Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 30

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 30

30- Sleeping Together

Ashley Walters pov

I stood there rooted to the spot. Justin told me to be bold.

To become a lioness.

But around this girl, I was not aware of what used to come over me. No matter what façade I put up there in front of her. Her presence always used to affect my mental health effortlessly.

I did not want her to see the little Ashley inside me who used to get scared easily.

“What do you want Sarah?” I folded my arms on my chest and ran my gaze over her. Her face was wet with tears. Her palms were joined, and she was wearing the same dress that she wore when she took away my necklace.

“I I am…” The tears in her throat were making her choke on her words, not letting her speak.

Whatever was making her upset, I did not like her standing there crying like this. She might be a stone-hearted person.

However, my brought up was done in a decent environment where I was taught to be down to earth and empathetic to everyone.

“You did not answer me, Sarah. What are you doing here? We can talk inside.” I did not want her to witness the wooden staircase.

That staircase was a formality, I was sure nobody would stop me from entering through the main gate. Justin won’t let that happen.

Thinking of Justin was about to bring a smile to my face, which I bit back immediately.

“I can’t

go inside, Ashley.” She said while wiping her face, “I am not allowed to.”

Not allowed to? Why? And why she was calling me Ashley and not Pashley?

“What are you talking about, Sarah? Why are you not allowed to go inside?” I looked at her face trying to look for any signs if she was lying or mocking me.

Was it a new plan?

“The day I misbehaved with you and took your locket…” She wiped her tears, “Justin did not like it, Ashley.” She started crying again, “He kicked me out of that house.”

What? No! I can’t believe it!

How can Justin ask his fiancé to leave the house? That too because of me?

Something inside my chest fluttered and warmth started spreading all over my body.

I placed my finger on my chest, “He asked you to leave because of me? Are you sure?”

She nodded her head, “He is a man of principles.” She smirked, “If he promised to keep you safe under his roof then no matter who the person is. He won’t accept any shit from anyone. No matter if it’s me or Electra Deluca.”

When my eyes went wide, she nodded her head with a sarcastic laugh.

“Why are you here, Sarah?” I demanded, “Whatever happened was between you and Justin. I did not know that you are no more in that house until just now.”

Justin wrote on that chit that Sarah would not do anything against me. He never mentioned that he has kicked her out.

“It might be between Justin and me. But the reason was you.” She walked closer to me and held my elbow lightly, “He will listen to you, Ashley. Please ask him to take me back. And I assure you, Ashley, from now onwards anything that you don’t like won’t happen. I swear, Ashley. Please ask him to take me back. I have been with him since childhood. I always stayed in this house. It’s almost mine as much as his. Please, Ashley. I promise I will try to be a better person.”

Her speech had made me quiet. Justin was not someone who might like suggestions. What if he would not like it if I will poke my nose into his personal matters?

“Sarah. Justin never takes his decisions after consulting me.” How to make her believe me?

“I know. I know, Ashley. I know him like anything. We were very close before…” She paused for a moment, “before you came into our lives…”

“Listen, Sarah. I did NOT come into your lives. Stop telling me that again and again. I was brought by the Deluca family. Please stop blaming me…

“I am sorry. I am so sorry, Ashley. I assure you. You will never get hurt by me in future. All I want is one chance.”

How to convince her that it was not in my hands?

“Ashley. Justin usually doesn’t listen to anyone when he makes decisions. But at least can you try? Please?”

When I stayed quiet, she again joined her palms, “I … I beg you, Ashley Walters. Please convince him to take me back and I promise you. You will never get hurt in the future. Like Justin, I will make sure nobody dares to harm you. You will find me on the same side where Justin is standing.”

Urgh! Why was she making such kinds of demands that I was not able to fulfill?

“Ok.” I stepped back, “I will try to talk…”


“As soon as possible.”

“No. Tonight. Please, Ashley. Talk to him tonight.”


“Please, Ash. I might die. Please. He won’t go to sleep until and unless he is sure that you will return safely.”

What? Justin would stay awake until I …

Right now, she did not look like Sarah who used to mock me. A different person was standing there right before me who did not have any resemblance to Sarah.

To be honest, I liked this version of hers. Quite down to earth.

“Ok. I will try. Tonight.” I gave her a tight-lipped smile.

“Really?” She jumped with joy and took me in a warm hug, “Oh, thank you thank you thank you, Pash…I mean…” She got back fixing her hair in embarrassment, “I mean… Ashley.”

I chuckled and turned around to walk, “Bye, Sarah.”

“Bye, Ash.”

Once reaching my room, I stepped out to check the lights in Justin’s study.

Good! He was inside. Sarah might be right. He must be waiting for my safe return.

