Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 21

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 21

21- Secret Got Out

Ashley’s pov

I did not argue. I not only used the staircase to cross the wall but also found one more resting outside the room’s window. Using those wooden stairs, I climbed up to the room’s window and got inside the room. Once inside, I peeked through the blinds where a guard was taking the staircase away.

Did Justin know that I went out? Did he know that I was on a job hunt? Tonight, I felt happy. The sense of achievement that I tried to do something for myself was making me euphoric.

The night shift was ideal for me as during the day I could catch up on my sleep.

I paid a visit to the bathroom so that later I could lie on my mattress and catch some sleep. When I entered there, I saw women’s body wash and shampoo set near the basin. Justin’s products were missing from the shelf.

I felt bad. Despite me, being mad at him he was still trying to facilitate me. He knew when I sneaked out and how I did it.

He did not try to put any restrictions. If only he would have told me the truth…


Then I decided to tell him about my job. He deserved it. He might find out later, so it was best if I trust him on this.

I might be mad at him but that did not mean I wanted to take advantage of the situation.

I could not talk to him. No maid was there otherwise I would have sent him a message. So, I came up with something.

There was a study table in the corner of the room. The table was occupied by paper pads, ballpoints, and permanent markers. I tore a paper from the writing pad and picked up a pen. After thinking for a few minutes, I wrote in bold letters.


I checked the text and then went out. I wanted to go to his study. I did not know in which room he was residing. So, the study room was the safest option. When he would enter here in the morning, he will find it at once.

I went to the door and slid the chit under it. After getting done with my business, I went to my mattress and fell limply on it. There was a slight chance that Justin would not approve my night job. But I needed to be honest to him.

After so long, I felt tired. Tired and happy.

The next morning, I sat up when the maid knocked the door for bringing my breakfast tray. When she left after placing it, I removed the lid.

Besides the usual breakfast, there was a big bag of Doritos with a chit. Scrunching my nose, I opened the chit.

There in bold letters was written:


I could not help the smile spreading on my lips. We both were acting like small kids. I was horrified when I realized that I was slowly tracing his handwriting with the pad of my thumb.

I ate my breakfast happily and then laid back again on the mattress. Mentally I started making a wish list of the stuff I was going to buy after getting my first salary.

A cheap phone. Few dresses. What else? Maybe a gift for Justin?

Now why that thought crossed my mind?

I wanted to catch up on my sleep but when I did not feel like sleeping, I got up and started cleaning the room. The Doritos packs from that night were still there. I placed the new one with them.

I was thinking to take shower when I heard some rustling outside the door.

It was a chit. I picked it up.

The chit said, I AM SORRY, KITTEN!

I kept standing there like a fool not knowing what to do. I just placed the chit with the previous one and scurried to the bathroom.

The words ‘I Am Sorry Kitten‘ were dancing before my eyes. I wanted to go to Justin’s study and tell him that it was ok. We all do make mistakes.

But this ego was not letting me do it.

After the shower, I came out and was brushing my hair when the door opened, and a maid entered carrying a big shopping bag.

“This is for you, ma’am.” She said before leaving.

I opened it and found different glossy tabloids placed inside. Quite excitedly, I took them out. All the gossips that I liked about movie actors were there.

I knew it was Justin. He was aware of how my life revolved around movies. The day could not get any better.


It had been one week since I found the job in the ice cream parlor. Evelyn and Elijah became my friends. Elijah’s cousin Sam was a darling who kept the ice cream parlor alive with his banter. I was still not talking to Justin. Whenever I used to communicate something to him, I used to write it on a chit.

He always used to reply and there used to be an additional chit as well that always said I AM SORRY KITTEN.

For me, each day was getting better.

“Ash! Can you take the cash counter? Andrew is not well tonight.” Elijah asked me when I was busily scooping ice creams from the containers.”

“Sure, Elijah.” It was a weekday, so it was not that crowded today.

“By the way. We need your number for the record, Ash.” He said, “If you don’t have a phone then that’s not a problem. You can provide me with any of the acquaintance’s contact number.

We just want to have someone’s details in case of any emergency.”

“Or if in case we want to reach you!” Evelyn shouted from behind.

“Geez. Eve!” Elijah placed his hands on his hips, “Why do you keep screaming?”

“Because I am taking care of these shake orders for quite some time and here you are gossiping and wasting Ashley’s time. Let her work and do your job! Get your fu*kin ass here and help me.”

Elijah’s face was serious, but his eyes had mischief in them, “Woah! There are not too many customers. Are you sure, darling, you don’t need banging back there?”

“You are a dirty–minded prick, Elijah!” Aiming for his head, she threw a paper cup that he caught effortlessly.

“Yeah! And I like getting dirty with you, baby.” He sent her a flying kiss.

Listening to these types of conversations always made me blush. Thankfully both he and Evelyn never tried to probe me about why I was living in the Deluca mansion.

For them either I was their maid or some servant’s relative.

Evelyn threw the towel on his face, “Shut up, you brat!” They kept fighting and teasing like this. I had never seen any couple so deeply in love.”

When my shift ended, I left the parlor and started walking home. Elijah, as always tried to convince me to walk me home and this time too I declined.

It was not comfortable for me to make them witness that I used to climb the wall instead of using the gates.

Every night there used to be a wooden staircase placed beside the wall that I used to enter and exit the house.

A second staircase used to be there for me right outside the room’s window. The guard quietly used to bring it and remove it after reaching my room safely.

I removed the blind frame and jumped inside the room when someone standing in the middle of the room, started clapping.

“Welcome, Ms. Walters. So, this is how you will honor your agreement?” Sarah’s voice echoed in the room.

Crap! What the hell! Why couldn’t she let me live my life?

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