Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 101

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid by Lisa Salman Chapter 101

101-It’s Fate Again

I clearly underestimated my boyfriend and my husband. Despite such a serious issue, they both were engaged in a staring contest now. None of them wanted to back off.

“Ok, guys,” I clapped to get their attention, “Can we sort it out like adults please?” “There is nothing to sort it. You are my wife!” Justin said not moving an inch.

“Exactly, Mr. Deluca.” Gerald was proving to be a true friend, “She might be your wife. I might be her boyfriend. But I am not leaving her side unless she asks me to do so.”

Now their eyes were on me.

“Ashley. You should tell him that we are still married!” Justin said without even bothering to look at me.

“I will, Justin.” I said and earned an affectionate smile from him until I finish it off, Ì will exactly do that if you can give US some space… Some privacy.”

He frowned and looked at me, “It shouldn’t take that long to tell him that…” “Justin!” I forced some warning vibes into my voice, “Can you please wait outside? I need to talk to Gerald.”

Justin kept looking at me and then just to make Gerald jealous he came forward and kissed my forehead, “I am waiting for you in the parking.” He was about to turn around when Gerald spoke, “You can leave, Mr. Justin. I will drop her home.” Justin was about to open his mouth in protest when I gave him a don’t-mess-with-me look.

“Gerald, honey. Can you wait for a little bit?” Without waiting for his reply, I held Justin’s arm and almost pulled him with me.

“Where are we going? And why this as*hole was calling you, his girlfriend?

You called him HONEY! Kitten!”

Instead of responding to any of his whinings, I stopped, once inside the reserved parking lot.

“Justin,” I knocked on his car so that he could unlock the door, “Go home, baby. I will call you once I will reach home.”

He went quiet after that. I had this sudden urge to touch his jaw that he was clenching with all his might. The nerve ticking there, I wish I could trace it with my finger.

When he was inside the car and was about to close the door, I leaned down and kissed his cheek, “Justin.”

Instead of looking at me, he stared ahead, “Go to him, Ashley. He might be waiting!” Oh, great. He was mad at me. Without giving any explanations, I straightened, 1 “I guess you are right!” with that I banged the car door and went out of the parking lot without a backward glance.

Gerald was standing at the same spot where I left him.


“I can’t believe this,” Gerald shook his head, “It seems like a romantic movie trailer being played before my eyes.”

Gerald shuddered and chugged some coke from his can.

“I know, right?” I said while toying with my noodles. We both were in the university café that was almost secluded at this hour.

“So, you decided to barge into his engagement party where he was not getting engaged?” he remarked in disbelief, “I never knew you were a zero zero seven!” “Ah! You underestimated me, Gerald? Shame on you!” I threw a noddle piece at him that he dodged successfully.

We stayed quiet for some time, both busy in our own thoughts when I felt his hand covering mine, “What do YOU want, Ash?” he asked me with concern.

When I didn’t reply, he chuckled, “No matter how much you hated him.

Deep down you still have feelings for him.”

I bobbed my head before turning my palm up and holding his hand, “I know.”

I could manage only two words.

After two years the Deluca guy could still make me weak in the knees whenever he used to look at me with those golden orbs.

‘Then why you are taking so long? Go to him! Tell him how you care for him. You love him.” “And what about you?” I nudged his hand.

“What about me?” he laughed not understanding, “You do know we were never a real couple.” “But among other students we were. Everyone here knows that we were about to get engaged. Your reputation might suffer. Even your parents thought that we were head over heels.” I shrugged.

I was in love with this guy. He had been such an understanding and non- judgmental fellow.

“Let me worry about my reputation and my parents, Ash.” He squeezed my hand, “Go to Justin. Don’t let him slip out of your grip this time. And if… By any chance if he tries again to get rid of you then maybe call me and I can murder him for hurting you.”

He had gotten misty-eyed by then.

“Oh, Gerald.” I stood up from my seat and went to him, “Get up. I need a hug.”

He was at once on his feet and was rubbing my back to calm me down.

“Thanks, G.” I said leaning my cheek on his chest, “You know, I love you!” “I love you too, Ash. You are someone so precious. You deserve the world. I wish I was a straight guy. I really need someone to give that Deluca guy some tough competition.”

I pinched his arm before pulling back from the hug.

“By the way, don’t forget me when you have kids and a well-settled life with Justin.” He requested me sadly.

“And why would I do that, G? You are my best friend. The only one apart from Eve and Aniya. If your old folks give you a tough time and don’t accept your se*xual preferences, then please you are welcome to crash at my place.

“Are you talking about your apartment or the Deluca mansion?” he teased me, but I remained serious, “Both!”

He pulled me again into his embrace which always offered me comfort, home, and love.

“G?” “Hmm?” “Don’t forget that I will always be your friend. I hope you won’t be mad at me for breaking the deal.” ‘You must be nuts, love. Why would I do that?” I felt him kissing my head, “I told you a long time back that getting into a fake relationship with me is nothing but unnatural from your side. I always wanted you to stay happy. With a real guy. With a real marriage.”

He got back and looked down at me, “Just tell your Deluca guy to take care of you. Otherwise, this time, I might kick his ass.”


