Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 115

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 115

115-Our Night

Holding my hand, he guided me to the car but then I had to stop dead in my tracks, “Venom F5? Seriously?” “Yes, ma’am.” He bowed his head, “If you will let me know where we are heading, I would gladly take you to your destination.”

I giggled and shook my head, “It’s a surprise, Justin Deluca. So, you better hand over the control and let me drive this beauty.”

Justin seemed surprised at first but masked it immediately,” You want to drive? No, shit!” “Don’t worry. I will not slam it into any other vehicle.” I said and walked to the driving seat. Justin opened the door and let me take the wheel.

“I can’t believe you have learned to drive. When did you get your license?” he asked after buckling the seat belt.

“One year back,” I said after starting the engine, ‘Thanks to Eve.”

I said while driving the car confidently. After a few minutes when I turned my head to look beside me, I couldn’t help it when a slow smile spread on my lips. Justin had pride in his eyes.

“Two years back when you were a kitten, you used to look so beautiful. And tonight, look at you! All confident and bossy. And still managed to look more gorgeous.”

When I didn’t reply he said again, “Like I wish I could kiss you but here you are driving, and I don’t want to get into an accident…”

Justin Deluca! You want to kiss me then say it dammit! Slowing the car to a side, I unbuckled the seat belt and turned to him.

“What?” All confused he unclasped the belt.

These men! I really had to spell it to him, why I stopped the car.

“Shut up, Mr. Deluca. This is the golden chance to kiss me. Ok? And your time starts now!” I turned my wrist and checked the time where there was no wristwatch.

I heard him chuckle and then at last he leaned towards me, fanning his minty breath on my face.

“If you want, we can spend the night here, making out in the car.” He suggested mischievously.

“Yeah,” I rolled my eyes, “after the Dean’s position your granny might ask you to step down from the position of CEO of your company.” “No, matter how many positions I have to step down, kitten. I will never stop kissing you until and unless you ask me to do so.” He muttered bringing his face closer to mine unless our noses were touching each other.

“Promise?” I whispered and instead of replying to me, he just nodded his head before crashing his mouth on my lips.

I moaned and at once circled my arms around his neck. The kiss proved to be soul crushing. It seemed like we had all the time in the world to discover each other’s mouths.

He touched his tongue tip to my lips, and I opened my mouth to allow him access. His tongue took advantage and darted inside to taste me boldly.

I heard his groan and closed my eyes to feel the taste of his tongue.

“Umm…” I moaned in his mouth and felt him laughing. Before he could detach his mouth, my hand quickly went to his nape and ground his mouth to mine.

I didn’t know if I climbed on him, or if he pulled me to his lap. But our bodies were glued to each other and this hunger was increasing with each passing minute.

“Kitten!” Justin called me. We both were breathless from the makeout, “Do you want to continue your date? Because we can still turn around and go to my place.” “No way! Duh! We have a booking!” I straightened and held the steering wheel in a tight grip.

“I hope, my lip color isn’t smudged,” I muttered and started the engine.

“Show me!” he held my chin and turned my face to him, “Uh. Scratch that. Not a single smudge! It’s still perfect!” “Liar! No, way. After such a brutal kiss it should have … Let me see in the mirror!” I took out the compact from my purse and checked my face.

Hell! I turned to Justin who was sitting there trying to swallow the laughter.

“There is no smudge because there is no lip color left on your lips, love.” He winked.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes and resumed driving. The makeup was done for the man sitting beside me. He was the one who deserved to eat it.

So, what difference did it make if it was after the date or before the date?

He was surprised when I stopped the car in front of the Ganash hotel, a five-star hotel where Marwick made the arrangements at my request.

Handing over the car to the valet, I waited for Justin to reach me. The moment he offered me his arm, I didn’t wait for a second to curl mine around him.

“Justin and Ashley.” I gave away the names to the manager waiting for us in the lobby. I intentionally avoided giving him the name Mrs. Deluca.

He guided us to the decorated area beside the swimming pool where they had arranged music and a buffet for a couple. The table was set for two with candle lights and that reminded me of the romantic dinner Justin arranged at the Arguli beach.

