Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 33

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 33

33- My First Kiss

Ashley Walters pov

When I wiped my nose with his t–shirt, I felt him shaking with mirth, but I did not dare to look up.

Holding my hand, he brought me back to his room, “You are asking me to bring her back, kitten. Do remember. I am doing it for you.” His body language was enough to tell me that he was still not convinced, “I wanted to keep you safe. You don’t know people around here.”

Once inside, I turned to him, “Don’t worry about my safety, chief.” I saluted him, “There is a personal bodyguard assigned to me by some pervert. He will keep me safe.” I was sure there was this devilish streak in my voice.

His eyes went wide, he threw back his head and laughed loudly, “You knew? B… but how?”

“My friends noticed him just last night.”

“Your friends sound sharp.” He seemed impressed by them. I wanted to ask him what he had decided about Sarah.

“So… Justin? Umm…”

“Ok. Bring her back.” He sighed and nodded, then took me in his arms, “but I have got few conditions of my own.”

I was taken aback by it, “What? Conditions?”

“Yeah. Take it or leave it.” He shrugged nonchalantly, “Decide it now or let the matter go.”

“No, I want to hear those conditions, chief.” I narrowed my eyes tilting my head up. The way he was holding me, I did not think I could say no to him.

“Then hear me out.” Making me sit on the edge of the bed, he kneeled on the floor. For some reason it made me feel like we were an intimate couple where this man was deeply in love with me.

Come on, Ashley Walters. Wake up. Come back to the real world. I tried to warn myself.

He held my hands on my lap, “These conditions are nothing but your basic rights, Ashley. I had been thinking to offer you clothes, shoes, any necessity… you should watch movies even if I am not there, go and have your meals on that dining table like everyone else in the house…”

“Justin… No!” I was kind of terrified and freed my hands from his grip, “I am just a maid!” I cupped his cheeks, “Just a maid, Justin. Nothing else.”

“You are NOT a maid, Ashley. Stop calling yourself that!” He snapped, “That was why I was not asking you initially. You are stubborn, Ashley. But for all the wrong reasons. Know your rights, girl.”

“No,” I tried to be loud, “You can’t change it, Justin but…” He did not let me finish.

“YOU ARE NOT A MAID!” His voice raised louder than mine, “DAMN IT!”

When I went quiet, he spoke again but this time there was less harshness, “Every maid in the Deluca house signs a contract before he or she is hired. Did you sign any such contract?”

I stayed silent. No, I did sign one but that was not an employee’s contract.

“See?” He nodded at me, “You signed the other kind of paper but not a job contract. Anyone living here without signing this job contract is part of the family. Whether it’s my cousin Sean or Sarah or even my closest friends Keith and Terry.”

I could no longer look into his eyes. I just wanted to break the contact when he pinched my chin and forced me to look back at him, “You are not a maid here, Ashley Walters. You want to bring her here? Then these are my conditions. You need to live here as we all live. You can go to the kitchen and order the on–duty maid to make you the food you like. You can cook something for yourself whenever you want. Get the food delivered if you want. It will all be paid just like it is paid for the rest of us. What’s holding you back?”

How could I do that? Nothing belonged to me. How could I spend his hard–earned money like this, “All I wanted here was an ally, Justin. And I found one.”

“I know, sweetheart!” He whispered while twirling my hair strand around his index finger, “We have become allies in no time. You are under my roof. How many times should I remind you? You are my responsibility! You are doing that job because I wanted you to go out and have your way. I wanted you to feel happiness and freedom. Bringing her back means I need to keep an eye on her again. It might have consequences, Ashley.”

I opened my mouth to argue but he quickly placed his finger on my lips, “I know her. Stop thinking of her as some innocent nun who can…”

“I have you, Justin!” He went quiet, “I trust you. You can’t kick everyone out of this house just because of


“Damn! I can!” He muttered under his breath.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing!” He stood up and looked down, “She is out of this house temporarily and will be back after one year. But if you want her back now? I will allow her to set her foot here on these conditions. If you accept them then call her and let her know. Tonight, take an off from your job…”

“But Justin…”

“Shh…” He shook his head and walked to the door, “Tonight you need to take your sleep so that we can shop for your clothes and basic stuff.” With that, he left the room.

I was confused. Justin was concerned that Sarah might make me uncomfortable while I was more worried about Electra Deluca. She was a strong woman and would never take the shit.

What if she would not pay me our agreed amount by the end of the agreement?

‘Then Justin will pay you the said amount. Don’t you trust him?‘ Someone inside my head spoke to me,‘ He calls himself a man of his word. He won’t let anything happen to you.‘

Oh, man!

