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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 946

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 946

Chapter 946

Angela snickered. “It’s almost winter and the snakes are hibernating. Can’t you come up with a better excuse?”

“You-” Ariel’s face continued to flush as she had never been so embarrassed before. It did not help that Angela kept making her look bad in front of Richard. Behind Angela was Richard himself, whose lips were slightly curved up. He did not expect her to see him as her boyfriend so assuredly.

“Please say something, Captain Lloyd. I don’t want to be misunderstood.” Ariel whined at Richard, feeling wronged.

Angela turned her head to look at the man behind her. Her eyebrows were furrowed, and the resentment was evident in her eyes; it seemed like she was blaming him for letting another woman hug him so easily.

Oh the other hand, Ariel realized that it was not graceful for her to sit on the ground. As such, she stood up while placing a hand on her waist to look frail.

“Miss Meyers, you need evidence before you make an accusation. You can’t just say what you want.” Ariel tried to defend herself.

Angela looked directly at Ariel and warned, “I’m only letting you off just this once. Don’t let me catch you trying to seduce my man again. Otherwise, I won’t let you off the hook.”

“How so? Are you going to beat me up?” Ariel dropped the act and stood tall. She did not think that Angela was a match for her.

Hearing that, Angela choked for a moment. As she was scrambling her mind for a comeback, a deep male voice came through. “Ariel, this is a base. You are in no place to be so presumptuous, so keep yourself in check.”

Richard stood beside Angela. His tall body and sharp eyes made him look majestic. He was a fierce beast, but he was also Angela’s trusted support. Angela was also surprised, and she looked up at him. At this moment, the eyes that looked at her were so tender that they melted her

heart. It felt great to be protected.

Meanwhile, hatred boiled in Ariel’s heart. She swore to never forget today’s humiliation, for she had never been so insulted by someone.

“Captain Lloyd, I didn’t mean that literally. I wouldn’t dare fight at all. I can’t even kill a chick.” Ariel quickly lowered. her voice and explained herself.

Since it was too awkward for her to stay, she turned around and left in a different direction.

As she left, Angela turned around and asked Richard worriedly, “I heard you’re in a bad mood. What happened?”

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