The Lady In Waiting

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Katrina was a young anti-monarchist rebel who wanted the end of Queen Anne Marie Chevalier. Accustomed to a good life, her addicted father lost everything he had on the card table, including his own house. Seeing herself as solely responsible for providing for the family, she had to enter the queen’s selection of candidates for lady-in-waiting. An anti royalist inside the castle could be a risk to your life. But in addition to work, she needed information to help the rebel group, led by the man she was completely in love with. But it never crossed his mind that meeting the royal heir would ruin his sanity. Now she was also fighting the intense feeling that was beginning to well up inside her. Between risky secret encounters, unable to show her true identity, she was Katrina by day, in the castle and Katee by night, the young woman fighting for the end of the monarchy. Dom lit his flame… But Magnus made her know hell itself… And she wanted to burn in that fire forever.

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