Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 109

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 109

109- Shocking News

Sarah pov

“Why everything is so quiet here?” I said while coming inside, holding Keith’s hand.

Well! For some odd reason, my heart had this strange sinking feeling.

“I have always found this mansion deathly silent. Always quiet and … so… boring. If Justin was not my friend, I would never have stepped here.” Keith remarked while holding my hand.

Near the staircase, he took me by surprise by lifting me up. I squealed and bumped a fist at him playfully, “Put me down. I am good.”

“I want to lift my daughter’s mommy!” he said in a low whisper making me giggle. I was about to lean my head against his chest when I heard someone yelling at the top of his lungs.


“Who the fuck is this?” Keith mumbled stopping at the third stair, “Can’t they call you in a decent way?”

I held his chin and looked into his eyes, “I think… it’s dad.” I explained and started wiggling in his arms, “Please put me down.”

“Nah. I am not putting you down. The old man must have enjoyed his life when he was young. Now he should let us …”

Before poor Keith couldn’t finish it, I again heard Dad shouting, “SARAH!”

Gosh! Dad was making me embarrassed in front of my dear man. We were not on talking terms but now my dad couldn’t seem to wait…


“Your old man has gone mad. He needs to d…” Keith stopped in time, but I knew he was going to say, ’to die’. I didn’t mind. Dad had been acting so crazy since I started dating Keith.

I never knew he had this worst side and unfortunately, Keith never witnessed his good side.

Turning around, Keith got down the steps and then put me down.

“You stay here and let me go to him,” I said but he had already started shaking his head at my suggestion.

“That’s not happening.” He said stubbornly, “I am not letting you go alone.”

“Come on, baby. He is my father.”

“And I am the father of the child inside you. I can’t let the mommy of my baby go alone. He is mentally not ok.” Keith said wrapping his arm around my shoulder and started walking beside me.

“Why is he coming here? I didn’t invite him.” Dad was standing in front of his bedroom door, placing his hand on his hip.

“Dad. I need him. I need his support. Please.” I said clinging to Keith shamelessly.

“Urgh. Being pregnant is not a disease, Sarah.” He then turned to Keith, “Leave my daughter alone. I need to discuss some family matters with her.” Dad was still standing in the doorway not letting us enter.

“Mr. Garner. I am not leaving her alone. Up to you whether you take it or leave it.”

Dad kept glaring at him and when Keith stayed glued beside me maintaining eye contact. At last, dad rolled his eyes and moved aside.

When I got inside the room, I found mom sitting on the edge of the bed, “Hi, mom.” I smiled but then my smile faltered. Her eyes were bloodshot, her nose tip was pink.

She had been crying.

“Mom!” I rushed towards her and sat beside him, “what happened? You, ok?”

My heart did this funny flip inside my chest because my parents should be the onesto ask about my condition. I was the one who was back from the hospital.

Mom started weeping and took me in a hug, “Y…You are such a good daughter. Look at Marwick. He didn’t even bother to console me.”

“Console you? For what, mama?”

She cried even harder after that.

“Mom. Hey!” I tightened my grip around her, “What is it? You are making me more worried.”

“Your brother has stooped so low. He has started putting allegations against me just to get my property.” Dad spat in anger, “He loves you loads and cares for you. I just want you to convey to him, our message. I will DISOWN him if he keeps ruining our reputation and our lives.”

Now, what has Marwick done? Was dad really serious? Like, I thought he wanted to mend our relationship. He wanted to give me a hug because I just got back from the hospital.

But no. they wanted me to convey a fu*cking message to my brother.

“Ok, dad. Mom! I will convey the message.” Giving them a tight-lipped smile, I rushed out of the room. That’s what I was to them?

A fuc*king mediator.

“Hey, babe. Are you upset?” Keith tried to catch up behind me.

“Yeah. I am.” I said while climbing up the stairs, “Let’s go to Justin’s room and get out of here.”

“B…but our house is still under construction, love. Where will we stay?”

“Your place! Where else?” I stopped momentarily and then resumed walking.

