Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 105

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 105


Sarah Gamer pov

I didn’t want to have my breakfast but wanted to go to granny instead.

Keith made me sit and forced me to eat. He was planning to tag along with me. I was expecting him to reach here in the evening, in the meantime, I could have talked to Ashley in private and requested her not to tell, about those letters to Keith or Justin.

Though she must have told Justin by now, Keith didn’t know anything. I needed to explain to him my side of the story before that. I could not afford to let it break to him from Ashley.

“What are you thinking?” he asked me, tapping my head, “finish it. I know you are worrying about granny. She will be fine. Trust me.”

I nodded, taking a sip of my peach tea.

“How was your visit to your parents?” I asked to take my mind off the issue about those letters.

“It was good. Dad was pleased that I have started taking interest in the family business at last.” He smiled and looked at me, “Credit goes to you. You made me realize that I needed to be responsible for you and for her.” He placed his hand on my protruding tummy.

“Aww, Keith.” I leaned forward with a pout and earned a quick kiss from him.

“I will do anything to make you as spoiled as you had been with your dad or Justin.” He always mentioned Justin as a friend. Never as an Ex.

“But I am already being spoiled by you, Keith,” I told him leaning sideways against his arm. He was quick to wrap it around me.

We stayed like that for some time.

“I love you, babe.” “I love you too, babe!” I closed my eyes in bliss. This was a perfect and ideal family scenario. Our house was under construction. After our daughter’s birth, we were planning to shift there.

I had been busy there for decorating our bedroom and the next step was to set up an ideal nursery.

“Ma’am. Sir!” a maid came inside the kitchen with her lowered gaze.

‘Yes?” I straightened with worry. I hoped it was not some bad news about granny.

‘Your parents are here.” She dropped the bomb.

“What? They were expected to come here in the evening.” I told Keith while standing up with my cup of tea.

“I guess you should finish it up first. And one more thing…” he raised his index finger, “this time I am not leaving you alone. I will stay beside you. No matter whether they like it or not.”

My parents were still mad at me and could not bear to see Keith’s face. Not that I gave a f*ck and was least bothered about it.

But lately, the pregnancy hormones had made me too emotional and sensitive, and I wanted to avoid the drama at all costs.

“Honey. They are my parents. It’s not like I am ashamed of your company or something. You know, I have already taken a stand for you.” I pointed out to him.

“But I want to stay closer to you in case, you get upset.” He said possessively making my lips twitch.

Planting a quick kiss on his cheek, I stood up and scurried to the door.

“I will stay close by.” He called out behind me, and I waved my hand with a thumbs up.

“Hello, mom. Hello, dad.” I went to them for a hug but stopped when they didn’t stand up. Well! It hurt like anything. I felt like someone squeezed my heart in my chest.

“Hello, love!” A familiar voice made me stop in my tracks.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” the moment I started screaming, Keith who might be just outside, came inside, running. But I was already darting to the person standing there.

“Grandpa!” I said in a tear-filled voice. He was not allowed to air travel due to his weak heart and yet he was here.

“How come you are here?” I said hugging him tightly and crying. The way my parents were treating me and ignoring me, it all was coming out in the form of tears.

“My flower. My love!” he took me in a tight grip, “I am here because of you. Because of Electra.” He said patting my head, “and stop crying,” he pushed me a little and started wiping my face, “Your parents are bastards! They don’t deserve to have a daughter like you.”

I heard my parents gasp in surprise who were sitting on the couch.

“Grandpa! Ha-ha!” I started shaking in his embrace when he must have noticed Keith standing at some distance.

“Is he the guy?” he whispered in my ear. By now I could feel my parent’s frustration on getting ignored by either of us.

I nodded and gestured for Keith to step forward, “He is Keith.” I said holding his hand and pulling him to me.

“Hello, sir!” Keith extended his hand for a handshake. Grandpa inspected him from head to toe and pulled him to his chest.

