Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 104

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 104

104-Just Like Me

Sarah pov “Wake up, baby! Wake up!” I stretched and opened my eyes to find his face too close to mine. I must have fallen asleep hardly one hour ago.

“When did you arrive?” I put my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. The pregnancy hormones had made me hornier recently.

“Just when my darling mommy was fast asleep looking all cute and se*xy wearing almost nothing.” I chuckled when I felt him nuzzling his nose in my neck.

“Why didn’t you tell me about granny?” he asked me while kissing that sensitive spot and I had to tighten my jaw to stop myself from moaning,” No calls. No messages.”

He was not someone who would complain. He just wanted to be there for me. I knew it.

“I just called Justin.” I told him sleepily, “I was too panicked to call anyone but him. She was in pain and was continuously screaming not to take her to the doctor.” “Aww. Love. I am so sorry that you were alone.” He laid beside me and started stroking my hair.

“You should not stay here when all I can think of is you and how good you f* ck me.” I said controlling my smile.

“Maybe that’s why I am here,” I heard Keith’s voice followed by the rustling of his clothes. My heart got excited.

“Help me in getting rid of this t-shirt,” I wanted to get rid of the only garment I had. He helped me out of it.

“Who is with granny?” he asked me and very gently started rolling up the hem of the t-shirt.

“Ashley and Justin,” I said raising my arms when he lifted the garment to take it off.

“Thank God, they are together now. Any idea how come they got back? I couldn’t get time to ask Justin.” He said casually and that made my body go rigid under him.

Nobody knew that I had been writing those letters to Ashley. Keith could be an all-sweet and understanding partner, but he hated lies. He could not stand them.

That was the reason he always wanted to tell Justin when we got involved with each other. The persistent nature of my parents couldn’t even faze him off when they tried to get rid of him.

Even my pregnancy could not make their hearts soft. All I had in my pregnancy days were Keith, Justin, and granny. My parents were nowhere because their ego wasn’t fed.

Maybe Marwick was right all along. Our parents always had been manipulative. They were happy with me before because they liked Justin. He matched their status and class.

But Keith was nowhere near their ideal son-in-law.

‘They will be here, tomorrow. Because of granny.” The first thing I said after Keith made slow tantalizing love to my body, was this. He knew I was talking about my parents.

“Let them be,” he said taking me in my arms and kissing my cheek, “Go to sleep, princess.” “I love you, Keith,” I said hiding my face in his chest.

“I love you too, princess.”


Ashley Walters pov

Granny had gone back to sleep when the door slowly opened, and Justin stepped inside. He had showered and changed into comfortable PJs.

“Go inside and take shower. I have brought you some stuff to change into,” he said pushing me inside the big bathroom.

I did ask him to stay home but deep down I knew he would come back. After changing my dress, I came out and found him scrolling through his phone on the couch.

The moment he saw me, he put aside his phone and stood up, “I will stay here. You can go inside and get some sleep.”

Perks of staying in a five-star hospital. Ha-ha. You get an extra room that had a small bed for attendees.

‘Til stay here on the couch, Kitten.”

I started gathering my freshly blow dried hair to tie them in an elastic band.

“No, Justin. I am staying here. Go inside.” “Hey, love.” He whispered placing his hands on shoulders, “If by any chance granny will be awake, I can handle her.” “Justin. I can also handle her just fine. In fact, she just woke up and we talked. You know? Like two civil people.” I removed his hands away, “She even allowed me to call her granny. And she called me Ashley. Not a mai…” Shit! I didn’t mean to make him upset by saying the word maid.

“I am sorry.” I tried to take his mind off it, “It’s just that I didn’t have any family for a longest time. This is the best time to bond with her.” “Don’t be sorry. Ad no I am not letting you stay here. Go inside. You can bond with her once she is home.”

Urgh. Sometimes he acts so much like a di*ck.


I went inside the room and wanted to bang the door but reminded myself that this was a hospital room. The moment my back touched the mattress, Sarah’s face popped into my mind.

