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Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 2341

Freya heart was still very empty when she got into the car,

This kind of secret feeling in the Ministerial palace will torture her soon.

Not long after, Rodney sent a Whatsapp message:[ Freya, I miss you alot…]

That Whatsapp message was like so hot that Freya almost threw the phone out and it was so terrifying.

After arriving at Osher Corporation, an assistant brought her a bunch of flowers in front of her and said, “Manager Lynch, someone gave you a bunch of flowers.”

Freya put down the bag in her hand, took off her gloves and held a flower wrapped in pink paper. It was not a fixed one. There were many beautiful flowers such as hydrangea, bellflower, tulip, etc. It was very beautiful ad very fragrant.

There was a small card on it. She opened it and took a look: I miss you, my little princess….

Such sweet words seem to think of no one but one person.

She picked up her phone and took a picture of the flower and sent it to Ryan: [You sent it? ]

Ryan: [Do you like it, my little princess. ]

Ryan: [I like it. ]

Then Ryan sent a kissing emoji over there.

Freya herself put the flowers into the vase.

Colleagues envy: “Wow, these flowers are so beautiful. Your boyfriend gave them.”

“Manager Lynch, when will your boyfriend invite us to dinner?”

Freya’s fingers froze slightly and she felt a little guilty.

Colleagues in the laboratory have met Ryan but no one knows his identity. If they invite Rodney to dinner and ask about his work, they may be exposed. “There will be a chance in the future. He is very busy at work now.” (This chapter published by desirenovel.com)

“Indeed, it seems that I haven’t seen him pick you up recently. Manager Lynch, what does your boyfriend do?” Colleagues said.

Freya answered them, “Just… ordinary white-collar workers. I hope everyone keeps it a secret, we are just in love at the moment.”

“Manager Lynch, we Understood. You are still young and there is no need to rush into another marriage.”

This group of colleagues were all studying abroad and were open-minded and they were not urging women to get married early.

“Manager Lynch, someone has brought you flowers again.” The assistant who had just left had returned and this time holding a large bouquet of pink roses.

“Wow, Manager Lynch, I’ve been very charming recently.” The colleagues joked.

Freya forced a smile. After she took the flowers, she saw the card on it that read: If there is a time machine in this world, I will definitely go back to the past and cherish the old you.

A throbbing should come out from the bottom of her heart.

She returned the flower to the assistant without hesitation, “Take it out and throw it away for me.”

The assistant was taken aback for a moment and hesitantly said, “It’s a pity to throw away such a beautiful flower. Can I use it to decorate the office outside?”

“As you like.”

Freya didn’t insist. The flower giver was very annoying but it had nothing to do with the flower as long as it was not disgusting in front of her.

For the next few days, Rodney sent flowers to Freya every day.

Freya really didn’t want to pay attention to Rodney and was not even interested in calling him to scold him.


However, during the meeting on Wednesday, Catherine announced at the meeting: “Osher Corporation has agreed to our acquisition and the contract will be signed this Friday.”

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