Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 107

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 107


Ashley Walters pov

The older man who looked like Marwick except for his grey hair, was standing there in shock. He was not expecting it from me. Even I was not aware that I had that much courage.

The man had coffee droplets on his face and stains on his clothes. Coffee might not be too hot, but it had enough temperature to make his face red.

He wiped his face with his hand and looked down at his palm as if he wanted to confirm if he was dreaming or if I really threw it at him.

“What did you just do?” I heard his menacing voice and was about to throw a punch at his face when someone came close to me and picked me up off the floor like a sack.

“What the hell! Who are you? Put me down?” I screamed at the top of my lungs and started throwing punches at the back of this man who was now carrying me upstairs.

I could feel Sarah coming after me.

“Keith. Instead of taking her to her room bring her to mine,”


“I am sorry, Ashley.” I heard a low apology from Keith and then landed on my feet in a room I never saw before.

I flipped my hair back and turned to Sarah haughtily, ‘Those were your parents, right?”

Before she could utter anything, I spoke again, “They are no different from you, Sarah. Does bullying runs in your genes?”

“Ashley!” Keith tried to hold me, but I pushed him back.

“No, Keith. You listen to me. That man was throwing insults at me. He was calling me slang words just like his daughter had been doing all this time.”

“Hey, Ash! Listen, honey,” he made me sit on the edge of the bed and crouched down on the floor, “I know Sarah had been bad to you. But believe me. She has changed a lot.”

I didn’t hold the glass of iced water that was offered by Sarah, “I don’t want water, Sarah. I want peace in my life. Ok?”

I was getting tired of being bullied and acting strong.

I didn’t realize that I was crying until Sarah started wiping my face.

“Don’t touch me, Sarah.” I tilted away my face.

“Now you are overreacting, Ashley.” Keith rose to his feet, “she is trying to make everything right for you. Ever since you went to Arguli she was hell- worried for you thinking that you are either kidnapped or lost.” Keith walked to Sarah and held her hand,

“She is not that bad, Ashley. Just give her a chance. She has been fighting them for me. Ad she is willing to fight anyone for you.” The sniffling of the nose told me that she was also crying.

There was silence in the room now. Until Keith decided to speak again,

“If Justin will find out about today’s episode, he might kick them out of this mansion. He had been doing it when he was not even involved in you. He kicked out Helga who was the most senior maid here. He threw away Sarah. Thanks to you for bringing her back. But please give her a chance, Ashley. Don’t judge her on her past or for her parents.”

Keith finished tiredly and sat beside me on the bed.

“Sarah wants to protect you, Ashley. She wants to keep you safe.”

I chuckled and lifted my tear-filled eyes at him, “Keep me safe? From whom? When all this time I need protection from none other than her?”

I looked up and found Sarah shaking her head at me, joining her palms. Now, what was that supposed to mean?

“Protection from her? Why… her?” Keith’s eyebrows knitted momentarily.

“Because just like her parents she had been calling me names for the past two years. Her every letter started with the word…” I had to stop when Sarah held her tummy and leaned against the wall. She seemed to be in pain. 1

“Sarah!” I immediately stood up and went to her. She was gritting her teeth to avoid screaming.

“Honey!” Keith at once held her, “what is it? Tell me, love.” He was asking her worriedly.

But instead of replying to any of us she just shook her head. Her face had gone red in controlling the pain.

“Keith. I think we need to take her to the hospital,” I didn’t have to repeat myself because Keith at once scooped her up and went out of the room.

I quickly followed them to the car.


“You will be all right, love. Please don’t worry.” Keith was consoling her while we were racing along with the stretcher.

I was back in the same hospital except for this time I was in the gynae ward. We stopped outside ICU after pushing the stretcher inside.

Keith started pacing around in the corridor and I quickly typed a short message to Justin telling him about Sarah’s condition.

By now I should be tired as hell, but I was more worried about Sarah.

“Ashley Deluca?” a nurse announced after coming out in the corridor,” Sarah Garner wants to see you. Please come inside.”

With lots of confusion, I looked at Keith who nodded at me, encouraging me to go inside.

She was laid on the bed with her eyes squeezed shut.

“Sarah!” I whispered but she didn’t open her eyes. For some odd reason, my tears were also cascading down my cheeks, “I… I am sorry, Sarah.” I tried to stop a whimper about to leave my mouth, “I should have been sensible enough not to put your life or your child’s life at risk. That was quite rude on my part. I… I am sorry.”

I said and pursed my lips tightly. Sarah at last opened her eyes and reached out. I quickly held her hand,

“I am so sorry, Ashley. You… You were never rude to me. No.” she kissed my hand making me cry more, “I had been so bitter to you.” she sobbed holding my hand to her cheek.

“Hey. Please,” I bent down and held her hand, “Stop crying. Ok? I never hated you. And I can’t hate anyone, Sarah. Not you or your parents.”

