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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 960

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 960

Chapter 960

Looking at her pained expression, he furrowed his eyebrows. Her pleas stung his heart even more; such intense pain was nothing he had ever experienced before.

The more Angela begged him to leave, the more he stood there. Suddenly, he reached his arms out, which startled Angela, making her raise her head and look at him. But, their gaze did not meet with each other. Richard wasn’t even looking at her; he was respecting her in his own way.

Angela took a deep breath and trembled when Richard’s arms went under her armpits and knees.

Richard carried her bridal style and placed her on the couch. The bleeding wound stuck out like a sore thumb on her fair skin as it was creating bruises around the skin. After covering her up with her jacket, Richard went to the cabinet and returned with a small first aid kit.

Tears were threatening to fall from Angela’s eyes, but not from the pain of her wound; it was because she hated how useless and miserable she was now.

The more she wanted to keep her distance from him, the more she couldn’t do it. When Richard crouched down, he raised his head and saw the tears that she was holding back. He furrowed his eyebrows and said coldly, “You don’t have to be like this. With or without you, I will still cancel the engagement with Annie.”

Listening to his words, Angela could only look at him with her eyes widened, and the tears just fell right down.

At this moment, she didn’t know whether to feel sorry for Annie or be mad at herself. Either way, this relationship between them shouldn’t even exist.


“Annie is a good girl. She is pretty and has a cheerful personality. You should give her a chance,” Angela lowered her head and advised him.

Richard was gently using a cotton pad to help her stop the blood. Unlike Angela’s usual self, who was scared of pain, she now felt nothing and allowed him to bandage her up.

“I know whom I want to be with. You don’t need to tell me that,” he replied as he tidied up the first aid kit.

Furious by his answer, Angela bit her lip, coming up with the best argument she could. “You can’t do this to Annie,

Richard. She really loves you. The night before the engagement, she called me, saying that she fell in love at first sight with you and was glad you were the one and not any other. You can’t disappoint her.”

Hearing her words, Richard stopped what he was doing and furrowed his eyebrows. On the engagement day, the whole Meyers Family was supposed to be there, but Angela was left out because she was being protected.

“If only I had gone to the engagement that day, that would be nice. Then, we wouldn’t have made this mistake.” Angela sighed as if she hated everything she had done up until that moment, not realizing the darkened expression of the man beside her.

“When Annie called me, I should have asked what her fiancé’s name was. If I knew that it was you, I would have… I would…” She stopped what she was saying when she came to this point.

“You wouldn’t have been in love with me, would you?” Richard continued her words for her coldly.

Angela raised her head abruptly and corrected him. “I am not in love with you. I was just having a good impression of you, and it was not love. Don’t you get the wrong idea.”

Crossing his arms together, Richard eyed her coldly as he watched her trying to deny her feelings for him, which was not a pleasant sight to see. He wondered how she could be doing so in just a day when she was so into it when courting him.

“So, are you saying that getting to know me is a mistake?” Richard gritted his teeth and asked.

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