She had my important documents. Recently she had been acting all sincere and lovey dovey towards me but she didn’t tell anyone that she had been writing those nasty letters.

Something was extremely fishy about all this.

After four hours’journey, I should have been hell tired. But now I was getting all flared up because I could not even bat an eye.

Justin was being so much stubborn. He could have come here and slept instead of staying on the narrow bunk. But let me assure you that his bunk wasn’t as slim as normal hospital beds for attendees.

After tossing and turning the umpteenth time, I got up and threw my pillow on the floor. The night seemed to be not easy as my legs were killing me due to the strange discomfort.

Was it the restless legs syndrome?

Would it be good if I should offer some relief to Justin and convince him once again to come and lie here?

Giving up on my sleep I fetched my pillow and went out to find Justin fast asleep on the not so narrow bed.

What? Should I shake him a little bit and ask, hey Justin, are you sleeping?

I bent down a little and placed my hand gently on his shoulder. He was still sleeping.

“Baby? You want to go inside?” I asked him in a hushed tone. Still, no response, and then I shook my head. The Justin I knew would never go into deep sleep if I needed him. So that meant only one thing, i “As*shole! You are awake!” with that I hit him with my pillow. In an instant he not only held my wrist but also pulled me to him, making me fall on top.

“Sheet! What are you doing?” I scolded him in a whisper and threw a cautious glance towards granny.

“What are YOU doing here, love? Missing me?” “Gosh! No!” I pushed his face away holding my laughter, “I wanted to offer you some relief so thought to come here.” “Really. Relief?” he held my hand and made it touch him down there above the cotton cloth.

“Justin!” My eyes went wide, “I was not talking … about THAT relief.” “But this is the only relief I want.” He held his lower lip between his teeth, and I didn’t know how to get up without touching him.

His intimate part was brushing my intimate part quite intimately. Ha-ha. If that made sense.

I gulped hard until I realized that he was holding me by my waist.

“If I were you, I would immediately go back to the room.” He said brushing his finger on my nose tip. Instead of answering him, I kept staring at him.

“Don’t stare at me like that, kitten. Better run away!”

The man was giving me a warning. He was trying hard. He was trying too hard to make up to me. Ignoring his possessive nature, he brought Gerald just to make me happy. He was ready to do anything for my happiness.

He was giving me space. Was making breakfast for not only me but also for my friends.

Placing my palms on his chest I climbed upwards until my face was near his lips. Lying there he was looking at me trying to decipher what I wanted.

“Justin!” “Kitten!” “Hold me tight.” With that, I placed my cheek on his face, where his nose tip was poking into my face. That was a very awkward position.

“Can’t we both stay here?” I asked him and didn’t get the answer, “Please?” “Staying here like this and not doing anything is not possible for me, my love.” He was still brushing my cheek, “Don’t make this difficult for me.” “Who is asking you not to do anything?” I remarked and felt him go still under me. I raised my face and found confusion in those amber eyes,” Justin Deluca! Can I kiss you?”

I asked him and was super happy when he could not speak and just nodded his head slowly.

Smiling to myself, I bent down and crashed his lips with mine. His mouth was opening under me giving me a chance to swirl my tongue inside to feel the wetness.

“What has got into you?” he asked the moment I detached my mouth from him.

I shrugged nonchalantly, “I couldn’t sleep and had nothing to do. Then I came out and saw you awake and doing nothing. So… I thought… let’s make out with this hot man!”

I winked laughing but his face remained serious.

He rolled his eyes clearly not believing a word I said.

“So do you need it?” I asked him.

“Need what?” “The relief?” I said with clenched teeth.

His eyes went wide, and he turned his head to look at granny.

“Relax!” I bit his ear lobe, “she is sleeping.”

With that, I took my hand inside the elastic band of his pajamas.

“Ashley! No! Oooh!” his eyes rolled back and the grip around my waist became taut. I was touching him after centuries.

“Do you like it?” I whispered near his ear, and he could not manage to utter a word. So, he just nodded at me.

