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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 947

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 947

Chapter 947

Richard blinked his eyes at her question. Did she run all the way here because I was in a bad mood?

“I’m okay.” He shook his head as he was never one to be emotional.

She knew they were not at that stage where he would share his feelings, but she still felt dejected nonetheless. “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it. I’m here whenever you need me.”

He felt lost, for she had misunderstood him. If he talked about his situation, it would only worry her. Her life had always been peaceful, and he did not want these dark things to haunt her. All his life, there were rarely unexpected situations, but she was one of them as she barged into his heart so unexpectedly.

“Let’s head back,” said Richard. Then, he briskly turned around.

Angela stood still and looked at him with forlorn eyes like a kitten who had been abandoned by its owner.

He sighed and turned back around. After grabbing her hand, he walked forward while she followed suit. As they neared the base’s entrance, she pulled her hand back when they met people.

A moment later, they got their food trays and sat beside Trevor and the rest. Richard’s subordinates were relieved to see their superior in a better mood. Indeed, it was the right decision to ask Angela to comfort him.

However, Angela was still quite frustrated. She wanted to comfort Richard, but he did not even tell her what happened. She could not do anything.

After they were done eating, Richard asked Willy to meet him at the boxing gym at 3.00PM. He also made it compulsory for the other three to attend.

“Can I watch too?” Angela wanted to join in.

“Sure, Miss Meyers. Come and see how badly we’d be beaten up by Mr. Richard,” said Jared jokingly.

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