Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 103

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 103

103- Tame

Ashley Walters pov ‘You are silly, Justin. I don’t know why Sarah had to bring me here. Please take me home.” Granny was continuously whining like a toddler and Justin was trying to make her calm like a mommy. It was heartwarming to witness the chemistry.

‘Yes, we would granny. Soon!” He said hugging her fragile body to himself. Sarah was standing in the corner with arms folded on her chest. She looked annoyed and tired and very much pregnant.

I didn’t see her after that night when I barged into her engagement party.

‘That’s what I am telling her.” She complained and started making a messy bun of her dark blond hair at the top.

“No! You didn’t tell me anything, Sarah!” Granny complained again to Justin, “she said we are only going for a brief visit. For a short checkup.” The way that old cow … I mean Mrs. Deluca was complaining, “And here the visit turned into this annoying hospital admission.”

I didn’t want to admit but Mrs. Deluca looked kind of cute. Justin kept cooing at her. She was not ready to take any treatments and was creating havoc. That was the reason Sarah had to call Justin urgently.

At least now she was convinced to let the nurse prick her to insert the cannula. They were giving her a drip and injecting a little bit of age- appropriate sleeping drug into it.

Once Mrs. Deluca started feeling drowsy, Justin eyed me and then his gaze traveled to Sarah.

“You should go home, Sarah.” He told her gently.

“Duh. I am not tired. You and Ashley are here after four hours of traveling.

Go and get some nap.” Her nostrils flared when she tried to hold a yawn.

“Where is Marwick? Call him Ask him to take you home.” Justin said stretching his arms and then threw one around me.

“Marwick is away on business. He might reach tomorrow evening. Or the day after tomorrow. No idea. But mom and dad will be here tomorrow.” ‘Then I am calling the driver!” Justin started punching his phone when

Sarah again stopped him, “Geez. Justin. I am good! Ok? Take Ashley and get lost.”

“Where is Keith?” “I… I couldn’t tell him about granny. He thinks that I am still in the mansion to give her company.”

The skin between Justin’s brows knitted into several lines, “Keith doesn’t know you are here?”

“I didn’t get time. Ok? It’s not that I am hiding something… Oh God, Justin. Go out! I am getting angry.” By now Sarah seemed dead tired and on the verge of losing.

“Justin!” Placing my hand on his shoulder, I spoke for the first time, ‘Take Sarah with you. I can stay here.” “Nah! I can’t allow that! How can you…” I didn’t let him finish.

“Why can’t I, Justin Deluca?” I frowned at him.

“Exactly! Why can’t she, by the way?” Sarah placed her hands on her hips and then turned to me, “Are you pregnant too?”

Her bold question not only made me blush but also tongue-tied for a few moments.

“Are you two ganging up on me?” Justin asked and we both nodded our heads in unison.

“Gosh!” he rolled his eyes and gestured for Sarah to go out, “You win. Now go!” “Go? Where? Home?” “Go out. In the corridor. I am coming after you. In a minute!” Justin tried explaining to her.

‘Then why not go together, dude? Why are you sending me out?” she asked with a streak of stubbornness in her voice.

I started scratching my ear lobe to hide the smile and Justin was throwing those glares at Sarah. Only if looks could kill.

“Oh,” understanding dawned on her face, “so you want some privacy with your wife! Fine! But please don’t take long.”

She didn’t forget to wink at me before leaving. Justin turned his gaze towards me and held my hands.

“Love. I will be back as quickly as possible.” He said pulling me closer to him.

‘You should come back well rested.” I tried to shift back his curl falling on his forehead that again plopped back there, “So, go home and sleep.” “I can’t leave you here all alone.” He pouted.

‘This hospital room is no less than a five-star stay. Ok? I am safe and comfortable here.” “Kitten…” “Shh.” I placed my finger on his lips, “I agreed when you wanted to sleep on that couch. Now it’s your turn. Go home. Get your sleep.” With a smile, he raised his face to the ceiling and closed his eyes.

‘Trust me, Justin. I am good here. I will call you if I need anything.” We both were talking in hushed tones.

“I can’t sleep without you, Ashley.” With that, without warning, he clutched me to his chest. I almost bumped into him and hissed in nonexistent pain.

My arms wrapped around him, and I leaned my cheek to his chest. I was going to miss this guy.

“I don’t want to leave you here.” I heard his voice mixed with his heartbeat.

‘You should. Sarah must be waiting.” He looked down and with one hand started stroking my hair, tucking it behind my ear, “I love you.” Ever since we had met, I could never respond to his I love you. Nor he ever forced me to do that. Every time I used to feel remorse in my heart, but I couldn’t seem to do much about it.

My heart was still scared. It was still healing. Lifting myself on my toes, I gave a quick peck on his lips.

“Good night.” The moment I said it, his lips started tasting mine. His hand came around my nape while the other one was pulling me to his body.

My both hands were grasping his t-shirt tightly and I was crushing my mouth into his.

“Ashley! Love!” I heard Justin’s husky voice against my mouth, “Don’t do that. I won’t be able to control.” I wanted to tell him that it’s ok not to control.

But how to talk to him when his lips had again started grazing my mouth? Holding my ass, he lifted me up and resumed ravishing my lips. In an instant, my legs were wrapped around his waist.

