, “She will destroy everything once again.”

“What do you mean by that? I did understand when you asked me last time to control my temper. And see? I did.” I threw my hands in the air to make him understand, “Ashley is a small–town girl. She thinks that now I am sincere with her. For one year, I will try to stay there as her friend. It’s best if she stays away from Justin Just for a year.”

I tried to explain my strategy.

“Your planning will go down the drain once you will see Justin talking to her, laughing with her, touching her…” Sean rose and came closer to me, “Making love to her.”

“Rubbish!” I spat, “Justin will never even bother to throw a second glance at her.”

“See?” Sean had a victorious smile on his face. He turned to my friends, “Do you see what I mean? She will never be able to pull it off.”

In an instant, he wiped that smile off his face and closed the distance among us, “Sarah Garner! Stop talking about that second glance of your fiancé. Just put it there inside your head,” He tapped his knuckles lightly on my head, “Your fiancé is spending his precious time with her. Your fiancé is giving her company. Your fiancé is her husband now.”

Whatever he was telling me might be true.

A bitter truth.

“I“I tried to speak and licked my lower lip, “I want him back, Sean…” I whispered, “I want Justin back

“You want him back? Tell me. You want him back? Then stop chasing him. Just go after that girl. Be her friend A true one. So, that Justin can trust her with you. Start ignoring Justin. Let him come after you. Be that Sarah who he chose among all the girls.”

He was right. I needed to be that girl whom he could trust Ashley with.

This time I should not go after him. He should be the one chasing me.

“Sean!” I purred on his face.

“Shoot!” He went back to the couch and picked up the remote of the LED.

“Since when you became so sensible?” I asked him the million dollar question.

His head snapped up and he must have found a smile cracking on my lips.

“You spoiled brat!” Out of nowhere, I felt a small cushion hitting my cheek.

“Ouch!” I picked it up and threw it back at him which he stopped by lifting his arm, “Girls, help me.”

Soon Shella and Nadia joined the cushion fight where Nadia was on my team and Shella was on team Sean because of obvious reasons.

I mean the guy gave her heady kisses just a few moments back in the kitchen She owed it to him.

It felt strange to return to the Deluca house where Justin was not home to welcome me.

“They are out shopping.” Granny told me in a raspy voice, “I did try to stop her, but Justin told me that’s the condition to bring you back here.”

“And you did not try to raise your voice against it, granny? I mean you never asked Justin why he sent me away?” I complained to the woman who I thought was most sincere to me. After all, initially, it was her idea to get Justin married.

“Why would I ask him? So, that he can kick me out too?”

“Granny!” I stood and went to her to sit beside her, “You know that Justin would never do any such thing. to you”

“He never did any such thing to Sean or Helga either.”

I fell silent. Maybe granny was right. By now, I was sure of Sean’s strategy, and it was very vital to let granny know about the plan.

“Are you sure, Sarah?” Granny raised her clear blue eyes to my face after I told her about my plans, “The girl acts all innocent in his presence.”

“Just let me handle this, granny,” I kissed her cheek, “You don’t need to worry when I am here”

The main door to the living room opened and my heart throb entered with his arm around that girl

“Hello, Justin! Hello, Ashley! Enjoyed shopping?” I asked them excitedly and stood up to greet them. The irony was, the girl seemed genuinely happy to see me, but the way Justin tighten his grip around her was heart shattering.

Was he protecting the girl from me? Have I lost my trust in his eyes?

“Hello, Sarah.” Ashley removed Justin’s arm gently and came forward to greet me back I never dared to remove his arm away from me.

She extended her hand for a handshake, and I just stood there sizing her up instead of holding her hand Just when her smile started to falter and the lines between Justin’s brows started increasing, I moved forward and hugged the girl.

“Thank you so much, Ashley,” I whispered in her ear, but I was sure Justin must have heard it. In normal circumstances, I would have run to his embrace.

Not today! Sean had a point. Right now, my whole focus must be on Ashley. Not on Justin.

“Come. Join us!” I drew her to the couch and made her sit beside me. Quite hesitantly, with doubts in her eyes, she looked back at Justin and then smiled when he nodded.

Aww. Baby Ashley could not decide things for herself? Did she need her husband’s permission? Cute. “You will find me in my office, Ashley,” Justin muttered before leaving the room and Ashley’s eyes followed him.

Bitch! He is mine.

“So, Ashley!” I tried to shift her focus to me, “What did you buy?”

“They will deliver the parcels by the evening.” She informed me shyly. I noticed she was avoiding looking at granny.

I made a mental note to ask granny to look more approachable to her.

“I again apologize to you, Ashley. Next time take me shopping and I promise I will help you with it.” I flipped my hair over my shoulders, “I know about fashion. Girls in high school used to call me a diva.” | fluttered my lashes making her giggle.

“No, seriously. I am not kidding.” After a few minutes, granny got up and left. We started opening up to each other.

It took me a while to realize that she could hardly keep her eyes open. Her nostrils flared up every now and then to hold the yawn.

“You seem tired, Ashley. Why don’t you go to your room and take a rest?” She nodded thankfully and got to her feet.

“Thanks, Sarah. It was nice talking to you. You are a good girl.” I wanted to yelp when I heard the words. It meant one thing.

Soon, I will be able to build trust in Justin’s eyes too.

After Ashley, my second step was the study room. I needed to be there before my fiancé’s eyes. It will be strictly a professional relationship, yet it will help him not to forget that I was his fiancé, and I did exist. He could not kick me out of his life, just like that.

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