The most memorable time of my life.

“Liked it?” I asked Justin excitedly but a little hesitantly.

Being a rich man, he must be used to such setups. He must have observed the uncertainty on my face and was quick to wipe it off.

“It is beautiful, kitten!” He said and moved forward to pull a chair for me, “Whatever you will arrange, wherever it will be. Always remember, it will always be beautiful. Ok?”

I beamed at the compliment. Only he was the one who could make me feel beautiful and confident under my skin.

It was a slow and comfortable dinner where none of us was in a haste to go home. He told me about his time during the last two years. How he managed business and broke the partnership with Ashton Garner.

“I am happy that I parted ways with him before I met you again.” “Yeah, me too,” I said but got quiet when the waiters started pouring port wine into our glasses, “did you like the dinner?”

I asked him, leaning back comfortably in my chair.

‘The one I just had or the one I had in the car?” he asked me meaningfully making me blush, but I wanted to become bold. So, bending forward I said in a low whisper.

“Maybe I am talking about the one, we WILL have AFTER the dinner…” I left it unfinished, intentionally, and darted my tongue inside my cheek.

“Ohr “Oh!” I nodded making him chuckle.

“So…” he also leaned forward coming too close to me,” Should we go home?”

I pursed my lips and then shook my head, “Nopes.” “No?” I cocked up a brow.

I curved down my lips and shook my head again, “NO!” I slapped my hand lightly on the table. “What’s the rush?”

Picking up my purse, I took out the box that I placed inside at the last minute before leaving home and gave it to him.

There were traces of confusion on his face.

“Now, what is it, love?” “See for yourself.” I shrugged and saw him examining it before opening it. My heart missed a beat when his face went pale. Gulping his spit, he chuckled in disbelief and look up at me.

*Th… This can’t be …” “This … watch… It always belonged to you, Justin,” I rolled my lips between my teeth and tried to hold back my tears, “I … I wanted to give it to you a long time back but could not bring myself to do it.”

The watch that I took from him two years back was always his. Standing up from his chair he rushed to me and pulled me to my feet. I thought he was doing it to kiss me but no. Reaching behind him he unclasped the locket and pulled it away from his neck.

‘Then I guess it belongs to you?” he asked me. There were so many emotions dancing in his amber eyes, “You do know what this means, kitten,” he waved the locket and the wristwatch before my eyes, “Right?”

I couldn’t speak so I just nodded my head, “Yes. I know, Justin. It means that our fates are intertwined. No matter how far away you will send me. Our fates will bring us back together.” I moved closer to his hard body, “It means that I am still a Deluca. And if the offer is still open then I would love to stay a Deluca.”

He kept looking at me and started chewing his inner cheek,” Why?” he whispered, “why…?”

I knew what he wanted to ask. I understood.

“Why? Because I love you, Justin. I love you so so much,” the moment I said the magical words, I was pulled into a hard embrace. He was holding me so tightly that it felt like he would crush my bones.

“Does that mean… you will stay with me? You will stay married to me, love?” I felt wetness on my head, and I knew he was crying. I was also an emotional wreck and misty- eyed.

“Yes. I will stay with you. Always. Forever!” I pulled back with some effort and held his wet face, “Do you think, I will survive without you, Justin? Never.” “I love you, Justin Deluca. My friend. My husband. With all my heart. I love you, my love. I love you!” he pulled me to him, and we both were crying. He was rocking me gently in his strong arms.

And that reminded me of Sarah too. In her own weird way, she did achieve her target. Her approach might not be something any of us would like but she did what she thought best for us.

She was still on the verge of getting dirty before Keith. And I needed to come up with a plan to make her look good.

“What are you thinking, love?” Justin kissed my forehead and started wiping my cheeks. I shook my head and brushed my fingers on his damp cheeks.

“Nothing. Just worried about Sarah. She hasn’t told Keith about those letters, and I have heard that Keith hates liars.” “He does!” Justin agreed.