“Geez! Justin! Oh God! This is a hospital! For God’s sake. Or you better should stay, I can book a cab.” I didn’t know when Sarah barged in until she spoke in a deafening tone.

I almost jumped up, but Justin kept me steady by holding me tightly and then gradually he let me slide down.

“Sarah! I was about to come out! Ok?” he whispered with a little bit of irritation, “Just wait…” “I am not fu*cking waiting outside, Justin. You, people, carry on. Or I can stay here, you two go home and take it out on your bed where there is no stopping…”

Justin rolled his eyes and gave a final smooch on my lips, “I love you, sweetheart.” With that, he hurriedly went to Sarah and held her arm.

She was still blabbering when he took her out.

I was not able to wipe that silly smile off my face when they both left the room. But then a weak voice behind me, made me jump, “Sarah was right. You two must have gone home.”

My eyes went wide, and I hurriedly went to her whose eyes were rolling back under the drugs. Like a toddler, she was fighting her sleep and for her age, that was quite impressive.

“I am sorry… umm … we disturbed you.” “No, I am happy because my grandson is happy.” I extended my hand and was about to touch her when I stopped.

“C…can I… hold your hand, ma’am?” “Hmm? What?” she seemed like she had dozed off for a moment.

“Your hand. Can I hold it?” “Hmm.” She straightened her feeble wrinkled hand, and I slowly held it.

“Go to sleep, ma’am. I am here. Let me know if you need anything.” Becoming a little bolder, I started stroking her white hair which felt like soft cotton balls to the touch.

“It seems you haven’t forgiven me, Ashley.” She closed her eyes again, “I am sorry. Ju… just keep him happy, please. Make babies.”

I closed my eyes. The lady who used to talk to me with so much inferiority in her eyes was now laid back here in a VIP room of an expensive hospital. And was now asking for forgiveness.

“Please don’t talk like that. If it makes you feel any better then yes, I have forgiven you. But please remember, I have immense respect for you in my heart, granny.” “Thank God, you called me granny.” She chuckled, “Otherwise I thought, you will take forever.”

I just sat there silently, holding her hand. Several months back, I did the same thing with Mother Superior.

‘You remind me a lot of my orphanage in charge. Mother Superior.” I muttered not sure if she heard me.

“Uh. I know. The one who was getting treatment for her cancer?” ‘Yes, she was the reason I accepted your offer.” “And her treatment?” ‘Two years back, when I got the money, someone else was already sponsoring her for her chemo sessions. But due to the age factor, doctors didn’t continue it. As a result,… she gave up the fight. She died one year back.” I didn’t realize tears were falling down my cheeks.

“I am sorry, Ashley.” She said, “But I need to tell you this.” She said in a hoarse whisper and started panting as if fighting for Oxygen.

“Let me call the doctor.” I was about to stand but her grip on my hand tightened.

“Ashley! Justin is the one who sponsored Mother Superior’s treatment.” I went still for a moment. All this time Justin never told me that.

Oh, God. And I had been ignoring my husband like a prude!

Granny had again gone back to sleep, and I wanted her to wake up. Sitting beside her was giving the vibes of a real family. A real grandmother.

‘You want to ask something?” Oh, she was no more sleeping.

‘Yes, granny. Umm. When you brought me to the mansion, I had a bag that carried…” “Ashley,” she coughed a little. I stood up and fetch the glass to give her some water, ‘Your documents.” ‘Yes, granny. The documents. Where are they?” I was dying to know.

“Sarah… Sarah took them, honey.” I didn’t know if I should be happy that granny called me honey or shocked that all this time Sarah had my papers.


Sarah pov

When I used to think of Ashley Walters as my enemy, I hated her. But tonight. Tonight, I wished I could apologize to her for stooping so low.

Just because she was the one who married Justin didn’t mean I should have insulted her.

“What are you thinking?” Justin asked me when the gates of the mansion started opening for our car to let in.

First, I thought to ignore his question and then I decided to be honest.

“I was thinking about your wife,” I said with a smirk when he quickly not only opened his door but got off to jog to the passenger seat and opened the door for me.

“What about her?” “She is … different. Different from us… I am not trying to disrespect her,” I quickly clarified, “I just mean that she is someone too pure. Very genuine.” Holding his hand, I stood up and he didn’t leave me until I was stable on my feet. It was my seventh month, but my belly was bulging out like a ten month old pregnant woman.

“Will you take your sleep or go back to her?” I asked him mischievously because I knew the answer.

“I am going back!” ‘Tsk!” I chuckled and clicked my tongue inside my cheek.

“What?” “Nothing, man. You do know it’s illegal to seduce a girl in the hospital even if it’s your wife. Right?” “Shut up.” He laughed, “I haven’t heard any such absurd rule. They can sue me later.” He jabbed in a serious tone. The signature Justin tone.

We walked until we reached my room.

“Will you be, ok? Should I ask Keith to come and join you?” he asked me with concern in his eyes.

“No, I am good, Justin.” ‘Where is he by the way? You seemed to avoid the question when I asked you in the hospital.” “He is visiting his father for some serious stuff, this time.” “Don’t tell me. You have tamed my friend.” He said it in a lighter way, and I wanted to tell him…

That Oh, Justin. Look at me. I might have tamed Keith but…

But I couldn’t tame YOU. Ashley will always have that credit.

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