“I need a proper hug, son.” He said with all the love, “Like your parents-in- law, you are not a fuc*ker! Right?”


Yup! That’s my grandpa. My father’s father. Mr. Steward Graner.”


Ashley’s pov

The color must have drained off my face. I was avoiding eye contact with granny.

“I have never seen anyone making out in a hospital room. Or bathroom. That was giving me so many wild ideas. In my time, we just used to do the deed in our bedroom. This generation has taken it to the next level.” She was talking to me in a serious tone.

I momentarily raised my eyes and found that twinkle in her black orbs.

‘Your coffee, love,” Justin announced as soon as he set foot inside the room. I held the cup and was about to stand when he hurriedly placed his hand on my shoulder, “keep sitting. I am bringing another chair.”

He sat beside me and then his eyes moved between granny and me, ‘You two are quiet. Did something happen when I left the room?” “NO!” both of us spoke together.

“I mean… we were just… umm … enjoying the peace in the room,” I said with a forced smile.

‘Yeah. Peace!” Granny uttered, “I am experiencing it since last night.” She remarked but I knew what she was talking about.

That made me choke on my coffee.

“I just got a message from Sarah.” Justin announced, “Her parents are here. They will visit us soon after they will take their rest.” “Uh. Rest!” Granny rolled her eyes, and I said a silent thanks to Justin for changing the topic, “Were they walking throughout? No! They must have taken a damn plane! Still, they are tired! Shitty excuse!”

She was getting all flare up.

“Gran!” Justin rose to his feet and sat beside her on the edge of the bed, “I don’t give a damn if they are here for you or not. I also don’t care if they would come to see you right away or take their rest. The thing is I am with you, gran. Ashley is here for you.”

Justin was not taking it easy. Did he not like Sarah’s folks?

“I know, Justin.” Granny took a long sigh and laid back, “It must be my age playing with me.” She said tiredly.

‘That’s a bull sheet, gran. You are not old at all, ok?”

‘Yeah,” she chuckled, “I know. Now let me sleep and don’t you people dare to make noise.” i

This time, I kept my lips tightly pressed together because I knew what she was referring to by saying ‘making noise’. But Justin had this big innocent look on his face.

‘Why was granny talking to me like that?” Once we were out of the room, he remarked in confusion, “We are not kids who would make noise like that! Maybe she was right. Age is paying with her mind.”

After getting done with our lunch in the hospital cafe, we went inside the attendee’s room where Justin wanted to make a move, and every time I used to push him away.

‘What! Don’t do that to me!” he said kissing my cheeks one by one, “stop pushing me away.” He whispered and fell backwards on the bed taking me with him.

“I know. But it’s daytime. She would be having visitors soon.” I said chewing my lower lip and he groaned, “Stop tempting me, Ashley.” He flipped the sides and in a matter of seconds, he was above me.

So, to be on the safe side, I only agreed for a make-out session. No groping, no more getting intimate. And I guess it was a sensible decision.

Because after a few minutes, three women arrived who used to accompany granny to her kitty parties. Granny not only woke up but was so happy after meeting them. She even introduced me to them as Ashley Walters.

Though I was a little disappointed because she didn’t introduce me as Justin’s wife.

“Ashley!” granny called me when Justin was out, seeing off her friends,” Justin told me that you haven’t decided if you want to stay with him or not. That’s why I thought you might get mad at me if I will introduce you as Mrs. Deluca.”

Oh, that made sense.

‘We had been horrible to you all this time.” She said tiredly, “I am so sorry, Ashley.” “Granny.” I held her hand and kissed it, “Please stop apologizing. You already asked for forgiveness.” I kept her hand against my cheek and smiled, “No more apologies please.”

I warned her sweetly and found her first smile that was solely for me.

