Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 28

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 28

28- Ashley’s side

Ashley Walters pov:





Everything started attacking me at once. How dare she? What did she think of herself? Why was she doing it?

Thank God, I opened the door on time when she was about to leave, otherwise, she would have killed me if she had read the chat written at the back of the door.

I was not the one who proposed Justin. Her fight was with the Deluca family. I was just a pawn. I was supposed to get my money and leave.

No questions asked.

But would I be able to leave Justin that easily?

That was the question that kept popping up in my mind lately. The cake on that bed was still there.

“Kitten? Ashley?” I jumped a little when I heard Justin calling my name and knocking the door.

I did not reply to Justin. I wanted him to believe that I had gone to sleep.

“I know you are still awake, kitten. I have got your necklace.” My heart missed a beat. Did Sarah give that necklace to Justin?

I thought she was more interested in wearing it. Why would she do that?

Ignoring the knocks at the door I headed to my mattress to take my due sleep. I wanted a clear mind. And right now I did not want to face Justin. Being a gentleman, he would not open the door unless I would allow it.

This was not his mistake. I could not let my frustration out on him.

He did not deserve it when all he did since my arrival was to be nice to me. The knocking had stopped. He must have left by now.

“I would talk to you later, Justin.” I laid on the mattress when I remembered that I had forgotten my phone, which he gifted me, in the study.

Thank God I was not carrying it otherwise Sarah might have taken that too.

Sarah pov:

“Sarah. You need to keep it together. If you would panic that girl will take undue advantage of it.” Shella told me frustratingly.

“Here. Take this.” Nadiya gave me the coffee cup, “It might help you to come to your senses. My both friends did not like the way I was losing my cool.

“You don’t understand it. She is very cunning. Sean and Helga were too close to Justin. And see what she did to them. I don’t know what magic potion she made Justin drink.”

I wish I could kill the girl with my bare hands.

“Stop it, girl. Don’t be silly.” Shella sat on the mattress causing it to dip, “There is no comparison between you two. You are a smart, intelligent, and beautiful girl who has a Harvard degree. For God’s sake, Sarah. Use that intelligence. Use your brain. Bring that Harvard degree to some use.”

I was not aware of what got into me. I hid my face with my hands and started sobbing uncontrollably.

“Sarah!” I felt my friends coming closer to me. One of them held my hands and the other one held me by my shoulders.

“Shh. We are with you.” I cried harder. They were consoling me while it was Justin who was supposed to be there and calm me.

It was his job.

“She… She will take away my man, Shella. I love him like anything. I love…” I hiccupped, “I love him. Oh, God. What to do now? Electra Deluca took away everything from me. She tricked me…”

They both were silently trying to offer me comfort.

“I always thought that she liked me. She made me believe that she had this control over the Deluca household. I was wrong, man. I made a mistake.”

My friends did not interrupt. They just let me bawl my eyes out.

God knows for how long, I kept crying. Once I got tired and started wiping my face that was when Nadiya left my hand.

“Should I bring you another cup of hot coffee? This one has gotten cold.” I declined her offer. Right now, all that mattered was their company.

At least, they were with me.

I needed them to help me kick her out.

Just then we all heard a knock at the door.


“I knew it!” I quickly wiped my face with excitement, “I knew it. He can’t live without me.” Laughing to myself I ran towards the door and opened it.

Disappointment engulfed me like anything. With drooping shoulders, I came to the couch and

sat down.

“Not happy much?” Sean did not seem to mind that I was not happy to find him at my friends’ doorstep.

He sat beside me and held my hand.

“We need to do some work. You people can help yourselves with these cookies.” Both the girls wanted to leave the room for giving us some privacy.

“Now don’t be silly,” Sean winked flirtatiously, “join us and let us know about the solution to this problem.”

Shella and Nadiya looked in my direction, asking for approval. When I blinked my eyes, they nodded and sat there taking the other couch.

“So,” Sean turned to me, “she succeeded!”

He was not mocking but still, it hurt. I did not like the way he asked me. I was not a failure.

