Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 113

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 113

113- Surprise

Sarah Gamer pov

Marwick was not ready to come along. Nor was Keith. So, I used Justin as my shied. Yes, I accept that I USED him.

Why shouldn’t I? He was the only one who could accompany me in all this craziness. Ashely was my sister, and she did deserve space.

But that didn’t mean, she had to stay glued to us to get to know about us.

We could stay around her and could still allow her the space.

So, I was the one who planned this raid to stay closer to my sister. Our sister.

When Marwick was telling us about Leigh Walters, I was the only one in that room who was bawling my eyes out. Marwick was a superman who tracked Ashley’s mom and the events that followed the poor woman.

One thing was confirmed. If Leigh Walters would have lived, Marwick would be her best friend and her favorite go-to person.

She met my brother for the first time when he was just a kid. She not only trusted him but also asked him to take care of her daughter. She didn’t say any such thing to grandpa who offered her eggs and hot chocolate. Nor she asked dad or my mom.

She had this intuition that her daughter would stay safe with my brother.

Sorry. Our brother.

I just could not believe it. I had a sister. Yayy!

All this time, I had a small sister whose life was becoming hell because of me. When as an elder sibling, I should have protected her and stood beside her. But what I did? i

I kept scheming and planning against her.

While Ashley? She brought back a nasty person to the mansion without realizing that I could scheme against her. I could kick her out of Justin’s life whenever I would get a chance.

Now I had to make an effort. Just like I did to bring back Justin and my little sister together. That get-together had been a nasty one too.

I wrote those sick letters to her, and she didn’t even tell anyone. Not even Keith. For her, it was the perfect time to take revenge.

But she didn’t.

Justin truly deserved a partner like Ashley. And I think…

I think … Keith was perfect for me. Yeah. He was… good … I think.

We all reached Arguli like it was going to be a political gathering. Besides me, Justin was the only one who was excited to meet her.

Marwick was not convinced as he thought Ashley should get more time to process this all. My sweetheart Keith wanted to be there for me.

About dad? He was hibernating in his room. Granny was released from the hospital, and grandpa wanted to stay here to look after her. Just like granny, my grandpa also needed company.

Dad wanted to leave right away but was staying back just due to grandpa. Grandpa had told him clearly that he would stay in the mansion for some time. Dad should go ahead and take mom with him.

Dad! My dad. The villain of Ashley’s story. I didn’t want to think that he was the evil one in all this fuss. But I will sort it out later. One at a time.

Right now, I had two things on my mind.

My pregnancy and Ashley.

Later, I will sort out what to do with my relationship with dad.

Yup. Later!

Ashley Walters pov:

Looking into my eyes, Justin held my hand and intertwined our fingers,” Should we?” he asked before raising my hand and kissing the back of it.

Nodding my head, I looked behind and waved at the audience. My apartment was quite spacious but the way they all had crashed here, I swear, it had shrunk to a bunk.

Closing the door behind us, Justin lifted me up, “I missed you so much, the Garner heiress.” “What?” I laughed, circling my arms around his neck.

‘Yeah. You are no more that scared kitten who entered my heart and my home as a maid. You are my lioness.” There were intense emotions dancing in his eyes when he placed me gently on the bed.

Instead of leaving me there and circling the bed, he sat down, close to me on the edge.

“Whether I became … a lioness or a tigress. I will always be your kitten.” I told him confidently. He pulled back a little to look at my face. I knew he was stunned and did not expect it from me.

After we got back together, I never expressed my emotions to him. He was giving me time to heal from the pain he inflicted on me.

Our separation made him suffer too. All this time I was not alone in bearing the pain.

“Ashley Walters. Or should I say, Ashley Garner…” he swallowed hard, “All I need is one chance. Just one chance. I promise you, kitten. I will make it my mission to spoil you to bits. To never let you go through another heartbreak.”

His face seemed like he might cry. There was not only pain on his face but also fear. The fear of losing me.

Holding his hand, I kissed it, “I know, Justin. There are so many things I want to tell you. There is so much, I want to share with Marwick and Sarah. And Ashton … and Steward too. I always grew up without a family. Over the past few days, I not only got YOU back but also got a surprise family as well that I always craved to have.”

When he wiped my face that made me realize that I was crying.

