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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 954

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 954

Chapter 954

“Nope! I even know who his fiancée is. What a coincidence, her last name is Meyers as well!” Ariel smirked in victory, making Angela stunned yet again. She looked at Ariel, wanting to hear what the woman had to say.

Ariel wasn’t planning on keeping the secret anyway, and she giggled. “Angela, do you even know what her name is? The poor girl probably doesn’t know the existence of a wh*re like you!”

“What’s her name?” Angela took a deep breath and asked.

Ariel didn’t play around now, and she looked at the woman while replying coldly, “That poor girl’s name is Annie. Richard is even planning to cancel their engagement because of you. Huh, you’re incredibly mean, Angela!”

While Ariel spoke, she watched as Angela became pale and held onto the door frame for support. She looked as if someone had taken the soul from her as she staggered backward and collapsed onto the floor.

Ariel stared at Angela, who was sitting on the floor with a face so pale that she looked like she was about to faint. The former became scared and covered her mouth quickly. “W-What’s wrong?”

Angela raised her head, her eyes red as she looked at Ariel. “Is the girl’s name really Annie?”

A slightly offended Ariel responded, “Why would I lie to you?”

Ariel didn’t want to cause any trouble; if anything happened to Angela, Richard would never forgive her, after all. Ariel had her revenge anyway as she was done making fun of Angela, and the girl looked tormented enough. She closed the door before leaving with a hint of mockery so that no one could see Angela’s pale face.

After Ariel left, Angela put her face in her hands, her body shaking as painful sobs emitted from between her fingers. She remembered how excited Annie had been when she called Angela to announce her engagement to an extremely handsome man. Annie had fallen in love with him at first sight, yet she neglected

to mention that his name was Richard Lloyd.

The whole thing had been personally arranged by their grandfather. On the night of the event, Angela had been robbed and nearly killed, so Richard took her to a guardhouse and confiscated her mobile phone. She remembered him coming back late that night, then refusing to return her phone when she angrily sought him out.

It turned out he had gone to get engaged with Annie that night. If she had had her phone with her, she wouldn’t have missed the news of the engagement and found out in advance that he was Annie’s fiancé.

It was all a strange coincidence; she hadn’t known that he had a fiancé or that his fiancée was her cousin, Annie, but he had known all along, hadn’t he? He also knew she was Angela’s cousin, yet…

She got up from the floor, her eyes blurry with tears, then walked toward the couch to get some tissues to wipe her eyes. Her pain was secondary, and her feelings had been mostly of guilt.

She had betrayed Annie, her grandfather, and her entire family, but at least the whole incident hadn’t progressed to an unsalvageable stage. It might be a little too late, but she could sever everything cleanly before then. That way, her relationship with Richard could return to normal.

Angela tried wiping off her tears forcefully, but they couldn’t stop falling. She didn’t blame him for not telling her because it had been her initiating the relationship. If she hadn’t done so, he wouldn’t have even interacted with her.

She had done something really bad, nearly destroying the happiness of her cousin who was more like a sister to her. She felt that Ariel had shouted at her rightfully so, and her actions were indeed like a wh*re’s.

As she cried, she felt like going somewhere to calm down. She didn’t want Richard to come back and see her breaking down, plus she felt too guilty to see him. She shouldn’t even be in her future brother-in-law’s room.

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