I didn’t call Justin to get me home. Right now, I wanted to walk back and didn’t want to listen to his tantrums.

Gerald was a very good friend of mine. I couldn’t let Rayan tell him anything that could hurt my friend. On the other hand, Justin acted a little unreasonable there.

Gerald said that Justin was just being jealous. But I couldn’t buy it. Justin Deluca, jealous? Nah!

“Hi, guys!” Once I reached home, I sat on the couch and gulped down the iced water Aniya offered.

“You look tired.” Eve came out in her pjs which was quite unusual.

“What are you doing here at this hour? Salon services are closed today?” I tried to mock her because she was obsessed with her work.

“Duh! I have got an evening bride tonight. So, I thought to get up late.” She sat lazily on the other couch with her steaming coffee cup.

‘This coffee smells good,” I stated, eyeing the cup hungrily. A sheepish grin appeared on her face. She extended the cup towards me, and I reached out to take it.

The moment I took the first delish sip, I heard her, “Justin made it for me!”

I almost choked on the coffee and felt the burning liquid stuck in my throat.

“Oops! Ash!” She was at once on her feet and started patting my back,” Careful!”

Just then the door to my bedroom opened and Justin was out wearing just a pair of jeans. His body was glistening with moisture. He must have come out of the shower. A towel was around his neck, ‘What happened? Ashley?”

He was beside me on the other side and tried tapping my back. I slapped his hand away, “Why are you here?” “Ashley!” Eve’s mouth was hung open at my rudeness, but she knew nothing, what Justin did out there.

“Last time you girls made me feel welcome, so I thought I am welcome to

“Yes, Justin. You are always welcome here.” Eve said but I shook my head and hit his bare chest with a puny fist.

“No, he is not, Eve. He tried to … well he tried to tell Gerald that…” ‘That?” Justin was looking at me quietly.

‘The poor man introduced himself that he is my soon-to-be fiance. And he …” I pointed my finger at Justin who was standing there like a Greek God with all that yummy body and …

“He told him that he is my husband!” “What?” Eve’s eyes not only went wide but she covered her mouth to stifle her laughter. Even there were specs of amusement in those amber eyes too, but he might be afraid that I would get madder.

‘This not a laughing matter, Eve. Just imagine how embarrassed I must be feeling!” “Yeah!” She tried to look sympathetic, but the bitch couldn’t hide the delight dancing in her eyes, “Justin, that’s very bad!” She tried to speak sternly but I could see her chewing her lower lip.

“I hate you two!” I placed the coffee mug on the table and left the room after thumping my feet on the floor.


It seemed like Justin was getting on well with my friends but that didn’t mean they would switch sides.

I was feeling hungry but ignoring the growling in my stomach, I went to the bathroom and stood under the shower to cool off my head.

After slipping into an old t-shirt and my comfy cotton shorts, I plopped on the bed and started going through my emails on my phone.

I was thinking to get some food delivered when the door opened, and Justin’s head appeared in the doorway.

“May I come in?” I ignored his request and got busy with my phone. Taking a deep breath, he came inside and had a brown bag with him along with a plate.

“I made some Chinese for you.” He placed the steaming hot plate on the nightstand. I swallowed hard when the delicious smell reached my nostrils.

“And what’s inside that bag?” ‘This?” he lifted the brown paper bag, “these are Doritos.”

It had been so long since I ate those. Almost more than two years. I didn’t utter anything even when I felt the mattress beside me dipping.

Putting his hands under my thighs and behind my back, he lifted me up and made me sit on his lap. I at once placed my face on his shoulder and closed my eyes with a sigh when felt him stroking my hair.

“Do you think they have started liking you more than me?” I said in a muffled voice against his skin.

He smelled so good.

“I don’t think so, love.” He said holding me in a death grip.

“Was I overreacting?” “Maybe. Just like I was overreacting when I met Gerald.” That made me look up at his face.

“Were you insecure?” I asked him in a bare whisper.

“Jealous!” he said while playing with the hair strand, twisting it around his finger, “the thought that you stayed with a man all this time made me … do this. I am sorry.”

I could not tell him about Gerald’s reality. Not at least without his consent.

“You should not be jealous, Justin. You are more stable than him. In the looks department too you are more handsome.” “You think so?” he gently pinched my cheek, “because no matter how hard you try to boost my ego. He seemed to be a good guy. Someone who could take a stand for you.”

Holding his hand, I planted a kiss on it.

This smells so good! I am hungry.” I said looking into his eyes. His eyes dipped to my lips, “Really? Are you hungry? For me?” I managed the look without a chuckle, “No, silly. I am talking about Chinese.” “What?” he was taken aback by the answer and smiled when he heard me giggling. Right now, I had two women in my life who cared for me.

Eve and Aniya.

Two men who cared for me.

Justin and Gerald.

I didn’t know soon there would be one more man and one more woman who would be loving for me a great deal.

“Hey, love.” Justin spoke nuzzling his neck to my cheek, “Interested in visiting the Deluca mansion? Granny is not well.” 1 “Yes, why not!” I said and took his lips in a euphoric kiss.

I wanted to accompany him wherever he would go. After all my fate wanted me there. In the Deluca mansion.

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