“I understand, my love.” He whispered and kissed my cheek, “I understand.

Please don’t cry.” We both were overwhelmed with emotions.

I jumped at him and hugged him tightly, “I am scared. Justin, I am so scared. It seems like this is all a dream. Once I will wake up there would be nothing. After this dream ends, there will be no one beside me on this bed. There will be no siblings outside this door, sleeping on the floor to make their presence known to their surprise sister…” I sobbed, “I loved Elijah… and Sam. And I lost them…” “Ashley!” Justin tried to console me, but I didn’t let him speak.

“Justin. Evelyne is suffering because of me. I was the one who went near that gas cylinder. I knew how to operate one. I shouldn’t have tried to make it work. Instead, I must have called someone for help who could have a look at it. I still don’t know what I did wrong. One blunder… Just one blunder by me and … and … poof!” I giggled with tears still sliding down my cheeks.

“I lost my family. Evelyne lost her future. And guess what? I survived…” A humorless laughter escaped my lips, “I feel so guilty when I look at Evelyne, Justin. I was the reason she lost everything. The irony is … I am getting everything back multiplied by ten folds. But Eve…” I could not continue and leaned my forehead on Justin’s arm.

All the bottled-up anger and pain was getting out through my tears. I wept uncontrollably and was so much engrossed in my pain that I didn’t hear the click when the door to my room opened.

“I never knew you hold yourself responsible.” I froze when I heard Eve’s voice and looked up. There were tears on her face too, “I am sorry. You were crying so loudly that we could hear you outside.”

Oh. This meant every one of them heard me.

“Don’t you dare be ashamed of your pain, Ash.” Eve sat on the edge beside Justin. She wrapped her arm around me.

“Whatever happened, it was no one’s mistake. Elijah was my everything. But he was your brother too. You might have got your family back. But Elijah was Elijah. He can never be replaced by anyone. Not for you. Never for me.” “Oh, Eve. When you came to live with us, I wanted to apologize. I used to gather courage but was such a pu*ssy that I could never do it, Eve.” We both were crying.

“Now listen to me, Ashley!” Eve wiped her face and then held mine, “Look here, dammit.” She scolded me in her usual mother hen tone, ‘You are STILL a pussy! Ok?”

While crying, I nodded my head but then my eyes snapped up to her face,” What?” She started giggling through the tears that were still there in her eyes.

Along with Eve, there were others too who joined her while laughing.

Making me realize that all of them were now in my room.

‘Your bed is so comfortable!” Sarah remarked after climbing my bed from the other side.

“What do you think you are doing?” Justin asked her in annoyance, i “Sleeping with my sister.” She stuck out her tongue. 1 “I was planning to sleep with her.” Justin seemed pissed by now. 1 “How can you let a pregnant lady sleep on that couch?” Sarah asked him innocently. Justin gave a warning glare to Sarah, but Sarah had closed her eyes as soon as her head hit the pillow.

‘You people are disgusting!” he looked up at Marwick who was leaning in the doorframe and had a naughty grin on his face. 1 “Dude! School your sister. I want to get some sleep with my wife. We need rest. Where is Keith? Call him here.” 1 “He is sleeping!” Marwick said with a straight face.

“Keith!” Justin roared, “Keith! Come here! Get your girl out of this room. We need to sleep! My wife needs rest!”

All of us heard some rumbling from outside.

“I think I should go out and see what he is trying to say.” Aniya volunteered to go out and then came back laughing while holding her tummy.

“What? Why are you laughing?” Justin was still annoyed.

“I asked Keith to call Sarah so that Ashley could sleep in peace. B…But… but he said… ask Ashley to lie here and don’t disturb my girl. She needs rest! Ha-ha.” i


I woke up and found a nak*ed chest before my eyes. All muscular and delicious. I turned my head and found Marwick fast asleep on the couch.

Rubbing my eye, I lifted my head and found Sarah on the other edge of the bed. She was sleeping peacefully looking all cute with one cushion under her belly and the other one between her legs. The funniest thing was Keith was lying between Justin and Sarah.

I was lying on the other edge of the bed, with Justin’s arms tightly clasped around me.

The room reminded me of my orphanage where all of us used to lie in a single room, in small bunks.

Taking my mouth closer to Justin’s face, I whispered, “I might fall lying just on the edge of the bed.”