“I am apologizing in hopes that you will also ask for an apology.” “Me? Apologize? For what?” “For disturbing my sleep last night!” i


“What is your problem, Justin?” I hissed at him between my clenched teeth, ‘You should go home and let me stay.” “But why can’t we stay together like last night?” he complained, and I was too embarrassed to tell him the reason. Granny didn’t want us to stay.

In fact, she wanted no one with her. According to hospital rules, a nurse could accompany her in the hospital room, but Justin wanted to be there for her. He didn’t want to rely on a nurse.

Sarah also visited with Keith but then had to leave because Keith and Justin didn’t want her to spend the night there. I was also not in favor.

“Either both of us are staying or I will stay alone here.” He said stubbornly.

“Fine!” I picked up my bag and started heading out of the room.

“Ashley!” he stopped me by holding my elbow, “Love!” ‘What, Justin? You want to stay here and that’s ok. After all, she is your granny. Not mine!” I shrugged my shoulders and tried to shove off his hand.

“Love. It’s not like that. She doesn’t want me either. All I would do is remain inside the adjoining room and hide, not to let her know. In case of any emergency, I can get to her faster.” “I can do the same, I guess. Trust me, Justin. I can be a night owl if needed. Go home. She is asleep. I will hide in that room. In case, if I’ll need anything, I will give you a call. Simple!” “Urgh, kitten. You were never this rigid!” he complained curving down his lips and hugging me to him, “I love you, Ashley.” He said breathing against my temple. And I again started feeling guilty for not returning his love.

“Ok. I give up.” He held my face in his palms, “you will remain inside and won’t come out of your room. You suspect anything, let me know. Ok?” the moment I nodded, he pulled me to him and gave me a soul-crushing kiss.

Standing in the corridor, his arms didn’t seem to let me go and all I wanted was to keep my body glued to him.

“Ahem,” someone cleared his throat making us pull apart. Justin had this disappointment written on his face when he saw the doctor on duty standing there.

“Go, inside, love.” Justin kissed my lips ignoring the doctor before letting me go. I settled on a single couch in the attendee’s room and kept the door open. There was a flimsy curtain that served the purpose of privacy, and I could easily keep an eye on granny.

To avoid sleeping, I started scrolling through my phone and started going through different sites having different interior designing ideas.

I had my account on most of them and used to upload my work there.

“Hey, love. Missing you.” I received Justin’s message and smiled to myself.

“I am missing you too,” I replied to him.

‘That’s why you sent me away! (a sad emoji)” I smiled to myself and sent him a kissing emoji.

“Don’t do that. It’s making me hard!” I rolled my eyes. I was not planning for s*exting. Because granny might hear my unintentional moans and I didn’t want her to suspect anything.

“Go to sleep, love.” I typed the message and immediately got the reply.

‘You called me what? You called me, love? Can I call you?” “No, silly. Granny will wake up!” “Ashley Deluca. You are a killer! I swear. I am going to sleep but tomorrow I am sending Keith to stay with her. I want to taste you again.”

Blushing to the core, I closed the chat and placed my phone on the coffee table, nearby.

I was still thinking about Justin when I heard a slight creaking of the door. Thinking that it might be the doctor or nurse on the duty I peeked a little and saw an elderly man dressed smartly coming inside.

He was wearing a grey colored button-down shirt with grey cargo pants. On top of it, he was wearing a waistcoat in a check design.

The long beard was making his personality more powerful. He didn’t look like a doctor to me. Who was he?

I hoped, he was not someone with bad intentions. Should I call Justin?

“Electra!” he got closer to granny and called her gently, “What have you done to yourself?”

What? Was he a relative?

“Steward!” I heard granny’s feeble voice, ‘You are here? For me?” “For who else, my love!” the man leaned down ….


He started kissing granny. Oh, Lord! Just this morning granny told me that she never did the deed anywhere except her bedroom and now look at her. I could hear their moaning and groaning in the hospital bed!

Liar! i “No, silly. Granny will wake up!”

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