Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 14

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 14

14- My Heart

Ashley pov:

By now I was seething with anger. How dare she!

She thought I would be after her fiancé just because he was rich and was married to me. I was trying to control my fury by balling my fists tightly.

Justin told me to become a lioness. He was damn right.

I should not allow anyone to take advantage of me. The girl before me was undoubtedly beautiful. She had red curls around her perfectly featured face.

Her body from head to toe spoke of wealth. Her clothes seemed hell expensive. She was wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.

She kept looking at my face then her nostrils flared up and she turned on her heels to leave the room. Her tone was so insulting when she tried to remind me of my contract marriage conditions.

I switched off the TV and started cleaning the bed.

“It’s ok, Ashley. Your life is precious. Everything that happens in our lives is necessarily not there to make us feel happy. Sometimes we need to pay the price for our happiness.” Mother Superior lectured me in my head.

I tried to push back the moistness in my eyes. I was missing my first home and I could not make a call to my friends or Mother Superior who was admitted to the hospital. The bag that got lost had my phone too in it.

Leaving the Doritos bags on the nightstand I scurried to my mattress. The same old corner that was supposed to belong to me for one year.

I no longer knew what else to do so I opened the window blinds partially and peeked out. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I just could not wait to go outside.

Oh, I was a pro when it came to sneaking out of the windows. Though Eden orphanage had strict policies, but our friends‘ group usually made it out of the window.

The sneaking out activity was carried out with such precision that we never got caught.

We never did it in broad daylight though.

I tiredly let my body drop on the wide window slab and lean my cheek to the blinds. What else could I do except lie on my mattress and go to sleep? But how could I sleep when I just woke up hardly two hours back?

I hoped they would not mind me sitting here. I could not risk opening the blinds completely.

I did not know how much time I spent sitting there looking at the lush green lawn, when I heard the door knock, I bolted up straight. I hoped my husband’s fiancé did not complain to him. I did not want to face that asshole!

“Hey!” Justin came inside and furrowed his brows when saw me sitting near the window, “ What are you doing there, kitten?”

He must have observed Doritos packs that were untouched, “Strange! You did not eat them?”

I shook my head in the answer without looking back.

I could see his reflection in the glass taking off his jacket and tossing it on a sofa before closing the distance between us.

Even his reflection was se*xy as f*ck! Now why this absurd thought crossed my mind?

“Ashley!” I could feel him standing behind me, but I did not turn around. Why he was even here? Who was he?

Why was I asked to marry that bullshit man when he already had a fiancée?

“Kitten!” I felt his hands placed on my shoulders. He wanted me to turn around and face him.

“Justin! Leave me alone!” I knew I was upset, and it was not Justin’s fault. Poor him had been there for me this whole time.

“No. I am NOT going anywhere. This is not happening, kitten. Get up. Did you have your food? How many movies did you watch?” He was trying to make conversation.


“None? Why?” This time he forced me to face him by turning my


“Because I am not allowed to!” I shoved away his hand lightly.

I turned back my face and kept looking outside, “Did you have your breakfast, Ashley?” I heard it again and it warmed my heart that there was someone for me who was hell worried.

A lone tear escaped my eye.

“I am asking you something, kitt…” He brought his face near mine and caught the tear on his index fingertip.

“Ashley?” This time he was worried for me. Without warning, without giving me a chance to argue he scooped me up from there in his strong arms.

This time something different happened. Instead of placing me on the mattress he sat on the sofa and made me sit on his lap.

“You want to cry? Here I am.” The man was offering his shoulder to lean on and his chest to get wet by my tears.

His t–shirt was tightly clenched in my fists as I leaned my head on his chest. His hands were rubbing my back trying to console me.

His grip tightened when my shoulders started shaking while crying.

“Ashley!” I felt him placing his cheek on my head. We stayed like this for quite some time. When I was all done with my weeping session, then I realized that I needed something to sniff my nose.

I quickly tried to scan the room for a napkin nearby.

“Done with your crying?” He asked me, all amused for some reason. But that amusement was short lived when I wiped my nose with his t–shirt.

“KITTEN!” His horrified voice boomed in the room making me laugh, “THIS IS MY FAVORITE


His eyes were wide with the reaction. And that I found more hilarious than ever. He kept looking into my eyes and then started shaking his head,

“Was that the reason Eden Garden let you go? Because you used to cry all the time and then sniff your nose with their clothes?” He narrowed his eyes by the end of the statement.

“No,” I laughed, “It’s just that… your t–shirt smelled so nice!”

“Oh?” His eyes were now dancing with mischief. He gave a light playful punch on my cheek, ” So all the things that smell nice get to wipe your…”

“Ouch! Justin! Stop it. I am sorry, ok? It was … just… just… a sudden reaction…” He was nodding his head with stars still shining in his eyes.

“Justin. Stop it! I am serious!” I leaned my forehead on his shoulder which was now shaking with laughter.

“You must be hungry!” He whispered gently and I nodded my head without lifting it up.

“Yes, I am. Can you intercom someone to bring us anything that is available?” I knew it was not lunch time so by now kitchen must be closed or something.

“Why ask them to bring it here when we can go out and have it in the dining area?” I frowned and looked up. I must have imagined it.

He was interested in having snacks with me at that dining table? But what about my creepy husband? If he would be there, he might make things harder for me.

And what about my creepy husband’s super creepy fiancée?

And to top it all!

That old goat might create havoc if she would see me there. She might get a heart attack and die.

Just this morning this fancy pants fiancée warned me not to break the rules so that I won’t lose my ten million. I looked into Justin’s amber eyes and sighed.

I was ready to sacrifice my ten million dollars for him. But what about Mother Superior? Eden garden already had taken loans for her treatment.

She did not have any health insurance policy.

“Why is it taking so long for you to decide, kitten? Is something bothering you?”

I shook my head and snaked my arms around his neck. Strange that I was not feeling weird sitting on his lap. It was giving me an old couple vibe.

“Going out in the open with you might cost me losing ten million dollars, Justin.” He tried to open his mouth to argue but also closed it when I continued, “And I would never regret losing it if it was not about Mother Superior. She was the one who practically did my brought up since I was a baby.”

I could see the surprise in those magical eyes. It seemed like he was having difficulty believing that I was willing to sacrifice my money just to have his company.

“She needs money?” He asked me touching his nose tip with my cheek. Yup! We were that close.

I moved my head in affirmation while playing with his t–shirt garment, “She is getting cancer treatment.”

His mouth formed an O when he heard that.

“Don’t worry. You will not lose your money. No matter what happens!”

“Are you sure?” The messy bun was half opened by now, letting my hair tendrils fall on my face.

Smiling at me he started shifting back my hair, “Yeah. I give you, my word.”

Uh, oh. Justin! Stop looking at me like this!

How I wanted to kiss those luscious lips! And then something alien happened. I started getting a strange tingling in all my sensitive spots.

My core, my boobs, and my heart!

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