People used to call me intelligent and witty. Every guy’s eye used to focus on me and my body. For them, I used to be a perfect combo of beauty with brains.

“I can’t imagine my life without him, Sean,” I said quietly. Nadia and Shella were sitting there tight-lipped.

After packing my bags, I dropped straight at their door. I did not have anywhere to go. It had been three days since I landed here. I was not able to eat or drink anything.

I felt like shit without him.

Without Justin.

“What happened? Tell me.” Sean asked me softly and when I thought I had shed enough tears, I again started sobbing.

“She was coming out of the study, which Justin is so possessive about. The strange thing was… he was not there. She was coming out of it all smiling. I thought maybe Justin was also there until I realized he was in his room. She was wearing this Cartier necklace, so I thought that maybe she stole it.”

“Then? What did you do?”

“Naturally I took it from her… by force. What else could I do? When I met Justin outside the room, I told him everything that happened. I don’t know what got into him. He did not take a minute to throw me out of that house.

He forgot that I had been living in that house for so long. Since my teenage years!” I again started brawling my eyes.

“Sarah! My dear, Sarah!” Throwing back his head he started laughing, “I never knew you are so silly!”

Right now, it was difficult to decide if I wanted to rip off Sean’s head or murder that Pashley.

“What do you mean by that,” Nadiya tried to confront him. She never liked Sean and always tried to stay away from him.

“Seriously, Nadia? You really want me to spell it out for you? She hates that girl but there was no need to make it obvious for Justin.”

“I don’t understand…” Nadia raised her arms in exasperation.

“What do you want to say, Sean?” I asked him leaning back on the couch, “Or like Justin, you also think that it was my mistake…” I asked him looking up at the ceiling.”

“You might not be mistaken, Sarah. The only mistake you made was letting Justin see your hatred towards that maid. He was your fiancé…”

“He… IS… MY fiancé!” I quit crying and tried to remind him.

“Yeah yeah.” He rolled his eyes, “He IS your fiancé. But who asked you to threaten her so openly? You can win over anything by using love as your weapon.” He winked at Shella, “What do you think?”

He asked no one in particular.

“I think…” Shella spoke for the first time, “I do get what he is trying to say. Sarah!” She shook her head, “You don’t need to remind everyone that you hated her. Helga and Sean did this mistake and they had to bear the consequences.”

Nadia started nodding her head, “Agree. He does have a point.”

“No, I don’t understand this.” I tried to argue, “She can openly flirt with my fiancé, and you expect me to stay quiet? No, that’s not happening.” I said stubbornly.

“I am afraid you might lose your fiancé, Sarah,” Sean said in a serious tone. I looked at my friends for confirmation when he spoke again, “Don’t look at them, sweetheart. They are your minions and would never tell you that you are wrong. Sorry, ladies!”

He shrugged while apologizing, “But this is how it is. Whatever you will do Sarah… No matter how silly it might be. Your friends will never dare to tell you that you were wrong… “Stop it, Sean!” I stood up and wanted to march to the guest bedroom assigned to me when he immediately jumped from the couch and came close to me holding me by my arms.

“You did amazing when you hit me in front of everyone.” I had to quit struggling when he said that. He nodded, “I thought that was a genius move by you. Then what happened after that, Sarah? Why did you bring everything in the open? You want Justin? You need to love everything he is affectionate for. Even if it’s someone’s poop!”

I silently looked into his eyes, “Sean!” I breathed, “You mean to say…”

“Yes, Sarah.” He cupped my cheeks in his both hands, “I think, now you understand what I am trying to say. You want to go back to the house? Right?”

When he asked me, I nodded slowly.

“Good. Then mark my words. There is only one person who can help you to get back into the Deluca house. And that is Ashley Walters.”

He squeezed my arms before letting them go, “You want to step in there? Lure her. Beg her if need to. She is your permit… your pass… your ticket inside that house.”

A smile cracked up on my lips. I never knew Sean was so sensible. He was right. All I needed to do was get back in Justin’s good books, to let him know that I was on his side.

I was on Ashley Walters’s side.

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