“You want to stay there? That old, dirty, outdated place where…” he left it unfinished when I halted and gave him a glare.

“Whatever that place is. At least, I can stay away from this drama and this shit!” I said and started knocking on Justin’s door.

‘Why are you banging his door? He and Ashley must be taking their rest.”

“I need to inform him that we are leaving tomorrow morning. He can decide what he wants to do to my parents.”

“B…But babe…” Before Keith could say anything, the door opened, and the grave face of Justin appeared in the doorway.

“Wh…what? Did my parents say something to you too? They are making everybody’s life hell. I am leaving tomorrow morning. Kick them out if you want!” At this point, I didn’t care.

“I won’t let them go until and unless my wife recovers from the shock. The shock your brother gave her!” Justin seemed to lose his control.


“You too? I mean, my brother did something horrible to my parents and to your wife? Where is he?” Then I turned to Keith, “Keith can you dial his number? Call him.”

“No need to call him. He is inside.” Justin said in a bored voice.

What? Marwick was inside Justin’s bedroom?

He never behaved like an insane monkey! What was he exactly doing in Justin’s …

I walked past Justin and saw Ashley lying there on the bed with a pale face. Marwick was sitting on the chair. He looked up and was on his feet as soon as he saw me.

“How are you? What did the doctors say?” he asked, hugging me.

Thank God at least my brother cared and knew that his sister needed him.

“Thanks, Marw.” I kissed his cheek and got back. That was when my gaze fell on Ashley’s upset face. What happened to her?

The girl had been crying. Her lashes and cheeks were still wet.

“Hey.” I got to her and tried to sit on the bed holding my belly. Justin was at once beside me to help, “You, alright? You look disturbed!” leaning back on the pillow beside her, I ran a gaze in the room and found that not only Justin, but Marw also had this strange somewhat alien expressions crossing his face.

What was going on? Did someone die?

“Umm. Ashley!” I hesitated and held her hand gently, “Tell me, what is it?” She stayed quiet and kept looking down.

Unlike that hospital room, this time, she didn’t squeeze back my hand. Such a quick change in her attitude and mood.

“Ash,” At last, I turned my head towards her, “by any chance …” I gave a confused look to the audience and turned my attention to the girl beside me, “By any chance… do you think you … are pregnant?” I finished awkwardly.

“WHAT?” All the males in the room howled in surprise.

Ashley’s eyes went wide. She quickly freed her hand from my grip.

“I am sorry,” I said holding her hand again.

I didn’t know what had gotten into her. Just few moments ago, she had been so friendly in the hospital. We had almost become friends.

“We can’t tell you much. As you are pregnant and can’t take it well.” I heard Marw and shook my head. My di*ckhead brother knew that I could not handle secrets.

‘Tell me. What is it?” I asked ignoring the smug smirk on his face.

“Nah. I can’t.” he started shaking his head.

“If it’s not good for you then leave it,” Keith reached out to pull me up, ’let’s go to our room and leave this place in the morning.”

“I am not leaving until and unless you people won’t tell me what is going on?” I ignored his hand and glued myself to Ashley.

Though she was pushing me subtly, but I didn’t budge. I was not moving away from this room.

“If you want to spend some peaceful and alone time with your wife then better tell me what sh*it is going on here,” I threw a warning glance towards Justin.

After talking to my parents, I was already hurt and now Ashley was ignoring me like this…

Justin passed a look to Marwick and then to Keith. Keith seemed as confused as me.

“Ok, Sarah,” Marwick came closer and crouched down on the floor, “Ashley is our sister.”

“Yeah,” I nodded my head, “she is just like my sister.” I placed my arm around her and tried to squeeze the life out of her.

“You are not understanding.” Justin said, “Ashely is Ashton Garner’s daughter. Your younger sister.” My eyes went wide, and I was sure my jaw must be touching the floor.

Marwick and Justin were looking at me. waiting if I will take this news well or not.

I pulled my arm back to me and turned to Ashley, “What the fu*cking fu*ck is going on!”

Marwick stood up, “Ashley! Sarah! I know you are shocked. I was too. Now let me speak.” he wanted to tell us something.

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