‘Then you have a big heart, Ashley. Because we deserve your hate. We deserve all the bashing in the world. Trust me, Ashley. I am not a bad person. I am not…”

“I know, love. I know. Please stop crying.”

‘The reason for writing the note to you was never to disturb the peace of your mind. It was just that… You were acting stubborn… and you had every right to…” she quickly explained, “Justin was so disturbed since you left. He quit living his life. He is such a good and caring man. He deserved a loving partner like you. The curse was for one year, but he sent you away forever. I got so scared, Ashley. The moment you sent him divorce I knew I needed to do something about it. The plan was to make you so angry and hate me so much that you will return one day and will kill me. But I was aware that once you will meet Justin when your guard is down, there will be a chance for you two.” 1

She wiped her nose with a Kleenex, “I never knew what I was signing for when I started writing those letters. Calling you those names was a part of the plan. And I am ashamed to admit it.” She licked her lower lip, “But Ashley… it worked,”

I smiled and held both her hands this time, “It did work, Sarah. Thank you, girl.” I laughed through my tears. 1

“C…can you forgive me, Ashley?” she asked me innocently. First granny and then this girl.

“I have forgiven you, Sarah. Now tell me how long you are planning to stay here?” I said wiping my eyes.

“I wish I could accompany you right now. B… But…”

I frowned and looked down at her plump figure, “But what?”

“Keith might detect it was all a drama from my side.” She fluttered her lashes.

“Drama? No. He won’t. Why would he?” I said and then stopped short and looked down at the little devil who was lying there looking at me with those puppy eyes.

“S…Sarah?” I stood up and pointed at her, “You mean to say is…”

‘Yeah. I haven’t told Keith about it. He hates lies and you were about to tell him. I am so sorry, Ashley. I just didn’t want to lose him, and I don’t want to lose you or Justin too and there was this big misunderstanding…” i

The girl was blabbering like a fool, and I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. Shaking my head, I chuckled and shook my head, “Shut up, bitch!” 2 ***

Justin’s pov

“I hate this piercing, Justin,” Granny complained when a nurse was injecting medicine into her arm.

“I hate it too, Gran. Don’t you want to get well soon and return home?” I was brushing my fingers through her thin white hair. Since childhood, I was so fond of fixing and styling her hair. It was as soft as a ball of wool.

“Why didn’t you tell me that Steward is here too?” she again complained and this time I could not help the smile spreading on my lips. I had somehow detected a long time back that they had a thing for each other.

When I was a teenager, I often used to convince her to get married or at least look for a partner who can listen to her, could share his day with her.

But she kept ignoring my requests. Once Sarah’s grandpa was here and they hit it off. I had seen so much happiness on her face.

I was expecting Grandpa Steward would either take her with him or stay back. Nothing happened. She never shared the reason.

But then she got busy with her friends and their kitty parties. Grandpa Steward could never visit gain because of his heart problems.

I never saw them calling each other. But now she seemed anxious to meet him.

“By the way, how do you know he is here?” that seemed to bring a little nervousness to her face.

“Of course, who else could it be except Sarah.” Granny rolled her eyes as if I was a child. But something was not sitting well with all of it.

I was a businessman and always followed my hunch. Never in my life, I got the wrong vibes from a situation. Whatever it used to be, I was smart enough to follow it.

“Are you missing her?” Granny asked me. The smart woman who knew how to keep me off track, “Go to her, Justin. She might be missing you too.” I smiled but did not say anything. She was talking about Ashley.

Never in my life, did I feel this happy and this carefree.

She was right. I was missing her and all I wanted to do was nuzzle my nose in the crook of her neck where she smelled of flowers.

I was still thinking about her when I got a message from my kitten. It said Sarah was admitted to the hospital’s emergency.

Granny was getting a checkup from the doctor, and I didn’t want her to suspect that Sarah was brought here. I patiently waited for the doctor to get done with it.

“Her vitals are stable now. Congratulations, Mrs. Deluca. You are fit!” he showed her a thumbs up and granny’s face lit up,

“Really. That means, I can go home?” she asked innocently and then pouted when the doctor told her that they will discharge her tomorrow.

“Why can’t I go now?” she asked the senior doctor like an innocent kid.

“Granny. We have already spent two days here. We can easily get done with one more day. Right? I am here with you.” I said holding her hand.

“See?” the doctor smiled and handed over the tab carrying granny’s record to the duty nurse, “You are lucky that you have got such a wonderful family. You should be thankful for that. Mr. Deluca is staying here with you. Last night it was Mrs. Ashley Deluca who stayed.” He said with a smile not realizing what damage, he had done.

Granny’s face went ashen white, “What? B…But nobody stayed last night!”

“Ah,” the nurse gave me a cute smile and I had to close my eyes in desperation, “Ms. Ashley did stay!” By now granny was glaring at me.

“Call her!” Once the doctor left granny hissed like a monkey.

“B…but… what… I mean … why…”

“I said… Justin. Call. Your. Damn. Wife!”


This time she screamed like a Gorilla!

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