Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 106

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 106

106-Hot Coffee

Ashley Walters pov

What was exactly going on? As slowly and as calmly as possible, I tip-toed and went to sit in a corner of the room.


I mean if… By any chance that elderly couple would catch me witnessing the se*xy drama, they might kill me. I put my phone on silent mode first so that I would not get caught if someone tried to call me or message me.

I could still hearthose noises and it served me right. The previous night, I was the one who disturbed granny and now she was doing the same with me.


Sitting in the corner of the room, I didn’t know when I fell asleep, but after a few hours when it was still dark, I felt someone shaking my shoulder gently.

“Kitten!” Justin was calling me softly and was kissing my neck, “why are you not sleeping on the bed?”

I didn’t say anything and held his hand to stand up. Again, very quietly I tried to peek into the room where granny was sleeping peacefully.

Smiling to myself, I went to the bathroom and got fresh. Justin had brought me a chicken cheese and egg cheese sandwiches along with Starbucks coffee. The plan was to make it seem like we both arrived in the morning.

“Sarah’s parents are here,” Justin said after taking a chug from his paper cup, “They are here for granny, but it would have been much better if they had stayed back home.” He said shaking his head in frustration.

“Why? Are they creating problems for you?”

“No. They can never do that to me. Last year, I ended our partnership with them. Never liked them anyway.” He shrugged and took a big bite of the sandwich, “…. Sarah’s father didn’t take it well, but he couldn’t do much about it.”

“So, why you don’t like them coming here?”

‘They haven’t accepted Keith as a son-in-law. I don’t understand how parents can be so petty about their child’s happiness. Sarah and Marwick are much better than their parents.” He said chewing his food, “Keith might not be filthy rich. But he is… like he can give an ideal lifestyle to Sarah. The way he is working day and night, he might take his property business to the next level. But…

Those folks don’t even have this much empathy,” Justin brought his index finger and thumb very close, “their daughter is pregnant and all they want from her is to get married to me. They don’t even care that I am married and can’t be involved with anyone else except my kitten.”

I was beaming with happiness when I heard it and bent forward to plant a kiss on his lips. His hand at once brushed through my hair above the nape to grip me to prolong the kiss.

‘You taste like coffee,” he said against my mouth.

“And you like, egg and cheese,” I teased him making him laugh.

“I missed you so much last night, Ashley.”

“I missed you too,” Talking about last night again brought those explicit images of granny and that man. Mr. Steward little.


‘What are you thinking?” Justin was looking at me with narrowed eyes.

“Hmm?” I looked up from my food,

‘What are you thinking, love?”

“Uh. Nothing.” I smiled at him and started drinking my coffee.”

‘You had that funny look on your face.”

Oh, Justin. I wish I could tell you this. You might find this funnier than anything.

“Again! That same funny look,” he pinched my nose, ‘You are hiding something, love. Did something change overnight?”


Justin Deluca was a genius. I had to be cautious about everything, I guess.

“Now look up. Here!” he pinched my chin and made me look at him, “Last night… I let you stay here. Now be a very good girl and go home.”

‘What? But…”

“No ifs and buts. You are going home, and I will stay here. I wish I could accompany you but right now I need to stay with her.”

“I hope you won’t tell granny that I stayed here, overnight,” I said wiping my face with the napkin.

“And why would I do that, love? Remember? The basic plan was to make keep you hidden.” He reminded me.

‘Yeah,” I smiled and this time he kept grinning and looking at me.


“You are hiding something, kitten and I will make you speak tonight.” He said with twinkling eyes and his amber eyes held a promise.

That ran a strange shiver down my spine, and I averted my eyes.

“And how will you do that?” I asked him, chewing my bottom lip. The simple movement made the smile disappear from his face.

‘You will come to know about it, tonight!” he waved his index finger in front of my face and pushed the last bite of his sandwich into his mouth.

He was chewing it and looking at me meaningfully.


After arriving home, the first thing I did was got rid of the dress that I had been wearing since last night. I couldn’t meet granny before leaving the hospital but according to Justin, it was for the best.

Without looking around, I went inside the bathroom and stopped short. The bathroom stand had both man’s and woman’s toiletries.

Sighing, I took a quick shower. Though I did my breakfast with Justin, but I needed another cup of coffee before taking my sleep. Yup.

I knew coffee was supposed to keep us awake but I was craving that cup to relax my mind. However, when I came out of the bathroom and saw the room’s door, I went still.

There at the back of the door was that written chat of Justin and mine. With quivering lips, I went there and touched it with my fingers.

Two years ago, I was too immature. For me, everything was a fairytale. But these past two years had taught me, not every story could be a fairytale.

I blew a long breath and kissed the chat on the door. Thank you, Justin, for not erasing those memories.

