Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 23

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 23

23- Happy Birthday Ashley

Ashley pov

“What? Take it, silly!” Elijah handed over the envelope to me that contained my salary.

I was standing like a statue looking at it as if I might burn if I would touch it.

My first salary. The first step towards my independence.

first ever

“So, are we getting any treat from your first salary?” Evelyn placed her hand on my shoulder from behind. Chewing my lip, I controlled the unexplainable smile twitching at the corner of my lips.

“Yup. You are. But not today!” I clutched the envelope to my chest. Part of this salary belonged to the one person who helped me with all this.

I wanted to buy something for Justin

Excusing myself I went out to have a look at the convenience store around the corner. Nobody knew that today was my birthday too. The day I was placed outside the orphanage when I was just a few days–old baby.

I kept looking at the showcases displaying different items. None of them was branded. But I wanted to buy something that would have some meaning. No matter how cheap it was.

“What are you looking for, sweet girl!” I spun around when I heard a kind voice behind me.

“I …” I licked my lower lip to keep it wet, “I am looking for something according to my limited budget,” I laughed nervously. Thank God Sarah did not own the store otherwise she would have laughed in my face.

“For a man or a woman?” She opened the showcase running her gaze through all the displayed items.


my husband. Sigh!

“F…for a man.” I nodded at her.

“What is the age of this man?”

I never asked Justin his age, “Umm. Might be twenty or twenty–one.”

“Ok!” Understanding flicked in those eyes behind thick–rimmed glasses. We went through some antique stuff. The idea was that a small decoration item that could be placed on his study table. I was about to choose something when my gaze fell on a watch.

It had that antique look with a lion engraved on the side of the face of the watch. It was not that heavy, and the color must be silver plated ages ago. Now it had blackened.

I examined the price tag and was disappointed.

It was beyond my budget. After buying it I won’t be able to spend my money on anything else.

But I did not want to lose the chance of buying it. Next month I might get it silver–plated and then present it to Justin.

Perfect idea! I happily bought it and came out of the store.

“You took longer. We were getting worried for you.” Elijah came close to me with concern evident in his eyes.

I waved my hand holding the watch in front of his face, “I bought this!”

“This? What’s so special about this? And it’s a man’s watch. What would you do with it?” And then understanding dawned on him, “Oh.” Coming closer he hugged me, “You were out to shop for a gift for me? That too from your first salary? I might cry, Ashley!”

He started fake crying and sniffed his nose.

“Shut up!” I laughed pushing him back, “It’s not for you.”

“Woah Woah!” Evelyn who was taking off her apron came to join us, “Who is it for?” She took the watch fondly from my hands, “You bought a present from your first salary. Who is the lucky guy, Ash?”

“I am the lucky guy!” Sam entered the kitchen carrying a small ice cream cup.

“You are again eating our ice cream. You brut!” Elijah shook his head irritatingly.

“So, you are dating someone, and you are not telling us, Ash!” Evelyn was still examining the watch, “I don’t think you have enough money to give us a pizza treat.” She pouted and I felt embarrassed. I did plan to celebrate with them, but the watch made it impossible.

“No worries.” Elijah snaked his arm around my shoulders, “Pizza treat from my side. We will celebrate Ashley’s first salary day.” He gave me a sincere smile and that made my eyes wet.

I was lucky to have such sincere friends in my life. Elijah took me in a bear hug.

“Hey!” Sam came forward to hug me and Elijah, “Why you are crying, Ash? Listen!”

He got back and pulled Elijah off me making Evelyn giggle, “You are the most intelligent among all of us.”

Elijah tried to protest but Sam made him quiet.

“She is intelligent, guys.” Turning to me he held me by my shoulders, “The Ice cream Heaven must not be the end of your life, Ashley Walters. Go and study. Become something. You are not born to earn these peanuts.” The way Sam was giving me this ted talk, I wondered how it would feel like if I had a brother.

Evelyn yawned loudly giving a silent message that she was getting bored of it, earning a glare from Sam.

“Come on you all. We are going out for pizza. We might know something about the guy for whom Ashley bought this watch.”

They all hooted and left the ice cream shop. They all were supposed to return within one hour because Andrew could not stand all by himself more than that.

I enjoyed that one hour like anything. We ate pizza and kept pulling each other’s legs. Evelyn wanted to get drunk too but here Elijah called it quits.

“We need to go back to work, and Ashley needs to offer this watch to her guy. She needs to stay decent.‘

While on our way back to the shop Elijah whispered near my ear, “Are you sure, you don’t need me to walk you home? I think your guy should not leave you all by yourself to walk back at this hour.”

“Really, Elijah. What am I? Five?” I bumped my fist into his chest playfully.

“Go home. Stay safe.” He said before turning away.

Saying our goodbyes, I walked home, clutching the watch to my chest. I did not know if Justin would like it or not. Next month I was planning to get it polished with my next salary.

As usual, there were wooden staircases resting on the wall and near the window. Funny, how he never asked me to use the main gates but tried to make it easier for me.

When I jumped into my room, I saw a familiar figure sitting on my bed. His back was facing me.


My heart missed a beat. What was he doing here?

He must have felt my presence because his body went rigid and then he slowly rose up and turned to me.

He was smiling and oh, how I missed that cleft.

My eyes went wide when he said, “Happy birthday, Kitten!”

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