“Hmm,” I started grazing his lower lip while my hand was gently rubbing him there, “how much?”

I had no idea from where those naughty ideas were swarming my mind, but it seemed that my hand and my lips had taken a life of their own.

“Ashley! Please.” I felt him gritting his teeth and sweat broke on his temple. The room’s air conditioning was working just fine.

“Ashley!” He breathed in my ear, “Let’s go inside!”

Well! Now he was talking! With a sly smile on my face, I got up and was about to walk inside the room when his arm came around me and lifted me up like a sack. I couldn’t even make noise because of granny.

Not even when instead of going inside the room, he took me to the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

“Justin,” “What were you doing there, kitten?” he asked me and started getting rid of his clothing. I gulped and saw him getting nak*ed in front of me.

Standing there will all that stark nak*ed body he looked so delish. All I wanted to do was eat him like crazy.

However, it was shocking for me when he started taking off my clothes, ” What? Justin?” “I don’t want one sided pleasure, Ashley.” I quietly let him take the charge. I had never done it in a bathroom. So, I did what I thought I should.

I sat on the counter and wrapped my legs around him. He got busy kissing me and all I could do was suppress my moans. I didn’t want granny to hear us.

I was expecting him to enter his organ in my hungry throbbing hole but no. Folding my legs near my chest, I swallowed my spit when I saw his head disappearing between my legs.

I was biting my hand to stop the animalistic screams.

“Do you want me to stop, love?” Great! Now he was doing the same teasing as a revenge with that smug face.

“Please.” I begged.

“What please?” “Don’t…” “Don’t what? Say it kitten. I need your consent!” “F*ck Justin! Yes!” I screamed but quickly covered my mouth with the back of my hand again.

‘You are all wet now!” he said happily and then got me off the counter. Turning me towards the mirror he opened my legs with one foot.

Two years back, he treated me too gently because maybe that was my first time. I never knew this savage side of his.

The moment he entered me and started moving, I didn’t know if I should grasp the counter tightly or cover my mouth. He seemed to understand the problem.

His palm came up to cover my mouth while moving inside me. After we both were done with our orgasms, I was leaning into his body. We both were panting like crazy.

Holding me with him, he guided me to the shower and stood there beside me. I gasped when the cold water spray hit my skin.

“Jussss… tin!” I hugged him again and felt his throbbing member again poking me in the right place.


I looked up and found him looking into my eyes. Maybe it was telepathy or what, but I just nodded my head. This time I wanted to try it in the shower.


I jumped up when I heard a slow knock on the door. This was not even morning, and it must be the duty nurse keeping a check on granny.

“Easy.” Justin held me sleepily and sat up holding me. At night after getting it done in the shower, we dressed and then I preferred to lay down on him. Just like old times.

Scooping me up, he took me inside the room and placed me gently on the mattress. I felt him kissing my temple after covering me with the sheet and went out of the room, to open the door.

I must have slept for one or two hours more when I woke up. Justin was not around. Naturally, he must be with granny. Rubbing my eyes, I walked out and found him as expected chatting to her, all happy and chirpy.

“Hi!” When I made my presence known, Justin waved his hand and rose to his feet, “Hi, there, love! Slept tight?” there was mischievousness in his eyes that made me blush and I straight away headed to the bathroom.

I didn’t know how to face him anymore. What exactly happened last night? Why did I act like a wantton? I was basically a very shy gal.

After getting done with my morning business, I went out a little worried about how to face him but thankfully he was not in the room.

“He is out to bring you some coffee,” Granny told me. Strange. He could order it on phone from the hospital cafeteria. This was after all a five-star hospital.

“He just got it delivered from Starbucks.” She announced and laid back her head on the pillow staring at the ceiling, “You are just like me,” she said sighing to herself.

“Why? You also used to need Starbucks coffee after waking up?” I said taking the chair beside her, where Justin was sitting moments ago.

“No!” she said smiling at me, “I also used to make lots of noise while getting fu*cked!”

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