Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 114

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 114

114- Date

Ashley Walters pov “I don’t understand, little one. Why did you call me here?” Marwick asked me while Keith was busy buttering a slice of bread for Sarah. No, I mean he was literally buttering, “Whoever this dude is, he deserves a kick somewhere special. Do you want me to do the honors?”

Oh, Marwick! My brother was violent, i

Aniya and Eve were done with breakfast early morning and had already left for work. While we, the late risers were having our late breakfasts.

“No. I can take care of that part, Marwick. Don’t worry.” My tongue slipped making the people around me horrified by the notion. Justin looked funniest with his partially opened mouth in amazement. Man! My husband had got such kissable lips.

“No, Come on, people! I didn’t mean that! Urgh!” I rolled my eyes and was about to rise to my feet when Justin made me sit back.

“Ok. So, what do you propose?” Justin asked me, moving my hair back from my shoulders, “Technically when we got married you were not even a student.” “I think Ashley does have a point,” Sarah interrupted, “For Dean’s position, you never submitted a marriage certificate, Justin. When you got her admitted, Mr. Matt took her documents that never had a Deluca sir name. Nowhere, any document stated that her status is married not single. In her resentment towards you, she filled that section as single. So,” she took a bite of her bread, “you need to work on it.” “What if…” Marwick leaned forward, propping his elbows on the table. He looked straight towards Justin, “you present yourself in front of the board of directors.” “Even if I do, they will be needing someone for the position to process the inquiry.” While explaining this, I could feel Justin’s thumb slowly circling the nape of my neck.

“So, how should I help you in this, little one?” Marwick asked me in that sweetest tone.

“Become the Dean!” I said like I was telling him about the weather.

“WHAT?” there were three more voices apart from Marwick’s.

‘You must be kidding!” he chuckled and then got serious when I kept looking at him with a raised eyebrow, “Oh, you are serious!”

He went quiet after that.

“What? Is there a problem?” I didn’t want to back off.

“No, I am just thinking. My sister asked me for something… for the first time and I don’t know how to tell you no.” “Why?” “He has got a flight next week. He needs to go to find his wife. He is told that his wife might be in Africa.” Sarah explained to me.

“Oh!” I nodded. I didn’t know what his marriage story was, and I needed to ask him sometime later. But right now, I needed a candidate for Dean’s position to fill in just for a few weeks.

“It seems my wife is more worried than me about my position and reputation.” I heard Justin’s amused voice beside me, but instead of responding to him, I kept thinking.

‘Thank God, I am not involved in a fancy business otherwise I might be worried like hell. Property business is ideal for a man like me,” Keith opened the strawberry jam bottle, “Honey. You were craving something sweet last night.”

Without waiting for an answer, he started spreading jam on a bread slice. He must have felt several pairs of eyes watching him because he stopped, placed the butter knife on the table, and looked up.


None of us said anything to him. By now I was sure I had that silly grin on my face.

“Why are you all looking at me like this? Sarah?” I must admit, Sarah was staring at him like he had developed two horns on his head.

“Have you guys turned into zombies? Ashley! Why are you smiling? What’s so funny? Is there anything on my face?” he tried to bring some fear in his voice and then was about to pick that knife up when we heard him again, ” Stop it!”

This time he was avoiding eye contact with any of us.

“Come on! What is your problem?” This time he almost tossed the knife on the table.

“Keith,” I murmured with a smile, “Congratulations!” “For fu*cking what?” he snapped. Gosh! I liked him already. My soon-to-be brother-in-law. Right?

“For fu*cking becoming the next Dean of Arguli university!” I said with a straight face. 1


‘You look so beautiful, Ash!” Aniya complimented me with wet eyes. I had packed my stuff and was ready to shift to the University Dean’s residency. After all, no matter if Marwick becomes the Dean or Keith gets the position.

None of them would throw me out of that house. It was the ideal place to get to know my newly found siblings.

“I think we need to find a place for ourselves,” Eve said while fixing my hair while back combing.

“Shifting? B…but where?” I held her wrist to stop her from doing anything further to my hair, “Do you want to move in with someone else?” 1

Placing the combs on the dresser, Eve kneeled on the floor holding my knees, “Aniya and I both think that we should move out now. It’s high time.”

I looked at Aniya and found the same somber expression on her face.

“Both of us think that you won’t return here. We are hoping that you are leaving for good this time. We are truly happy that Justin and you are getting back.” Aniya spoke with a quivering smile still leaning against the wall.

Eve had gotten busy examining her chipped nail.

‘This doesn’t make sense,” at last, I found my voice, “You two can still keep living here.” ‘Try to understand, love.” Eve said, “For these past two years we needed each other. We only had each other. But now… we all need to move ahead. We can’t be freeloaders to you anymore.” “B…But…” Aniya waved her hand to make me quiet.

“Eve is right, Ash.” Aniya agreed with Eve. When did that happen? They rarely agreed to something, “we were setting up our small businesses when you and Justin took care of us. Justin provided us with investment and you with a roof over our heads. Now both of us own good thriving businesses. It’s time that we leave your lap and move forward. We might never make boyfriends if we stay here.”

Yeah. That was the rule for living here. Any one-night stands were not allowed to spend the night. And all of us did follow it quite strictly.

‘This is a rented apartment. Go and live your life with Justin. You belong with him, Ash. That doesn’t mean that we will not be friends anymore. We will always be just a call away from each other.”

Tears were now running down my cheeks.

“I will miss you two. Especially our fights.” I swallowed hard with this unexpected lump in my throat.

“We will miss you too, Ash.” Aniya kneeled beside Eve. I leaned down to hug both my friends.

It just broke my heart to let my friends go. All this time they both stayed with me consoling me and entertaining me with their banter.

“Hey!” Eve suddenly remembered something, “Don’t you dare cry. The eye makeup… Shit!” She had given my eyes a black smokey look that went with the black dress effortlessly.

Marwick was the one who arranged the place for my date with Justin on such short notice.

When I officially invited Justin to have dinner with me, he was shocked,” Shouldn’t I be the one to arrange all this for you.” But I just shrugged in answer.

“How am I looking? Are you sure the makeup doesn’t look too … I mean …” I asked Eve who had fixed my makeup again and was finishing my hair.

‘You look beautiful. Ok? Don’t you dare wash my hard work off your face?” Eve threatened while cleaning the makeup brushes.


I was wearing a dual strap corset crop top paired with denim trousers. Its square hemline cinched my waist for a heart-stopping look.

Eve had made a low chignon with a few hair strands framing my face. The top was showing the skin of my arms, neck, and even a quarter of my small bo*obs.

“He is here,” I announced excitedly when the doorbell rang.

“Goodbye! Have a nice evening.” Eve and Aniya called behind me. I was about to leave the room and then returned to pick up the small box and shoved it inside my purse.

I got to the door and after taking a deep breath opened it. The moment my eyes fell on his frame I momentarily forgot where I was.

Dressed in dark-washed pants, he was wearing a black button-down shirt paired with a blazer. I had specifically asked him to go for black color.

“Kitten!” I felt his eyes go intense, when he looked at me, “You look hot! Breath taking!”

Fixing the strap of my bag on my shoulder, I nervously closed the door behind me, “And you look handsome. As usual.”

I chewed my inner cheek. Gosh! I was a nervous wreck!

He offered me his hand. And when I slipped mine in it, he bent down and kissed my fingers one by one.

I gasped and chewed my lower lip, “I think we should leave. Otherwise, we will never be able to leave.”

He said it looking into my eyes. I chuckled and nodded my head at him. The best evening of my life was about to start.

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