Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 18

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 18

18- Sean is not my fiancé

Ashley’s pov

For the first time, I saw the sincerity in this girl’s eyes. I was happy that forgetting our differences she took a stand for me.

She slapped her husband for me! For a maid!

“Thank you, Sarah,” Justin told her softly and she nodded trying to shift back the hair that was falling from my bun.

“Come on. Let’s get you to your room.” Justin told me and held my hand. Before leaving the room, I did not miss the threatening look he gave to my husband.

By now I was genuinely interested. In no way Justin was his elder brother.


My husband was the only son. Then who was Justin to the family?

“Justin?” I called him while walking to the room, “Who are you?”

“What?” He chuckled, “I am Justin I guess.”

We stopped walking and he started tucking my hair behind my ear.

“No. Not that. I mean what is your relation to this family? Cousin? Assistant? Some relative?” I felt his body going tense.

“I… I am…” I was waiting for him to speak and for the first time, I found him hesitant about something.

Holding my hands, he looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes to sigh deeply, “This is proving to be more frustrating and more difficult than I could imagine.” He murmured more to himself, “Come on. Let’s go to your room first.”

I could not understand what he meant.

Once inside the room, I did not sit on the bed or mattress. I just kept looking at him questioningly.

“Y… You want coffee?” He asked me and then sauntered to the intercom device, “You could not finish your coffee there.

He was asking someone to bring me coffee and it warmed my heart. He was se*xy, funny intelligent. Yet he cared for me.

“Kitten. I need to talk to you. I need to tell you something. Can you promise to listen to me patiently?” He held my elbow and all I wanted to do was trace his strong jawline having one day’s old whiskers.

I giggled nervously and hugged him, “Why do you sound so …” I could not find the right word for it, “Scared or should I say…”

“I am scared, kitten. Hell scared!” He pulled me to his chest and engulfed me in that big hug. I smiled leaning my cheek on his chest.

Like always he smelled good. I did not know why he chose to befriend me. The girl who used to dress shabbily did not know how to carry out a decent conversation.

“What is it, Justin?” I raised my face to him and secretly wished to kiss him, “You are scaring me, Justin!” I said eyeing his lips briefly.

He was quietly looking into my eyes. Shaking his head, he cupped my cheek, “Kitten! I …”

There was a knock on the door.

Instead of Justin, I answered it, “Yes?” I hoped it was not my husband. I don’t think he would have enough courage to step into this bedroom.

“Justin! Ashley!” Sarah came inside and her gaze was on Justin’s hand touching my cheek, “I was here to ask about you, Ashley!”

I did not like this intrusion. Justin wanted to talk to me about something private and here she was sabotaging our privacy.

When I did not respond to her, she came near us and held my hand in both of hers, “Ashley. I think I misunderstood you. I am so sorry for what Sean did…”

She had moistness in her eyes.

“Not only Justin but I am also responsible for it…” What?

Did she really mean it?


Sarah’s pov

When Justin left with Ashley, I saw granny standing up slowly from her place.

“We will meet you later, Sarah,” Nadia whispered in my ear before exiting the room with Shella. They had witnessed more than enough family drama.

“Sean. Was the girl telling the truth?” Granny asked him in a stern tone. The poor man got slaps from Ashley and me.

Now, this was granny’s turn. I just could not imagine what Justin would do to him.

“Granny! Can you all please cut me some slack? It was a mistake. I apologized! What do you expect me to do? Hang myself? Suicide?” His voice raised in anger.

“Keep it down, boy! Keep it down!” Granny said silkily, “Justin won’t like it if he would come to know you tried to disrespect me.‘

“Ahan! And who will tell him? You? Some servant?” And then his eyes turned to me, “Or Sarah!”

For a minute a tremor ran through my spine.

“Sean!” I tried to speak, “You …”

“Shut up!” He spat, “You got what you wanted! Congratulations! You scored the points in front of Justin’s eyes. Happy now?”

“No, Sean! It’s not like that. You …” I could not afford his hatred. He could help me in getting back my fiancé.