How about a shower first? Though we were still not on talking terms, I needed to let my ego down because of Sarah. She deserved a fair chance.

Justin was someone who could not be ignored easily by any sane girl. He was Sarah’s fiancé and no girl in her right state of mind would let her fiancé go.

Especially if it’s a man like Justin.

After taking a quick shower I changed into the only pair of cotton shorts I had and a usual oversized t-shirt.

Stepping out of my room, I ran a cautious gaze in the corridor and was thoroughly disappointed. Justin was no more in his study.

By now the room was dark. I should have gone to him before taking shower.

I was about to get back inside my room when a thought crossed my mind. What if he was in his room but hadn’t gone to sleep?

It won’t cost anything if I try to find out. Right?

Standing in front of his door, I raised my hand to knock and then decided to just call his name softly. The knock might disturb his sleep.

Placing my hands on the door I leaned into it and whispered his name, “Justin!”

I could not see any light coming under the doorframe, “Justin!”

It was again a whisper but a bit louder.

What if … if he was mad at me? For not talking to him for these past few days?

“Justin!” I whispered again but this time there was desperation in my voice. It had gotten a little bit teary too.

“Jus…” Before I could again call him the door to his room opened making me fall forward on my face. Two strong arms suddenly wrapped around me to keep me safe from the fall.

“Easy, kitten.” As soon as those arms were around me, they left me once I got steady on my feet. And I came to know the reason why?

Justin was standing there wearing his boxers.

Only his boxers.

I gulped down and reminded myself I needed to breathe.

“I thought you were awake…” I tried to speak and for some reason, my voice had turned husky, “A few minutes back the lights of your study were…” I cleared my throat which had suddenly gotten parched.

“Yeah. I don’t go to sleep until and unless you return from your job.” He added and waited for

Damn. Sarah was right.

Urgh. How to speak when he was standing with all that glory of his beautiful body and those curves and the muscles…


“Ye… Yes… yes, Justin.”

“Stop it!” He chuckled.

“Stop?” Throat clear, “Stop what?”

He came closer and leaned down to bring his eyes to my eye level, “Stop staring at me.”

His eyes were no more amused now. They had turned serious, and the amber color had turned darker.

I had forgotten completely why I was there. I could not remember any more about Sarah.


I… Justin…” I licked my lower lip and chuckled, “I don’t remember anymore why I am here.” I did not know how to hide my embarrassed face that must be turning crimson by now.

“Kitten. You do know you need your sleep so that you can perform better at your work?” These were the exact words I told him that night when I did not want to talk to him.

I tried to smile and was about to turn around to leave his room when without warning he snaked his arms around my waist and lifted me.

“JUSTIN!” I squealed, “What are you doing?”

“Making you sleep.” Hitting the door with one foot he shut it with a bang and took me to his bed, “Sleep here. Unless you want to change into something comfier or …” His eyes started dancing, “You are welcome to take off your clothes if you want.”

He placed me on the mattress and bent down kissing my temple.

“What?” I pushed him by placing my hands on his chest, but he did not budge and started laughing. I shifted back towards the headrest. He quickly turned to the closet and took out a pair of comfy cotton pajamas.

Standing there he hooked his fingers in his boxers to take them off.

I quickly covered my eyes with my hand, “What the hell …”

Why was he changing here when he should have gone inside the bathroom?

“Now I am decent enough to sleep beside you.” I heard him close to my ear.

I opened my eyes and took a sigh of relief when saw him dressed in those pajamas. However, he was still not wearing anything to cover his upper body.

Getting inside the covers he took me in his arms and that reminded me those arms belonged

to Sarah, not me, “Justin. I need to talk.”

“After our sleep, Ashley.”

He nuzzled his nose in my neck and pulled me closer to him.

“Oh, God Justin. What if the maid who brings me breakfast won’t find me in the room?”

“Nothing will happen.” He said in between the loud yawn.

“Justin, what if…”

“Shhh. Go to sleep, Ashley.”

“Justin what if …”

“Ashley…” He pinned me under him this time and raised his head, “Do you want me to make you silent or …”

Oh, brother. He was talking about a kiss.

“I am sorry. I am sleeping.” I squeezed my eyes shut, “See. I am already asleep by now. I have gone to sleep.” I tried to make him believe.

Gosh! I never blabbered this much.

I heard him chuckling softly and kissed my neck. I laid there waiting for him to make another move. I guess a few minutes must have passed when I opened just one eye to look down under my chin.

He was sleeping peacefully holding me, his face inside the crook of my neck.

“Go to sleep, love.” I smiled when he said sleepily and felt his soft lips touching my neck gently.

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