Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 15

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 15

15- Next Thirty Minutes

Sarah pov

After I was done with that girl, I felt light. I stormed out of her room and went straight to bed. I needed my nap to clear the fog off my mind.

Initially, I was upset when I heard her accusation against Justin then something dawned on me.

She was saying these things because she knew Justin did not belong to her. She could never have Justin. And that was the reason for her whining.

Like other girls, she knew she could never have Justin.

That brought a smile to my face. Due to her stupid blaming game, I missed my lunch too. I did not know if my friends had it or not.

“Wake up, bit*ch. You are killing us by keeping us hungry for so long!” I got up still in my half sleeping mind.


I stretched and tried to open my eyes. I saw two shaking images of my friends, “I am sorry. again closed my eyes and hit my head on the pillow, “I thought you two already had lunch.‘

“We thought you went to Justin’s room. Where were you?”

“Umm. I did go there. She is a true bi*tch!” I spat in anger and the good thing was it helped my sleeping mind to wake up.

“She is a bi*tch? Why? What did she do?” I felt the edge of my bed dip when Shella sat close to me. Concern was dripping from her tone.

“I will tell on the dining table!” I tried stifling a yawn, “Just give me five minutes, and then we can do some snacking there.”

“Make it fast. And please don’t forget. We are watching a romantic movie tonight!” I stopped

in my

tracks when I heard Nadia.

“No, Nadia! I can’t.” I said without turning towards them, “My fiancé needs my time. I will spend the night with him.” With that, I entered the bathroom.


“How dare she?” Granny was trying to keep her calm, but I could see anger radiating from her eyes. I had told my friends and granny about the conversation with that maid.

Granny chose well. She was right when she said she was not beautiful.

But that maid might get out of control if we won’t do something about it.

“Leave her, granny.” I said while pushing a bite–sized chicken sandwich in my mouth, Ignore her. Let’s not discuss her. She is not worth our time. She might be doing it to get our attention. She is not groomed like us. And you do know Justin. How picky he is about everything! His food. His clothes and even me. His fiancée!”

I tried to console her while putting a proud grin on my face. Everyone knew Justin chose me! I

was his one and only choice.

“She is right granny!” Nadia said while taking a sip of green tea, “Justin always liked refined women. This one doesn’t have any comparison with Sarah–We need to ignore her gibes. She must be a nobody and should be treated like one.”

Granny gave her a subtle smile and kept drinking her coffee. At this age, she was still so active. She never touched alcohol in her life.

“Initially I was planning to offer her one million amount.” Granny said, “Justin convinced me to make it ten. If she won’t honor the contract then I am afraid, she might leave empty handed.

The moment she would leave, I will make sure that she doesn’t get what was decided. She was here as a maid. Not as an owner of the house. It’s just been a few days and it seems she has forgotten who she really is. And doesn’t remember which class she belongs to.”

Granny seemed pissed by her.

“My grandson is someone people can’t take their eyes off him so easily. And here you are telling me that she called him bullshit. Blamed him for something so low. Justin would never even bat an eye on someone like her. What does she think of herself?”

I quickly stood up and went to her, “Granny! You will make yourself sick. Please don’t get worried by her words. They do not hold any importance to us. We all know that she was just beating about the bush. Please relax.” I bent down to hug her slim and tiny figure.

That bitch clearly wanted attention and was succeeding in it. I will make sure that she leaves the place empty–handed.

“Relax. Ok? She can’t do a thing. If you want to kick her out you need to stay strong, granny.” I kissed her white–haired head.

I felt her going relaxed in my embrace. She was doing deep breathing exercises to control her


I walked back to my chair and sat beside my friends.

“By the way, granny. Any idea, when Justin would be back? I was wondering if he could join us for coffee.”

Now granny’s forehead wrinkled into several lines, “You mean to say he hasn’t met you yet?”

“No. He hasn’t.” I smiled, “He is not home since I arrived. Remember?” I felt her body going tensed again.

“What is it, granny?” I asked her in concern.

“Justin came home around half an hour ago. And you haven’t met him yet?”

What? Justin was home? Maybe he did not know that I had arrived?

“I did tell him that you are back!” Granny said. Now it was my turn to get shocked.

He knew that I had returned. Still, he…

Granny’s voice did not let me speak, “I hope she hasn’t stopped him from coming here.”

“Don’t worry.” I sighed, “She doesn’t deserve our time!” I tried to spread my lips for a fake smile when the door to the dining room opened and I heard a familiar heavy voice from the doorway.

“Who doesn’t deserve your time, Sarah?”

I looked up and my mouth hung open when I saw Justin entering the dining room with that pathetic girl. She was still dressed in that ludicrous skirt blouse.

There was still that strange loose bun on her head.

Ha–ha. She was scared and was walking behind Justin as if she was expecting him to shield her.

Who was she? A damsel in distress? Or was she acting like one?

Just a few hours back she told me that she did not want to do anything with her husband and now she could not seem to wait to cling to him like a magnet.


So now, the bitch was able to accomplish the chance to make her way to the dining room! Come on, bi*tch!

Be my guest!

I will try my best to make Justin realize that you are not an innocent fairy. But I did not know, that in the next thirty minutes she would do the honors herself.

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