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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 949

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 949

Chapter 949

Willy had been on the attack in the beginning, but now, he was being whacked in return, making him take several steps back. Richard’s powerful leg attacks made him grunt, and it was clear he was beginning to tire out.

“Be careful, Willy,” Angela called suddenly. Hearing this, Richard’s punch, which was originally aimed toward the side of Willy’s neck, immediately retreated. Willy, on the other hand, was preparing to retaliate with a punch, so he wasn’t going to falter even if Richard had done so. His fist landed on Richard’s cheek. making the tall man stagger back a little before regaining his balance.

Angela was so frightened that her face went pale. She immediately got up from her seat and ran toward Richard as blood trickled from the corners of his mouth.

“I’m sorry, Richard,” Willy apologized.

Richard wiped off his blood with his hand. and replied calmly, “It’s fine.”

“You’re bleeding.” Angela looked at him anxiously.

Richard looked at Sean and said, “You’re up next.”


Sean stretched his body as he walked over with a smile. “Alright, Richie. I’m coming.”

Richard immediately put a hand around Angela and pulled her into the safe zone. She dragged him to sit on a nearby chair, then carefully checked his wounds. Meanwhile, Trevor and Jared were whispering to each other.

“See, Richard was right. Women can actually affect the speed at which he withdraws his sword. If Miss Angela hadn’t said anything, he wouldn’t have gotten hit.”

“Exactly! See, his mood has improved after getting fussed over by a pretty woman.”

“He must like her a lot since her calling out was enough to affect his attack strategy.”

“Then, she must be his favorite!”

“Well then, is it safe to say that they’re an official couple?”

They glanced at the opposite seats where Richard was tilting his head a little so Angela could check his injury. After all, even if Willy faltered slightly toward the end, his punch was very powerful.

“I’ll get some ice for you,” she said to him and ran off.

As she grabbed some ice from the kitchen and walked out of the base, she saw him walking toward her with a swollen cheek. She panicked and asked him, “Why are you here? I’ve already prepared the ice pack.”

“You can apply it in my room,” he said. Angela’s heart jumped as she agreed and followed him back to his room with a shy expression.

When Richard opened the door, he moved to the side so Angela could enter first. She immediately moved past him as if she was afraid that other people would see them. After closing the door, he removed his sweat-drenched, skin-tight shirt and revealed his torso.

As she turned her head and saw him, her heart raced. What does this man want with me? Why did he take off his shirt as soon as he came in? Does he want to…

He informed her, “I’m taking a shower first. Wait here.”

“Okay!” She nodded while she watched him walk toward the bathroom, then put down the ice pack and waited.

The shower was quick, and Richard came out more than ten minutes later. He was clad only in a pair of long black pants, his upper body bare. At the same time, his hair was still dripping with water. That sight coupled with his healthy tanned skin made him look slightly untamed..

Angela admired the view for several seconds before blushing and looking down. The man had an amazing physique; it was perfect in her opinion. Why was she so embarrassed? Did he plan on doing anything with her?

The sound of clothes rustling came from behind her. After putting on a loose gray T-shirt, Richard moved to sit on the couch and rested his head on his arm. “Come here.”

Holding the ice pack, Angela sat beside him and applied it to his injured cheek.

“Does it still hurt?” she asked gently.

“No,” he answered with half-closed eyes as he stared at her face.

She had been paying attention to his injury, but then turned and accidentally met his gaze. It was so dark that she felt she would fall into the void if she looked at it more.

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