Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 111

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 111

111-Leigh (Part II)

Third person pov:

It was raining like cats and dogs. Steward Garner came out when he heard the knock at the wooden door and found a beautiful young woman outside his house. Her clothes were drenched, and her teeth were chattering in cold.

“Ash… Ashton. I am looking for Ashton… s… sir.” Several creases appeared on his forehead.

“Are you looking for Ashton Garner?” he asked her kindly.

She raised her index finger and asked him to wait. Fishing in her bag, she took out the photo that looked more crumbled by now with water traces on it.

‘Th…this man!” she gave it to him. He took it near his eyes and gave her a sheepish smile.

“My eyesight won’t allow me to have a good look at it. Why don’t you come inside? My son is outside and might reach here any minute. You can meet him once he is here.” She was about to set her foot inside when he said,” he is out with his family. His wife is expecting, and she wanted to spend some time outside the home.”

That made her go still in her tracks.

‘Then … I guess I am at the wrong place, s…sir.” She stepped back.

“Kid! Even if it’s the wrong place you can stay here. At least spend the night. I can give you my late wife’s clothes and tomorrow, I will ask my driver to take you wherever you want to go.”

At this point, Leigh wanted to take the offer, but she shook her head and turned away. This was the wrong place, and this Ashton was not her

Ashton. That garage man lied to her.

It was raining heavily so she didn’t cross the main gates and stayed inside the boundary, under a small umbrella on a bench. The guards were kind enough to let her in.

Half an hour must have passed when the same old man came out carrying a tray covered with a lid.

She gulped down and looked at it hungrily when he removed the lid. It had two hard-boiled eggs, with a honey-oat bread piece. There was also a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

She raised her tear-filled eyes at him and nodded her head, thanking him silently.

“As you are not interested in coming inside so I brought it here. The offer is still open though. Warm bed with warm clothes.” He said with a kind smile and went back inside.

She attacked the food like a hungry beast slurping the chocolate drink with every bite.

“God! You must be hungry!” she asked her baby and laughed loudly when it kicked inside, “Ouch! Brat!” She really liked the bread. It seemed home- baked.

She finished everything on the tray in no time. Opening the address paper, she ran her gaze and started thinking about what to do next.

Maybe go back and wait for Ashton there? But right now, she couldn’t go back like this. The first bus would be available early morning around six a.m.

Should she take the old man’s offer? He seemed to be a nice man.

However, Sandy had instructed her quite strictly, not to trust anyone.

Rubbing her belly, at last, she thought to stand up to scurry to the door again and return the tray. She won’t ask the nice old man to take her in. But if he would offer her again, she would accept it this time.

She was about to stand up when she heard the car horn, and the gates were opened by a guard. The car sped inside and halted. The car doors started opening and she heard the giggling sounds of the kids and a woman.

Seemed like a picture-perfect family. With a smile, she lifted her feet to walk, and then her feet froze. There … getting down from the driving seat was Ashton.

Her Ashton. He hadn’t seen her yet.

“Honey! How was the trip? Are you happy now?” he asked the woman with a little bulging belly who sprinted to him to hug him tight.

‘Thank you so much, Ashton!” Leigh was repeatedly squeezing and opening her eyes in disbelief watching the couple kissing each other and their kids clapping and hooting. Both kids seemed to be four or five years of age.

Just then the woman saw her and pulled away from the man.

“What? What is it?” he asked his wife and followed her gaze.

Surprise! That’s what she saw in Ashton’s eyes. When all this time she was struggling all alone with her unborn baby getting drained physically and emotionally. Here he was enjoying his life with his family.

“Go inside.” He told his family without turning around in a hard, no- nonsense tone.

His family was glued to the spot instead of obeying his command while he walked to her.

‘What are you doing here?” he was not expecting her to find him like this. He again turned to his family and shouted, “Didn’t you listen to me the first time? Get lost! Go inside!”

Not only Leigh but his family also jumped in fright.

His wife didn’t forget to look at her huge baby bump before leaving them alone.

Leigh didn’t utter a word and looked at the man with her arms folded on her chest.

“How you found me?” he asked her, but she kept tapping her foot.

“Do you think this is the right question to ask, Ashton?” she said with the confidence she did not feel anymore.

He sighed and covered his face with his palms.

‘This is a nightmare. Please tell me this is all a …” He said shaking his head, “What exactly brought you here? I gave you lots of money. I didn’t leave you on your own.” “Didn’t leave me on my own? Ashton? All this time when I was crying and begging you to take me with you and here you were enjoying your family time? You have a wife and kids!” “Listen, honey…” “STOP calling me honey!” she hissed, and he raised his hands in surrender.

