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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 958

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 958

Chapter 958

“Don’t you dare back away or try to escape from me,” he whispered in her ear, full of dominance.

The next minute, before Angela could react, she was being carried by him.

“Ahhh!” Angela cried out in shock, but Richard was always a tough guy; she couldn’t expect him to be any gentle.

At the entrance of the base, Trevor and the other four men couldn’t find them and were panicking as they watched the pouring rain. They wondered where Richard and Angela went as they still weren’t back.

Suddenly, Jared raised his hand and pointed in a direction. “Look, they are back!” he exclaimed.

Everyone’s gaze followed where Jared had pointed and saw Richard walking his way over while carrying a woman on his back in the rain. It was visible that the woman was struggling as she thrashed his back. They could vaguely hear her saying, “Put me down… Put me down, Richard.”

“Miss Meyers is going to hate Richie,” Sean whispered.

Even if all eyes were on them, Richard did not flinch and continued to carry Angela back to his room. Compared to the anger in her voice in the beginning, Angela was now almost in tears.

“Let go of me, Richard. You’re an as hole!” Her accusation was mixed with resentment.

Those who watched the scene did not dare to get involved in this matter. Even if they heard Angela’s wails, they could only give her a sympathetic look as they watched Richard carry her into his room, wondering how she had riled Richard up this much.

Among the crowd was Ariel, but her eyes were filled with jealousy. Anyone who knew Richard would understand that he would only treat the woman he loved this way. If he came across women that he was uninterested in, he wouldn’t even spare a glance.

This meant that Angela was just throwing a tantrum and not being tortured. Remembering the words that she had told Angela today, Ariel couldn’t help but think that Angela indeed had some tricks up her sleeves.

Great! Just great! Now, she’s throwing a fit to win a place in his heart!

Little did the people around know what was on the tantrum-throwing girl’s mind.

God! I wish the ground would swallow me up! Ah! Everyone’s looking at me!

Angela was thrown to the couch by Richard ruthlessly. Although she did not get hurt by the soft couch, she saw stars.

Not only was she drenched, her hair was also soaked. The sight of her, plus her pale face, made her look miserable and pitiful.

“Go and take a bath.” Richard leaned down and ordered her as he propped himself against the couch with one hand and his legs on the table.

Glaring at him with red and puffy eyes, Angela felt furious and painful, as there was still a pang of pain in her heart when she watched him being drenched like her.

“I’m not going. You go!” Angela crossed her arms and looked away. She could only swallow up her sadness even if she was upset.

“Do you want to get sick?” Richard questioned her in a deep voice.

Hearing his words, she shivered as she felt her skin was freezing and her limbs. were icy cold. She took a deep breath and said. “Mind your own business.”

Richard’s expression became gloomy as he heard her words. “Do you want me to clean you up myself?” he asked.

Angela was shocked by his words while her face reddened. “W-What are you saying?” she stammered.

Looking at his serious expression, she knew that he was not joking around. If he had to, he would drag her to the bathroom and clean her up personally.

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