Justin’s lashes fluttered and a se*xy smile broke his lips without opening his eyes, “Do you think, I will let you fall, kitten?” he asked me in a husky voice and then unclasped his lashes.

I looked into those amber pools that took away my heart two years back. Raising my hand, I started brushing my knuckle on his chin which was covered with a light beard.

“What are you looking at?” he asked me, his eyes roaming on my face. I shook my head and started teasing his mouth with my lips.

No, I couldn’t leave this man. Never!

The day I would leave him, I won’t be able to make it alive.

“Is there something serious?” he frowned noticing my changing expressions, ‘This has become a madhouse.” He kissed my nose tip, “Let’s go to my place.”

He was talking about the house given to him on the university premises.

The offer was tempting. But what to tell my newly found siblings? That I was leaving this apartment due to their…

“Honey!” my thoughts were interrupted by Justin’s voice, “I know what you are thinking. Sarah and Marwick can get to know you there. It’s a bigger place with extra bedrooms. Even you and Sarah can develop a bond there.” His suggestion made sense and I liked it.

‘You two are whispering so loudly,” Keith spoke in a sleepy voice behind Justin.

Justin and I didn’t pay any heed to Keith’s complaints and kept staring at each other.

“I want to spend lots of time with you too, Justin?” There was uncertainty in his eyes. I never told him that I loved him or was interested in living with him.

I needed to tell him that he was the only one in this world who existed for me. He was the love of my life.

“If you would keep staring at me like this. I won’t care if your family is here and will start making love to you.” I gasped at his boast and started giggling.

I kissed the corner of his lips and closed my eyes in pure bliss.

“Just keep your arms around me like this, Justin. Don’t leave me. Ok?” I held his chin between my finger and thumb. He bent down his face and kissed my hand.

“Never, love.”

Someone’s phone was ringing, and we were too busy looking into each other’s eyes until Keith groaned again, “Whose phone, is it? Please either take the call or throw it on silent.” Keith placed a pillow on Sarah’s ears.

“Love,” Justin murmured against my nose, “It’s your phone!”

Urgh! I didn’t want to leave his warm embrace. But the phone’s continuous ringing was irritating my ears too.

Just then we saw Marwick standing up from the couch and looking for the phone.

“It’s here.” He picked it up from the coffee table and gave it to me.

“Aniya is going to die,” I remarked before receiving Gerald’s call because Marwick was going out in a pair of shorts only.

“Hey,” I whispered into the phone and felt Justin’s arms going tighter around me.

“I take it, you are not coming today.” Gerald said casually, “By the way why are you whispering?”

I tried to stifle the giggles erupting from my chest. I wish I could make a video of my room and send him. He might have a heart attack if he would find four people lying on a single bed. Like four adults lying on a not-so-big bed.

“Hold on,” I muttered and shook Justin to let me go. He shook his head and pulled my face into his chest making a pout like a kid.

My eyes were wide when I tried explaining him that I needed privacy. At last, he let me go half-heartedly.

“Gerald!” I tiptoed outside my room and closed the door behind me, “I need a favor.” “Well. Shoot!” “I need a romantic place booked for me and my husband,” I said gulping down this alien feeling.

“Ahan! That’s the first time you are calling him, ‘my husband’. So, I take it that you have decided to stay with him?” ‘Yeah. Sort of.” I smiled heading out to my balcony. I needed to take Justin somewhere romantic and tell him how much I still love him.

“Sort of?” he laughed, “Now what is that supposed to mean? Anyhow. I need to tell you this. Listen to me very carefully.”

Now he was all serious.

“What happened? What is it, G?” “Rayan. He must have seen you making out with Justin. He is about to enter a petition against you.” I held my phone tightly.

“What kind of petition?” ‘To ask Justin to step down from the Dean’s position. An employee can’t get involved with a student romantically.” ‘Thanks for informing, G.” I ended the call when I felt two strong arms wrapping me from behind.

“What is it, kitten.” He asked me, kissing my neck.

I turned in his arms and kissed his lips, “Let’s go inside, Justin.” I inhaled his scent in my nostrils, “We need to talk about something before Marwick leaves.”

I didn’t know why Rayan was doing this. But the poor guy was in for a surprise.

Bring it on, Rayan. Let’s see what you have got!

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