Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 31

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 31

31- A chance

Sarah pov

“Are you sure she will talk to Justin about you?” Nadia and Shella were snuggled close to me under a big quilt.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged and took a small bite of the cracker from the bowl, “She seemed sincere.”

“She might be faking it, Sarah.” Shella shook her head causing her small ponytail to move, “A normal girl will never leave Justin.”

“You should have seen her face when I was talking to her.” I whispered when Ashley’s face popped into my mind, “For a second she got worried when she saw me crying.”

“Well!” Nadia held my hand, “Let’s be positive, girl. She might be sincere after all.”

“By the way. What’s the strategy, Sarah?” Nadia asked me, leaning back against the pillow, “What are you planning to do?”

“Let me enter that Deluca mansion, Nadia,” I smirked sarcastically, “I made him mine when I was a kid,” I closed my eyes in ecstasy, “I will make him mine again. I misunderstand Sean’s advice. His suggestion was brilliant. Now that Pashley will be used not only to make me look good. But her actions would tell Justin that she is not the one for him. She is not worthy of him”

Nadia and Shella nodded their heads in admiration. Now I needed to be cautious before taking the next


Ashley Walters pov :

In my sleep, my hand spread out to feel the familiar warmth that I felt throughout the night beside me. Well! Now, it was missing.

I opened my eyes and found Justin already gone. No shower sound from the bathroom either. Deep inside I felt disappointed but did not let it overtake my joy. He smelled so good that all I wanted to do was feel his arms around me, his lips on my neck, and that familiar male body cologne.

My eyes went wide when my gaze fell upon the clock. It was past noon. Usually, I had to wake up earlier to get my breakfast as I did not want the on–duty maid to think of my suspicious activities during the night.

Once inside the bathroom, I realized I should have used my own bathroom. This one again had his stuff so I decided to just wash my body with simple water. I could take a leisure bath later.

Wearing again the same shorts with the t–shirt I came out. I had to be extra cautious while leaving the room in case someone was keeping an eye.

“Hungry?” I jumped in panic when I heard him all fresh wearing an olive–green t-shirt with khaki trousers.

“I thought you left for work.” I pulled out the elastic band from my hair that for some reason made him avert his gaze.

“Not today.” He walked to his closet and started shuffling his stuff, “I needed to stay home for something very important.” When he turned, he had a small bag that contained DVDs.

He moved it in front of my eyes and went to the door to open it.

A maid was there carrying a large tray with God knows what. She started shifting its contents on the table in the sitting area of the room.

“Are we having breakfast together?” I asked him excitedly not caring what this maid might think. Until

now I was getting tired of putting up this façade.

“Yes, love.” This was the second time since last night when he called me by this endearment.

Once we were seated, I could not stop talking to him about different things. This time I told him about Elijah, Sam, and Evelyn. How I got the job and how I made them friends.

He listened to me carefully. Never made fun. Not even when I told him how I made a mess of the counters when I accidentally mishandled the coffee machine.

“I am happy that you are enjoying your job. Are you in contact with your friends at the Eden Garden?”

“Yes, I am daily exchanging messages with Aniya.” I tried to speak with a big bite of the donut in my mouth. He started telling me about his work.

How he had been dealing with his office work from his study room and how late–night calls used to keep him awake.

“Can’t you ask them to adjust their time according to your ease and comfort, Justin?” I took a big bite of another donut filled with Boston cream. That was a mistake because the cream started dripping down my lips.

“Umm. Sheet.” I ran my eyes in search of a napkin and found Justin offering his t–shirt with a poker face. With my mouth still full, I tried to control my laughter and covered my mouth from stopping the cream from trickling down.

“NO!” I quickly picked up the napkin and started wiping my lips. Justin’s shoulders were shaking with


“I can’t believe it, Ashley. Did you spare my tee? Why? What got into you?” He bent forward and poked his finger in my arm that I shoved away.

“Stop it!” I was trying to swallow the Boston cream–filled beauty with a coffee sip, “Brat!” I snapped when my mouth, at last, got empty.

Today Justin selected all the romantic movies. The maid kept providing us with constant movie supplies that consisted of popcorn, coke cans, and Doritos.

The scene playing before me was quite an emotional one where I tried to control my tears and turned my head to look at Justin.

His face was turned up, and with his mouth open he had dozed off. However, his tongue was hanging out from the corner of his mouth.

“Douchebag!” I fisted a few popcorns and threw them in his face. He just opened one eye and roared with laughter.

“What’s this obsession with love stories? Huh?” He rolled his eyes.

“Why? Love is everything, Justin!” I paused the movie because the scene playing there was too emotional, and he did not seem in the mood to watch it.

“You believe in it, Kitten?” He asked me quietly and I smiled pinching his cheek.

“Yes. I do believe in it.” I placed my popcorn bag at a side, “I grew up in an orphanage, Justin. I yearn for a big family with lots of babies. Eden Garden was very good, but this wish to have a family had been there since I was a child.”

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