“So how can we help her? She helped us in bringing together. What do you think we should do for her?” “Mrs. Deluca!” he called me and just like old times my heart’s pace multiplied in no time, “Sarah is a very proper and conventional and prudent brat! She is a cunning friend. What do you think? She doesn’t know how to handle it?” “Umm. Do you mean to say that she won’t tell Keith at all?” “No,” leaning down Justin gave a kiss on my lips, “What I mean to say is… she will tell everything to Keith when she thinks is the right time. Not before that!” “Really?” I put my arms around his neck, “Do you think she will come out of this mess?” “She might!” he held me by my a*ss cheeks and lifted me up. I immediately tied my legs around his waist, “Let’s forget about Sarah for now. Can we?” he didn’t wait for my answer and started nuzzling his nose in my neck.

I giggled and tilted my head to give him better access,” What are you doing?” “Trying to finish what started in the car, just this evening.” ‘Then maybe we should rent a room here and spend the night?” when he got back to look at me, I was chewing my inner cheek staring at his face meaningfully.

“I can try,” he cleared his throat, “people usually book their rooms in advance…” “And what if I have already booked a room?” he frowned and then looked at me wide-eyed. I fluttered my lashes at him, “Marwick has done the job for us.” I took my face closer to his and grazed his nose tip.

“So, what do you say Mr. Deluca? Should we go?” “Mrs. Deluca!” he bowed his head, “At your service ma’am.”


Holding hands, we took the elevator that led us to the penthouse. Once inside, I left him behind and took a few steps to unbutton my denim.

No kisses, no promises, and no talk. I bent down to get rid of the cloth and straightened wearing only my crop top and lace panties.

“I need to shower,” I turned to him at last and found his hooded eyes drinking in the sight of my body from head to toe.

“Later,” he whispered with finality and was coming closer when I raised my hand to stop him, “No! Now!”

I had never argued with him like this. He halted in his tracks and kept looking at me.

I started taking off my top gradually, holding his gaze. After sliding down my bra and panties, I raised my chin confidently and turned around to head to the bathroom. The blush had crept up to my cheeks. Goosebumps all over my skin started erupting when I felt his scorching gaze on my back.

Just before stepping in, I looked over my shoulder for a moment and got inside, leaving the bathroom door slightly ajar.

There was a naughty grin on my face when I turned on the shower and let the warm water glide down my skin. After a few moments, as expected the door to the bathroom flung open and two strong arms held me from behind and pinned me to the wall.

My back was leaned against the wet wall while the front was glued to his hot nak*ed body.

“My kitten has gotten quite bold!” he remarked with a smirk and his lips landed on my collar bone sucking the sensitive skin there.

“Justin!” his name came out of my lips as he kept sucking the wet skin of my neck, shoulder, and everywhere his greedy mouth could reach.

“My love! Ashley Deluca! I need you.” He started kissing me, grinding my as* s in his hard body. The swollen part was proof of how much he wanted me.

“You smell so delicious, and the touch of your skin is divine, love.” His hands found the mounds on my chest, and he started fondling them, his lips never leaving mine.

He started leaving a trail of small kisses from my lips through my chin to the neck. I was clinging to his hot body as if my life depended on it.

Slowly when he got down and started kissing me intimately, the washroom had gotten full of our moans and groans.

Warm water was still trickling down our bodies. When it became unbearable for both of us, he scooped me up and started carrying me to the bed, giving a fu*ck that we were dripping wet.

“I can’t wait to get inside you, Ashley Deluca!” Justin’s voice had become intense. I could feel his tense shoulders, his rugged breaths, and his hard and rigid member.

“Justin! Please!” Snaking my arms around his shoulder, I begged him, “I want you!” I said kissing his lips.

With ferocity, he reciprocated my kiss and entered me. His slow movements which became fast-paced gradually took me to heaven.

“I love you, Ashley Deluca.” “I love you too, Justin Deluca.” His movements became erratic, filling me with his love, and then his seed.

This was our night, and I was not planning to sleep or let him sleep through the night. The room deserved to hear our moans and groans.

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