I went back to my room and plopped down on my mattress. It had become close to my heart. Soft,


Ever since I came here, it stayed with me like a friend. I smiled to myself at these odd notions and started thinking about the conditions laid by Justin.

He was right, I was not a maid. However, I did not belong to his class either. I was below their status. Lots of money with big houses and an army of servants… was something I only witnessed in movies. Never dreamed to witness in life.

I needed time. Lots of time to think about my options.

‘Something came up. I don’t think I will be able to make it tonight.” I sent a message to Evelyn. Her reply instantly popped up,

‘Hope you are not sick or something. Should I come over to take care of you? I even don’t know your


Aww. That was sweet of her.

‘I am not sick. I just need time to run some errands. I am sorry.”

“Hey. It’s ok. Take your time. I will miss you, Ash.”

“I will miss you too, Eve.‘ I sent her the message with a sad emoji.

Putting my phone aside I started thinking about the pros and cons of my decision.

Damn, you, Sarah. Why am I taking the pain for you?

‘Because you are stupid!‘ The same voice spoke in my head. Lately, it had been scolding me a lot. I sat up and stretched.

Daily I used to look forward to my job but tonight I was supposed to relax and decide.

Quite sluggishly, I got up and went to the window. No one was there to enjoy the sun in such a big lawn that spread over acres. What if I will accept the freedom offered by Justin? What if I offer Electra Deluca half the amount and request her not to strip me of my basic right of independence?

To let me feel the breeze against my hair, to let me bask in the sunlight without a care in the world. Justin wanted me to know my rights. Then what was stopping me?

Why was I doubting my self–worth? Why I was so insecure of being in my skin?

“Kitten!” my heart bounced in panic when I heard Justin behind me.

“God! It’s you.” I went to him and put my arms around him.

“Were you expecting someone else?” I felt his hand in my hair. Amusement was evident in his voice, “You did not respond to my knocks on the door.”

“I was thinking about the proposal… I don’t know what to… I mean… how to…”

“Ashley!” He pushed me a little to look at my face, “Look up and tell me. Do you trust me?”

I nodded because I did not have any other choice except to trust him.

“Then accept it. I would rather be happier if you keep Sarah away from this equation. You will still get what I proposed to you in that room.”

“Justin. I have heard you don’t go against your word.”

“You heard that right, Ashley.”

“I might not have the same reputation as you, Justin. But I gave her my word. I told her that I will try and now I can’t go back on my word.”

“So, you accept it then? Is it a deal?” He outstretched his hand for a handshake. I kept looking at it and then very slowly I reached out so that he could hold my hand in his firm grasp.

And that was the moment my fate was sealed.


We had our dinner in the room. No, not the guest room but the room where I was staying. The one that belonged to Justin. We watched an aircraft documentary while having Doritos. At some point, I tilted my body into his warm one and yawned loudly.

He just spoke one word, “Sleep!”

Throughout the night, I kept chasing him in my dream and kept calling his name. When at last I was able

to catch him and hold his shirt, I spun him around only to find he was no more Justin, but it was Sarah.

“I told you, he is mine.” She gave me an over–brightened smile. This time there was no sarcasm on her face, “He promised me, he promised my father that he would marry in Garner family. We are quite influential.”

I did not like her presence in my dreams. At least she should give me enough liberty in my dream to enjoy my time with Justin.

She would be back in no time. She would again rule the Deluca mansion and the Deluca heir’s heart.

It must be early morning when my eyes fluttered open. Tightly clutched to him, my face was practically grinding in his chest.

I moved a little forward to feel that shirtless body against my face. Slowly, I looked up and found his lips just before my eyes. Smiling, I lifted my hand and teased the corner of his lips with my index finger. Just a wiggle here and there.


He scrunched his nose and rubbed the back of his hand there. The frown lines were still there on his forehead when he went back to sleep.

I rolled my lips between my teeth to lightly brush my finger against his lips. This time he groaned, “Let me sleep, Ashley.”

His heavy sleepy voice made me giggle. However, I let him go to sleep and when I was sure that he was in deep sleep I took my face closer to his.

“Justin,” I whispered, and my self–control gave up. Lightly touching my lips to his soft ones, I tried to feel the silkiness. He took a sharp intake of breath and without warning started opening his mouth over mine, holding me tighter.

Initially, my eyes went wide like saucers, and I clutched his naked shoulders tightly digging them with my nails. He groaned and lifted his head a little trying not to break the contact of our lips.

“Mumm.” A heavy moan escaped his mouth against my lips and just then I decided to let go worry in my head and closed my eyes to enjoy the kiss of every Yumm…

I was getting my first kiss from Justin Deluca…

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