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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 950

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 950

Chapter 950

Angela blushed again, and her face felt hot.

“Stop looking at me,” she ordered when she couldn’t stand his stares any longer.

“You can look at me, but I can’t look at you?” Richard refused to be taken advantage of in this situation.

She bit her lip and let out a laugh. She then covered his eyes, pressing against his sharp cheekbones slightly. The next moment, she felt his thick eyelashes flutter against her palms, making her heart flutter too. She soon realized that the man’s tall nose and seductive lips, which were left exposed, now looked extremely attractive.

She swallowed secretly and took her hands off his eyes. The man looked slightly amused as he gazed at her.

“Stare at me again, and I’ll be unkind to you.” She couldn’t help but threaten him.

“How unkind?” The man blinked at her, looking highly interested in whatever punishment she had in store for him.

“I…” Angela felt her tears well up. She was threatening a wolf right now, and she felt like the prey offering herself up. She bit her lip and stayed silent, concentrating on her task instead and letting him look to his heart’s content.


Richard stared at her face, which was extremely close to his, as if he was a wolf fixated on his prey. His eyes lingered on her soft red lips, and he silently raised a hand to place it on the back of her head.

She could feel the gentle yet powerful pressure on the back of her head as he pushed her face closer to him. Even then, she blushed but did not resist as she closed her eyes and allowed the pressure to press her closer to his lips.

As they were about to kiss, panicked footsteps came from outside the room. The unlocked door swung open to reveal Trevor and Jared, both looking excited. However, when they saw the scene on the couch, their eyes widened as they sucked in a breath.

Immediately, Angela sat up and turned away from them shyly, hiding her face behind her hands. Meanwhile, Richard had a dark expression on his face, his gaze looking almost murderous. Trevor and Jared did not have a death wish, so they quickly reported their mission. “We’ve found the lipstick, Richard.”

The man’s eyes glinted brightly, and even Angela turned around excitedly. “Really? You’ve found it?”

“That’s right. Once we send the signal, Miss Meyers will be out of danger.”

“That’s amazing. Does that mean I can go back to my parents?” She was so happy she pressed her hands together as she couldn’t wait to return home.

“Miss Meyers, please give us a few more days to complete the mission. By then, you can reunite with your family,” Jared promised.

“Thank you so much.” Angela looked at them gratefully.

“If you’re done here, get out,” a deep masculine voice uttered suddenly, suppressing the joyful mood. Trevor and Jared quickly left, tactfully closing the door behind them. They felt lucky they had good news to report, or they would’ve lost their lives.

Angela turned to Richard happily. “I can finally go home now, Richard! I’m safe.”

She thought the man would at least relax and share her happiness at the news, but he only raised his eyebrows briefly and answered, “Mmm.”

Her smile stiffened slightly. Why wasn’t he happy about this?

“What is it? Can’t you be happy for me now that I can return home?” She blinked several times, looking at his neutral expression. She was so excited that she wanted to celebrate the occasion.

“Even though we’ve found the lipstick, it doesn’t prove you are now out of danger. Protection is still needed for the time being,” Richard hadn’t relaxed at the news.

On the contrary, he now had another pressing issue to handle other than work; if Angela returned home, she would soon find out that his fiancée was her cousin, Annie.

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