“Enough, Sarah!” He raised his hand,” I know you better than Justin. And I know very well what you are capable of doing. Justin might be an intelligent dog. But he doesn’t know one bit about you.”

What did he think of himself? Why was he spatting hatred when he was the one who took advantage of that maid?

I went to him and held his collar, “There are so many girls in this world, Sean. So many beautiful and pretty girls. You have money. Looks. There is nothing you haven’t got. You could get any girl of your choice. And see what you did to me. To us! She was supposed to spend one year in a corner of Justin’s room. And today she had snacks with us on this dining table reserved only for family and friends who belong to our class. She joined Justin in his office…”

“What!” That got granny and Sean’s attention. Their eyes were wide in shock. I nodded head leaving his collar and giving him a little shove.

“Yes. Justin took her to his office. He even allowed her to munch there.” I folded my arms under my bo*obs.

“Don’t be silly.” Granny waved her hand nonchalantly, “Justin would never take anyone to his office. I don’t believe you!”

“For your information, Justin shared this tidbit when I called him last time from my trip. He told me that she was there helping him. Or you both are so crude that you just can’t understand what that girl is up to. She got the chance because of you, Sean. You don’t have anything to lose. You will still be getting money from granny no matter if you choose to live here or somewhere else. But I am losing my fiancé. Because he was there to console her when you took advantage. Before that, he did not even bother if she existed or not.”

I was panting by now.

“Sean. Let me make one thing clear. If Justin ever decided to ditch me. I swear I will wring your neck with my bare hands.” With that, I stormed out of the room. By now I was getting a headache.

I was sauntering to my room when I saw the door to Justin’s room closed. They both were together behind this closed door.

I needed to disturb them.

No, maid. You are not getting privacy with my fiancé.

I knocked and heard the bi*tch answering yes. Like the room belonged to her.

“Justin! Ashley!” I went inside and my eyes were on Justin’s hand touching her cheek, “I am here to ask about you, Ashley!”

When she did not respond I went to them and held her hand in both of mine, “Ashley. I think I misunderstood you. I am so sorry for what Sean did…”

I managed some moistness in my eyes. I hoped she would take the hint of not telling Justin what I said to her in this room and at that dining table. Those words were mean, it was foolish of me to say them.

“Not only Justin but I am also responsible for it…” I wanted to tell Justin and her that this house belonged to me as much as Justin. Because I was the one who would be looking after this mansion officially in the future.

But then the girl said the most outrageous thing.

“You cannot blame yourself, Sarah, when you are not the culprit. You can’t blame yourself for something you never intended to do. The blame lies with your fiancé. Not you.”

I frowned and looked up at Justin, not understanding what that dumb girl was trying to say. “Excuse me?” I smirked. Was I missing something? Why was she blaming Justin when Sean was the culprit?

“Sarah. Can you please go outside? I need to talk to her.” Justin kind of pleaded to me.

I nodded at Justin and turned to her, “My fiancé? I don’t think Justin did anything except to give you respect. I am talking about Sean, Ashley.”

Now it was her turn to get confused. It did not seem like she was faking it. But seriously I still thought she was dumb.

“Sarah. I said please go out…” Justin asked me again. And this time he seemed desperate.

“Wait a minute, Justin.” The maid made him quiet and pulled away her hand that was in my grip, “Sarah. I am not talking about Justin. I am talking about that dork whom you people were calling Sean. He was the one who… I mean…” She licked her lower lip, “He tried to molest me. He is your fiancé. Right?”

This time I could not contain the laughter bubbling up in my throat, “Honey! You seem delusional. No. Sean is not my fiancé.”

Now she was no more attentive to Justin. Justin tried to hold her shoulder, “Ashley!”

But this Pashley held my shoulders this time and asked me, “Then who is your fiancé, Sarah?”

I smiled and chewed my lower lip pointing towards Justin, “This man. Justin. He is my fiancé. I said fondly.

When she did not speak and kept looking with that dumb expression. I spoke again, “Oh please don’t tell me you don’t know your husband. You did not marry Sean. You married Justin.”

My Gosh! How dumb one can be!

She was a certified dumbass!

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