Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 34

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 34

34- Approval

Ashley Walters pov

The feel of his lips on my mine. The subtle taste of him. It was making my heart rate rise.

Was this how a kiss was supposed to feel like? The grip of his arms was tightening around me with each passing minute as if he wanted to crush my bones.

My hand traveled from the nape of his neck to his head, and I held his hair tightly in my fist. He did not seem bothered by it.

“Ashley!” He breathed against my mouth and his tongue touched the corner of my lips. It moved to my chin and then made a trail to my neck.

I closed my eyes tight shut and threw back my head to give him better excess. By now my other hand was also holding his hair. I was rubbing my legs against the mattress to lessen the want, I could feel in my core.

He lifted his head and looked down with those hooded amber eyes. They were so raw, so dark and so piercing. Leaving his hair, I brought my finger to trace his cheekbone, feeling the light whiskers under it. He took my hand in his and turned his face to kiss it. Leaning down, he again started kissing my lips with sensuality. My pulse rate started to elevate again.

This time, I took my sweet time and started stroking his naked back. It was when his strong body shifted upon me then I felt this enormous bulge touching me intimately.

My eyes were wide with panic and shock. I did not know what got into me. Detaching my mouth from his lips, I called him in a panic–filled voice, “Ju… Justin!”

Just one word from my mouth. Just one word and

And he stopped! Right there!

“Ashley!” His body quickly got off me, but thankfully he did not leave me. He rested his forehead against mine and stayed there taking deep breaths.

“I… I am … sorry, kitten.” Cupping my cheeks he kissed my forehead, “I am sorry. Don’t get scared. It won’t happen again.”

And that made me realize that he must be comparing this situation with, what Sean did to me.

“I am sorry for not taking your consent.”

“It’s alright…” I muttered in a tiny voice, “It’s nothing… Justin. It’s… nothing… I just… I was …” I paused and he pulled back to let me finish, “I was scared.” I was sure my eyes must have looked wider than usual.

It was my first time, “I never got a kiss….”

This time there was astonishment in his eyes.

“I mean I have been kissed on the cheek but… never on my lips.” I finished it shyly looking at his chest.

“Really. How can a girl like you never got kissed? Huh?” Was he roasting me? But no. His eyes were


Taking a deep breath, he, at last, sat up in bed and turned his smooth back to me. I wondered if I had just

ruined the moment for both of us.

Did I just miss this opportunity because of my inexperience?


“Get ready. We are going shopping after breakfast.”

And that reminded me of Sarah!

I needed to call her and let her know.

“Do you have Sarah’s contact number?” I felt his back going stiff. He picked up my phone from the nightstand and started feeding her contact details in it.

“Here It’s saved by her name. Now make it quick.” With that, he softly padded to dash out of the room. Instead of going to the bathroom, I fell back on the pillows.


I touched my fingers to my lips and a smile cracked up. He touched me here… He tasted so good. Hiding my face with my palms, I giggled with my eyes shut and started kicking in the air like a baby.

With the limited s*ex education given to us at Eden Garden and the discussions I had with my friends while living there, I was sure the swollen part that touched my thigh was his arousal.

He wanted me! Oh, dear God! Justin Deluca wanted me!


Before the arrival of our breakfast, I made a call to Sarah and told her to come back. She was over the moon and thanked me.

As usual, I was expecting an intimate breakfast with him inside the room but man! I was wrong. Holding my hand, he took me to the dining room and asked me to sit beside him.

Electra Deluca was already seated on the head chair. Justin kissed her forehead and started transferring scrambled eggs to my plate after taking his seat.

“Ashley wanted to have her breakfast in the room, but I asked her to eat with us, granny. From now onwards she will be joining us for all her meals.”

He was not asking her but was letting her know of his decision. The old goat who could not put her tone down when she met me, just came up with a small “Hmm.” And continued with the breakfast.

Drama Queen!

What would she do if I will tell her that her grandson not only kissed me in that room but also rubbed his di *ck down my….

“Ashley!” I bolted up in a panic when I felt his hand on my shoulder, “What happened? You alright?”

I cleared my throat and managed a smile. The old goat was now looking at me carefully and… My my! She had daggers in her eyes.

She sure wanted to murder me.

“No… I. I was just thinking something.” I tried to come up with something decent.

“Really? What were you thinking?” He asked me and this time I saw the devil dancing in his eyes.

“Were you by any chance thinking of what you were doing up there?” He said with a straight face. I turned to him in disbelief and the old cow dropped her fork on the plate.

Pursing my lips in a thin line, with all my might, I kicked my foot into Justin’s leg. However, it did not do anything to him.

I showed him my fork telling him silently, I could stab him with it. He winked and picked up his glass of juice.

“She was doing some yoga exercises, granny. And was asking me to do it too.” He told granny while spreading apple jam on the bread.

“Hmm.” The old goat did not seem to know any other word except “hmm…”


That day when she wanted me to sign the contract how she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Are you done with the breakfast?” Justin asked me while wiping his mouth with the napkin and then looked into my plate, “finish up those eggs, Kitten.”

The old goat’s skin between her brows wrinkled even more.

He suddenly stood up, “I need to take the car keys from the room.”

Wait! What? He was leaving me here with her?

“I. I will accompany you.” I tried to stand but he pushed me down by placing his palms on my shoulders,” Sit down. Finish it, I said. Granny will keep you accompanied.”

What? The company of this old goat? Was he crazy? Before I could utter another word, he was gone.

It got a little difficult to swallow that egg piece. It was kind of stuck in my throat when a glass of water appeared before my eyes.

“Drink it, girl. Otherwise, you will die of choking.” I quickly gulped down the water and placed the glass, So, you are not that innocent. I misjudged you.”

I froze when I heard her judgmental opinion. What did she mean by that?

“You are not keeping your part of the bargain.” Unlike her words her tone was soft, “By the end of the agreement you might have to leave empty–handed. You do know that, Ms. Walters. Don’t you?”

Sliding away her plate, she placed her tab on the table and started scrolling it.

“Ready?” Justin came over and saw my untouched plate, “Ashley. You haven’t finished…”

“I am not going anywhere, Justin,” I said firmly still trying to bore holes in my plate.


“I said, I am not interested in going shopping with you.”

“And I told you if you want Sarah back… you have to accept it…” That got Ms. Deluca’s attention like anything

“To bring back who?” She was looking at me, but the question was directed at Justin.

“Sarah. Ashley asked me to bring her back here. And I laid the conditions that if she would join us for meals and let me provide her with all the necessities then I will welcome back Sarah.” The man who could get intimidating anytime he wanted, was sizing me up and down not understanding what got into me. Just a few minutes back I was ready to accompany him.

“Ashley!” I was startled when I heard a familiar voice calling my name. It was the first time Electra Deluca called me by my first name, “Go with Justin. He is right. You should be provided with all the basic things. Come on. Get up and go. Don’t make him wait.”

And then I realized what Justin just did.

He was not a fool. He was aware of what she might say behind him. It was his way of getting her approval.

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