Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 12

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 12

12- Claiming Justice

Ashley pov:

I had fallen asleep on the bed in his arms. I did not know why he did not insist me to go back to my mattress, but I liked his closeness.

The next morning, I woke up when a maid knocked the door for bringing my breakfast. The moment she placed the tray and left, I quickly went to the bathroom and took shower. Justin was no more there beside me.

It did not feel good to eat something without his company. I sat on the bed and removed the lid. When I was placing the lid on the nightstand, my eyes caught a piece of paper. I picked it up and unfolded it.

“Hello, Kitten. I am leaving some more Dorito bags. Enjoy them. And yes! You are ALLOWED to watch TV. Ok? Don’t get bored. Once I will be back you can help me with some more calculations.”

I was horrified when I realized I was tracing his firm handwriting under my thumb. Oh, Justin. I miss you. I just can’t wait for you to return and give me company.

He was a true gentleman who was funny, and mischievous and never tried to touch me without my consent. Helped me in the bathroom when I got my period.

How can a man like him was still single? Oh, was he single or committed? I don’t think he would find anything special in me when I was just a maid in this house.

Almost a nobody.


Sarah pov:

I was away for hardly two weeks, and everything seemed to have changed around here. The place, the Deluca house that used to open its arms for me like I was a queen here, was now giving me strange vibes.

I used to bring my friends here just to let them see how I was treated by Electra Deluca. Justin’s granny. How my man used to treat me like no other man would treat any girl.

This was NOT the same place. Helga had been like a mom to Justin. She had been serving him since he was a baby. She was appointed by Justin’s mother initially as a governess but later she started doing Justin’s small chores happily.

She continued her job even after Justin’s mom passed away.

I needed to do something about this girl. What did Justin call her?

Ashley? Yes, it was Ashley indeed. I needed to show her who was the boss of the house. Justin could not stay home twenty-four-seven. He used to leave for business tours every other month.

As a business partner, I also accompanied him.

Not this time. Not before I kick the girl out of his life and out of this house.

“Granny!” I ran to her with open arms when I saw her coming down the stairs carrying her stick.

“My My. Sarah! How come you are early, sweet!” Granny hugged me and kept me in her embrace for a few moments.

Shella and Nadia both used to get scared by her. I knew she was a difficult person. However, she was loving towards me and Justin both.

She had promised me that she would see me married to Justin before her death.

“I was missing you, granny. And Justin too. Where is he?” I looked around and saw her face going pale.

“Are you alright, granny?” I placed the back of my hand on her forehead, “You don’t look well.”

“Oh, nothing is happening to me. I am not dying before getting you married to Justin.” Her gaze dropped to my friends, “How are you two, girls? Enjoyed the trip? Please have a seat!” Shella and Nadia sat on the sofa placing their handbags on the Centre table, “We will be going back to our place, granny.”

Both of them were sharing a luxurious house in the suburbs of Agnith. Several times they spent their nights with me in this house. I also did the same and stayed with them for movie nights and our fun nights.

“Oh, don’t be fools!” Granny scolded Shella and Nadia, “You two are not going anywhere. You are Sarah’s best friends, and I am not letting you go just like that!”

That’s what my friends liked about the Deluca house. They were given VIP protocol just because they were my friends.

I gave them a proud grin and leaned towards granny, “Where is she?”

Electra Deluca huffed with resentment, “Must be in that bedroom. I told her not to leave the room. But the maids told me that she not only left her room once or twice but also

accompanied Justin to his study.”

I did not remark because I did hear the girl’s voice on phone. This was not the time to confirm granny’s suspicions.

The girl was c*nning enough to enter Justin’s study. I did not want her to make her way to the dining room.

Granny leaned a little towards me, “I think she is also watching TV and using Justin’s bed!” She remarked bitterly.

I needed to go to Justin’s floor and meet the girl myself.

“Where is Justin, granny?” I looked around trying to act nonchalantly like I gave a f*ck where he was. While I just could not wait to meet him and claim him as mine.

I needed him to look at me. To look at my face so that he would remember, that I was the one for him. The one who loves him. The one who can claim him.

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