“Ok. I am sorry. Look. That’s why I never wanted a kid. You do know how strict I was about it. Then it happened. But I took responsibility. Right? I left money for you… Lots of it.” “Ashton! You took responsibility? For this child? What responsibility are you talking about? Is this the only responsibility of a father? If that’s the way, it is … then… why don’t you leave your family with lots of cash and stay with me? You said you love me!” she looked at him with narrowed eyes.

She was not the kind of woman who would force a man to leave his family for her. But right now, she was hurt.

“I… I am sorry, Leigh!” this time he quickly turned back to check if his family member was still there. He took a sigh of relief when he didn’t find them.

“See. I am a family man. And I am…” “Family man? Family? Ha-ha.” She laughed and then started crying, “Why?” she asked him brokenly, “Why Ashton?” “B…Because I loved you, Leigh! I truly did. B… But I am scared of my family.

My wife. She is dominant as hell. I am not happy with her.”

The moment he said it, the picture of the perfect family revolved before her eyes getting down the car, laughing and giggling.

She chewed her lower lip and started laughing. She laughed so hard that Ashton Garner thought she had gone crazy.

“Listen, Leigh.” He turned back his head to check if someone was watching them and held Leigh’s shoulders, “Go home. I will come to you and give you more money, Leigh.” Leigh looked at the man who she thought was in love with her.

He was a mean, non-sense prick.

The door of the house opened, and the older man came out who seemed kinder as compared to his son.

“Ashton!” he called him, “this lady is looking for an Ashton. Can you help her?” he asked but stopped dead in his tracks. His gaze ran between Leigh and Ashton and how he was holding her.

‘Wh…what is going on here?” “Dad! I think you should go inside.” Ashton told him rudely and turned to her.

“Dad? You called him dad? Y…your father is alive?” “Yes, kid.” Steward chuckled, ”l am standing right here.” He outstretched his hands sideways to show her.

“He said you have died,” she said with a humorless smirk on her face.

The old man’s smile vanished from his face, “So, he IS the same, Ashton.

Am I right, son? You are the one?” “Dad. I said… go inside!” he spat and turned to her, “Listen, bitch. I gave you money. When I started using you, I never signed up for this mess. Ok? Leave right now.” “Money? What money are you talking about?” she was no more the sweet girl from the small town who Ashton knew so well. She opened her bag and threw the stacks of money on his face, ‘Take it and shove it up your a*ss, you a*sshole.”

Ashton closed his eyes to control his fury. This girl was testing his patience.

“Are you leaving, Leigh? Or should I ask my guards to throw you out?”

Leigh shook her head and cracked up, ‘Throw me away. Please.” She said fluttering her lashes.

“Ok. Now, remember. You asked for it!” he warned her.

“No! I didn’t ASK for any of it, Ashton. The only thing I asked you was your honesty and your presence in my life.” “Guards!” Ashton’s voice boomed in the night and Steward who was standing there witnessing the exchange got closer to Ashton.

“No. Stop, Ashton. Nobody will touch her.” Steward Garner stood before Leigh trying to protect her.

“She is lying, dad. I don’t know whose baby she is throwing in my way.” What? Was he calling my child a bas*tard?

Leigh held her tummy. At this point she wanted nothing. She didn’t need anything from this man.

“Sweetheart!” She heard Steward’s voice. He was looking at her, “Please stay. We can sort this out in the morning.” “Are you out of your fu*king mind, dad? There is nothing to sort. Send her away!”

Just then a uniformed maid came out in a rush, “Sir. Something is happening to Mrs. Garner. She is holding her tummy and seems to be in pain.” “Help her out!” Ashton shouted and went to his car, “Make it quick. We need to make it to the doctor!” He was shouting orders for his four months pregnant wife.

Leigh saw the man getting worried for his wife and his unborn child. A strange kind of coldness started surrounding her heart.

He just called their unborn child a bas*tad but was so kind and considerate towards his wife. The car had left with Ashton and his wife. Steward Garner kept insisting her to stay but without uttering a single word she turned on her heels and started leaving.

Just before stepping out of the gates, she ran a final gaze at Ashton’s big home when her eyes fell on the window of the upper portion. She frowned and found Ashton’s son looking at her through the window. With tear-filled eyes, she smiled and nodded at him. With a crooked smile, he gestured for her to wait silently and turned away from the window.

After a few moments, he appeared before her and gave her his woolen cap.

“It might start raining again, ma’am. You might need this.” He handed over his cap to her. Inspecting it in her hand she started laughing.