Instead of making a call to the kitchen staff, I strolled to the kitchen and started rummaging through the cabinets.

“Are you looking for something?” I spun around and found Keith standing behind me. There on the other counter, a tray was placed with a couple of pancakes and a cup of something hot. Maybe coffee?

“I am sorry. This is not coffee. Sarah prefers teas nowadays. The pregnancy hormones have caused these odd aversions to certain foods.”

‘Yeah. I understand.” I smiled and looked around, “I need to make coffee.”

“Oh,” he picked up the tray, “Hold on. I will help you.” He went near the door and called someone loudly. A maid came running inside,

‘Take it to Sarah. Tell her I will be joining her in a minute.” The maid quietly took the tray from his hand and left us alone in the kitchen.

“I’ll prepare you some coffee.” Keith opened a drawer and took out a huge ground coffee jar.

“Hey.” I went near him and held the jar which he was opening after switching on the coffee machine, “I can do it, Keith.”

“I am aware, Ashley. You are no more a guest here. It’s ok. I am Justin’s friend and it’s my duty to take care of you if he is not around.” He patted my shoulder and darted to the coffee machine, “So… what are your plans?”

He tapped on the stool that was placed near the counter, inviting me to sit on it.

‘What plans?” I asked him, holding the counter to lean my ass on it. I never liked these long-height stools. I wiggled my a*ssto fix it on the small seat of the stool.

“Are you giving my friend a chance?” he stood near me leaning his back to the counter, “he is serious about you. I mean, I have been noticing him for the past two years. He has been everything but a normal human.”


‘Yeah. He missed you a lot. Went quiet after you left. Only meant business. We never heard his real laughter after that.”

I chose not to remark. My heart belonged to Justin. There was no denying of the sparks, I always felt when he was around.

Keith was pouring me coffee, ‘You will find the milk and cream in the fridge.” He said placing the cup on the counter.

‘Thanks, Keith,” I said sliding the cup towards me.

“No problem, Ashley. Just make my friend happy.” The absurd request made me giggle. He also had a wide grin on his face. He was about to leave the kitchen when a middle-aged couple came inside the kitchen. The couple looked at Keith as if they would eat him alive.

On other hand, Keith’s grin vanished away from his face.

“Ashley. You better drink your coffee in your room,” there was a subtle warning in Keith’s tone. Why he wanted me to leave the kitchen and go to my room?

“So, you are Ashley.” The lady who must be in her mid-fifties asked me, examining me from head to toe, “Sarah told us this name. It was Ashley. Right, honey?” the woman asked the man beside her.

The man’s icy blue eyes were boing into my body. I kept my cool and slurped the coffee from my cup. Though the pace of my heartbeat had increased.

Who were they? Why were they looking at me like this?

The man was handsome as hell and seemed very familiar. While the woman’s face showed signs of Botox.

No, I was not being judgmental but…

“So… you are Ashley?” the man spoke in a heavy voice, “What were you two talking about?” he tilted his head towards the door talking about Keith who had just left the kitchen.

Maybe he was right. I should leave the kitchen. I took a big gulp of my coffee and stood up awkwardly from my place, carrying the half-filled mug.

“Hello, ma’am. Hello sir.” I said sweetly, “Keith was just telling me about something.” I wiped my mouth from the back of my head and bowed my head in respect, “Good day, sir.” With that, I turned around and started walking to the door.

“Stop, you bitch!” the man threw the insult in such a soft tone as if he was calling me princess. My heart missed a beat and I turned one eighty degrees with a gasp escaping my mouth, “Excuse me?”

“So, you are Ashley?” the man started approaching me with slow steps and that hate in his eyes …

Oh. Now I realized. He was the spitting image of Marwick. Were they Sarah’s parents?

No matter how much I wanted to step back, I could not. I might be scared but I would never show my weakness to such bullies.

I never backstepped when their daughter used to bully me.

“Do you even know who your father is?” he stopped too close to me. Our chests were just one centimeter apart, “Do you know who were your parents? You bastard girl!”

My mouth hung open. How can someone hate a stranger? He didn’t even know me.

‘What is going on?” I heard Sarah behind me but didn’t turn around, “Dad. Get back. Please.”

“Mr. Garner. Step back.” I heard Keith’s voice too.

“Fuck off!” The man roared at Keith and shifted his gaze back to me, ‘You fuc*ker! You practically stole my son-in-law.”

He hissed and the tone made his wife shudder a little who had been throwing sly smiles towards me.

“Can you please, mind your language?” I asked him softly, looking straight into his eyes.

“How dare you teach me to …” he was about to spit more insults when on impulse my hand that was holding the half-filled coffee cup, raised and threw the hot coffee on his face.

I heard Keith and Sarah’s sharp intakes of breaths.

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