Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 26

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 26

26- Short-lived

Ashley Walters pov

This time he groaned but did not stop me, “Urgh. You are a brat, Ashley. My innocent t-shirt!” Once I wiped my cheeks, I raised my head where amusement was dancing on his face.

“That’s all you have got, Ashley Walters?” He clicked his tongue looking down at me. I was so close to him that I could easily kiss his chin.

“Why?” I fluttered my eyes dramatically, “You have got a different move here? Show me what you have got!” I shrugged.

We both were oblivious to the fact that our faces were drenched in caramel cream, we smelled of caramel and we both were sitting under the table like kids.

“I…” he whispered causing my heart to race, “have got… more cream to rub on your face.” With that, very gently he again started touching his cheeks to mine. This time I did not get


I not only stayed there but closed my eyes. I could sense the warmth of his breath on my face. When I no more felt the skin-to-skin contact, I opened my eyes and found him staring at my lips.

I held my breath. Was he going to kiss me?

“Kitten?” He breathed with those alien emotions evident in his


“Close your eyes.”

Swallowing down, I furrowed my brows, “Why?”

“Stop asking questions and close them, silly.”


I giggled and shut my eyes. I felt him moving away my hair from my nape and doing something around my neck.

The feel of his fingers around my skin was making me giggle even more.

He kept fumbling with something unless I felt cold metal against my skin.


“Open your eyes, kitten.” He whispered. I looked down and there was a silver necklace falling right above my neckline.

I held it between my thumb and index finger to examine the pendant. It had some familiar illustrations.

Frowning at it, I brought it closer to my eyes, and then my head shot up at him.

“Liked it?” He asked me.

I did not know why there was stinging at the back of my lids. The silver necklace had a lioness engraved on it with two little hearts just above its head. Both hearts were intertwined by a silver thread and had small stones embedded in them that resembled diamonds.

I knew they were not original diamonds as I saw this necklace in the convenience store when I was buying the watch for him.

So, he got it polished and gave it to me. The feeling was euphoric. Despite being insanely rich, he chose something meaningful for me.

He chose a lioness.

“You did not like your gift?” There was concern in his voice, “A few days back I asked you to be a lioness and you did become one.’

“I…” I chuckled, “You won’t believe me, Justin.” Fishing inside the pocket of my shorts, I took out the watch I chose for him.

“It was meant to reach you next month. I bought it last night for you as a token of thanks, with my first salary.”

He seemed shocked when he saw it.

“Coincidence! Right? A lion.” I waved it in front of his face.

He took it from my hands and assess it carefully, “Can I wear it?” He asked me fondly while checking it. The heir of the Deluca family was acting as if he had not seen such a precious thing in his life, ever.

I quickly snatched it from his hands, “No. Not now!”

“No?” he shook his head, “Why not?”

“You will get it next month once I will get it polished,” I said placing it back inside my pocket.

“Ok. I have got one more thing for you.” He crawled out to go to his study table’s drawer, Here. I think you need it.”

He came to me holding a box and crouched down again before me.

“What is it?” I looked at him not understanding and took the box. He smiled when he heard my gasp. It was a phone set.

A brand new one!


“I am sorry for giving this late.”

“But you did not need to buy this. Justin…”

“Shh. You lost yours here. In my house. My servants did this to you. You deserve it.”

“But Justin. It’s an expensive one.”

He did not answer back. His wife might deserve hell expensive gifts but not me. We were not a normal couple.

And I was certainly not a gold digger.

“Ashley. I know you. That’s the reason I never offered you to have lavish clothes, expensive shoes, and a stable amount each month in your bank account. I know you will never accept these things from me. I would be really very happy if you will accept this.”

I went quiet for a few seconds.

I wish I could tell him that my dream would come true if he would lick the cream off my face.

He was waiting for my response. And all I did was reach out and wipe some cream off his face with my finger.

“Ok. I accept this phone.” I licked the cream off my finger and looked up. For some reason, eyes had gone intense.

The innocent action might be the reason.


We both were sitting there under that desk with caramel cream on our faces. Justin Deluca did not mind it when instead of celebrating a normal birthday with him, I messed his face up and ran from there.

I could detect the desire in those amber eyes, but I knew that he was aware of his limits. The desire vanished from his eyes as soon as I looked into his eyes.

All this time he had been a perfect gentleman not at all attempting to force himself on me.

“Have lunch with me.” He casually started wiping cream off my hair strands.

“I can’t.” I curved down my lips, “I need to sleep a lot during the day if I want to do night duty responsibly.”

There was admiration evident in his eyes. For some odd reason, he liked my No. Should he take it on his ego if I was declining his offer?

“Kitten… I…” Just then his phone started ringing with that annoying tone, “I am sorry. Wait a sec.” He switched his phone on the speaker.

“Yes?” With that, he started unboxing my phone telling me with hand gestures that he has already inserted the sim card.

“Where are you, Justin? The executives are waiting for you man!” Justin frowned and handed. over the new phone to me.

“Hey, Keith. I am home. Why? Which executives are you talking about?”

Justin was now showing me the screen where he had saved a few contacts on my phone.

“Justin Deluca. Are you out of your fu*cking mind?” The man, Justin called by the name Keith asked him loudly, “How can you forget it? The executives of that Arab company are here to discuss the oil reservoirs.”

Justin who was closing the box froze for a minute.

“Shit!” He muttered, “How can something this important slip from my mind?”

“Are you sure you are not too busy at home with someone? Someone who made you forget about this meeting…”

Whomever this Keith was. He was now teasing Justin.

“Shut up!” Ruffling my hair Justin stood up and offered me his hand, “Just start the presentation and keep them busy. I will be there in no time.”

After helping me to get up, he kissed my head, “Sorry, Ashley. This cream has made your freshly showered hair a little messy.”

“It’s ok, Justin. You go for your meeting.” I smiled and held the phone along with its box,


Don’t forget to change your shirt!”

I did not forget to pull his leg. He rolled his eyes and pointed towards the bathroom door.

“There is an attached bathroom in this study, you clean yourself there. I’ll go and get ready.” He gazed casually at his wristwatch, “Don’t eat that cake without me.”

“Ah. I will gulp it down in one go like a Godzilla. Tsk, Justin. You need to get another one for you.” He chuckled and bumped his fist playfully with my cheek.

“Bye. I enjoyed this not-so-special birthday party!” He had left the room. And all I wanted to do was go after him and tell him that this was the most special birthday I ever had in my life.

Damn you, Keith, whomever you are. I was enjoying my time with him.

Well, guess what? The enjoyment was short-lived. Sigh!

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