The innocent soul didn’t know that people need an umbrella, not a woolen cap that can easily get soaked.

The child seemed to read her mind.

“It will keep you safe from cold ma’am.” He said innocently and she chuckled. The kid was intelligent.

‘Thank you, love.” She said sincerely and then something crossed her mind. With tears flowing down, she touched her belly, “here. She is your sister… Ashley.” She hiccupped, “When you grow up can you look for her and take care of your little sister? Can you do it?”

The kid kept looking at her and then at last nodded his head. Leigh outstretched her hand to him, “Promise?”

The kid placed his small hand against the bigger one and shook it like an adult, “Promise.” He muttered.

‘What is your name, kid?” “Marwick.” ‘Thanks, Marwick. You are a very intelligent boy! Don’t be like your father. Ever! Please do remember that. You need to find Ashley. Ok?” Without waiting for his answer, she crossed the gates.


It had started raining again when out of nowhere a man came before her carrying a dagger, ‘The bag, lady!” he waved the knife at her, “Handover me your bag.”

She had already lost the love of her life. Most of the money, she had thrown at Ashton. Now her baby was the only thing left for her in the world.

She quietly handed over the bag to him.

He happily started fishing out her big tote bag and she started walking ahead. Another man, who might be his partner had joined him.

“Hey!” the man called her loudly from behind, ‘There is nothing in there!” “I don’t have anything!” she said above her shoulder without turning round,” I am poor!” with that she resumed walking until he reached her in a few strides and held her by her elbow to turn her around.

“You must be hiding money!” “I swear. I am not hiding anything. The man whose name is Ashton. He lives nearby in that house.” She pointed to the big blue bungalow, “he has lots of it. Go and hold him.”

She wanted to walk past him when the man’s partner approached them, ” She might be hiding the money inside. You know?” he suggested with an evil smirk, “In her bra!”

The first man started laughing at the subtle suggestion.

“He might be right. Show me what you have got there.” “PL.please. Let me go. I swear I don’t have anything. I am nine months pregnant. M…my husband… he must be waiting for me.” She tried to shove him away.

“Do you think a husband will leave his pregnant wife all alone like this at night? Stop fooling us. You don’t have a husband. You might be a wh*ore!”

No, this can’t be happening! Please, God. This kind be happening!


“Who is this at such an ungodly hour?” Mother Superior screamed when the visitor kept knocking non-stop at the door.

Her assistant Mary Ann was behind her a little scared. Mother Superior used the peephole and then opened the door, “It’s a woman! She might be needing a roof for the night.” When she opened the door, she found a heavily pregnant woman standing there. She was badly beaten and wounded, “Oh no!” Mother Superior gasped because the woman went limp and fell into her arms.


“Congratulations! It’s a girl” Mother Superior handed over the baby to the weak woman who came last night and delivered a healthy baby girl within twenty-four hours.

“Please. Take care of her,” Leigh begged her in a weak voice, crying silently, “I won’t survive!” “Child! Don’t talk like this. She is so perfect! Just look at her!” Mother Superior said with love and turned to Mary Ann, “right, Mary?” “Yes, Mother.” Mary Ann leaned down to stroke the baby’s soft cheek.

“L…Listen to me. I don’t have time. Her… her name is Ashley. Ashley Walters. After a few years, her brother might come looking for her. His name … his name is … oh I forgot his name. F*ck! What was it? It was unique!”

Mother superior started stroking her hair, “It will take time, my child. You just delivered a baby, love. You are weak.” “B…But I don’t have time, Mother Superior.” She held the elderly lady’s hand. The condition in which she reached them was a telltale sign that she was rap*ed brutally.

The girl was right. There were fewer chances of her survival. The internal injuries she got were life-threatening.

“Promise me. You will take care of her.” Leigh kept pleading the older woman until she said yes.

“Now go to sleep, love. You must be tired.” Leigh closed her eyes with a smile and slowly drifted to sleep. For three days she kept getting awake during those long bouts of sleep.

Every time, she used to find Mother Superior or Mary Ann beside her. They both were too worried for her. Leigh never saw anyone showing so much concern for her.

Ashton cheated but his face kept popping up before her eyes. It was the third day when she started giggling.

“What is it, my child?” she heard Mother Superior’s soft voice again.

“Nothing. I remember the name now.” ‘Which name, child?” “Marwick! Marwick is the name, he will come looking for his sister. When he does. Please hand over Ashley to him. Deep inside, I know he is not like his father.” She drifted back to sleep. Never, to wake up again.

She could never open her eyes after that deep sleep.

I thought for a moment.

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