Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 29

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 29

29-Face to face

Ashley pov

“I need your help, Ash.” I heard Evelyn trying to lift that cold steel container full of Pecan flavored ice cream.

“Hey.” I quickly left the cash register and went to her. We lifted it up and placed it in the hole inside the big showcase.”

“Ok. So where is the container?” Elijah asked us while stretching his arms, showing his non- existent biceps

“Sorry, chief. You are late.” I could not help the smile flashing on my face. Now he was in trouble.

“I had been calling you for the past ten minutes!” Evelyn roared and even hit him on the chest.

“Hey! I was just coming. Ok?”

“No, you were not. You were busy scrolling your phone.”

“Ev!” He rolled his eyes and pulled her to him.

“Oh, God. I guess I should go out. It’s too much hot in here.” I waved my hand while teasing them.

“Great idea. I need this privacy so that I can kiss her.” He showed me a thumbs-up sign.

“No, Ash. You are not going anywhere.” Evelyn snapped and tried to push him away.

“People. Get to work. What’s the fuss about?” A panicked Sam came inside the back room, am serving there all alone.”

“They are fighting for a kiss.” I tried to bite back my smile.

When he turned to the couple questioningly, Evelyn gave a shove to Elijah.

“I need to kiss her. She is my girlfriend.” Elijah informed him.

“He was busy on his phone despite my asking him to help me. So, no. He is not getting the kiss.” Evelyn was hell angry.


“Oh, God!” Sam looked up at the ceiling, “Grow up, guys.” He turned to Evelyn tiredly, “Who helped you in placing the container, Eve?”

“Ash! Our shining star!” She gave him the cutest smile.

“Then it’s decided. Ashley will get that kiss from you!”

“What!” I looked up horrified at this absurd notion. This made Evelyn and Sam crack up Elijah just huffed at the poor joke choice of his cousin that was not so poor.


It had been four days to that insulting nightmare. The first day when I did not open the door, Justin left the phone box at my doorstep. The maid who brought me dinner informed me about it. She was not allowed to touch it. Once she left, I opened the box. As expected, there was a chit.



Those cute notes were becoming my addiction.

The necklace was still with him, but I had started using my phone. To my surprise, my orphanage contact details and Aniya’s details were already saved there.

I had even started exchanging calls and messages with my old friends.

By now, I had again gotten busy with the cash register when after some time I heard hushed voices behind me.

“You tell her.”

“No silly. You go to her and talk.”

“She is your friend. Go, Evelyn!”

“She is YOUR employee! You go Elijah!”

I frowned and spoke up without turning around, “Elijah! Evelyn. What is it?” They had gone quiet.

“Guys!” I again called them.

They came forward and sat on either side of me. Opening the cash register, I skidded the calculator towards me, “Are you two going to talk or keep staring at me for admiring my beauty.” I quipped without moving away my gaze from the register.

I heard Evelyn chuckle.

“It’s not as important, Ash.” She started, “But you never know it might be.”

I stopped the calculations and turned to her, “What are you talking about.” She looked at Elijah as if asking for his help. They both were acting weird tonight.

Elijah fixed his spectacles on his nose, “I don’t want to scare you, Ashley. But I have seen a man following you at night.”

“What?” Flashing a smile at him, I closed my register, “Seriously? I am a movie person. But Elijah. I think you have been watching suspense movies a lot lately.”

“No, Ash.” Eve covered my hand with hers, “He is a very good observer. I can vouch for that. He told me a few days back but initially, I ignored it thinking he must be imagining it.”

When I was sure that they were not playing any prank on me, I shrugged, “I don’t know what to say. I… I never noticed any guy following me. Wh… What is his age? Must be a high schooler having a crush on me. Who knows?”

I laughed but had to hold it back when I realized they both were dead serious now.

“This is not a joke, Ash.” Eve said with concern, “I saw that man and he is in no way a high schooler. He was a well-built giant man.”

Justin’s image flashed across my mind. No, he was not a giant.

“What’s his height?”

“He might be around seven feet!” Elijah told me.

No way. It was not Justin. He was around six two or six three. But not seven.

“So, you people have been observing this man following me, and you informing me tonight?”

“Yes. I caught him just one or two times so thought I might be wrong.” Inhaling a deep breath he turned to me, “I actually… just saw him nearby.”

“What? Wait a minute. The man who was following me is here?”

“Yes. Close by.” He whispered near my ear.

I got up and went to the window. Thank God for the old brown curtain.

“There with the black car,” Elijah pointed to a side, and I saw a man partially bald. He was wearing dark shades even at this time of the night.

He had this rigidity on his face. There was an air of brutality around him. Slowly I raised my phone and focused its camera on him.

“What are you doing?” Evelyn hissed behind me, “He might catch us…’

Ignoring her when I clicked his picture just then he decided to look towards me. The moment he saw me, the harshness left his face.

He took off his glasses and salute me with a smile. Our mouths were hung open!

“Who are you, Ashley Walters? President of some country?” Elijah whispered behind me.

“What do you mean by that” I kept looking at the man who had now moved put back his glasses.

“You are a fool not to realize this. He is your bodyguard, silly.”


away his gaze and

I was still trying to process what Elijah had said. We could not discuss it further due to the sudden influx of customers. After completing my shift, I started walking home. At one point I stopped and turned around only to find the same man walking behind me keeping a safe distance.

“Oh, Justin!” I said silently with a sigh, “Why?”

This was too much. I was not a hot shot like him. For God’s sake, I did not need a bodyguard. The huge, muscular man was still wearing his shades.

Once I would reach home, I will check Justin’s study. If he would be awake, then I will talk to him about it.

I was about to reach the wall of Deluca’s house when I heard someone calling my name in a low voice.

Was I imagining it?

No. It can not be that stalker’s voice. It was too girlish.

I turned around and found myself face to face with my husband’s fiancée.


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