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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 944

Read My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 944 – Richard did not resent his mother because he knew it was tough for her, and she had no choice but to do what she did to help his granddad.

Compared to his father’s side of the family, his mother’s side of the family was even bigger. His uncle was the vice president of a company, and his granddad held an important position comparable to that of his grandpa.

Nonetheless, Richard never spoke about his family. Whatever he achieved today was all due to his hard work. At times, he wished he had an ordinary family so his parents would be by his side and lead a peaceful life.

When he left the conference room, his four subordinates were drinking coffee in the lounge beside it. When they saw him leave, they gulped. It was obvious Richard was in a bad mood.

“Should we ask Miss Meyers to comfort him?”

“It’s probably better to let him have some time alone.”

Indeed, that was what Richard wanted. He exited the base’s entrance to get some fresh air outside. Not far away, Ariel spotted him.

Wherever Richard stood, he would garner attention especially since he was tall and attractive. His charming aura made women flock after him with just a glance.

Ariel tidied herself up a bit and gracefully walked toward Richard. “What a coincidence meeting you here, Captain Lloyd!” she said with a sweet smile and tucked her hair behind her ear.

Richard turned his head and looked at her. “Can I help you, Miss Graham?”

“I heard the view over there is pretty nice, but I’m afraid to go alone. Do you have time to accompany me for a walk?” She looked at him pleadingly and tried to act cute.

He pointed his finger at a passing teammate, and the young man ran over immediately. “Captain Lloyd.”

“Keep Miss Graham company and go for

a walk there,” Richard ordered.

The smile on Ariel’s face froze, for she could not believe that he had asked a random person to accompany her. She wanted him and did not need anyone else’s company, after all.

“It’s fine, Captain Lloyd. I’ll just stay here and talk to you!” Ariel awkwardly refused.

Impatience flashed across his face at her disturbance. The man frowned and said, ‘I don’t have time to chat. It would be better for you to look for someone else.”

With that, he turned in a different direction and left. Ariel stomped her feet and wondered what she was lacking compared to Angela.

“Miss Graham, do you still need me to accompany you for a walk?” The young teammate waited with a smile on his face.

“No, it’s fine. You must be busy. Carry on with your duties.” Ariel did not want to waste time.

The teammate got the cue and left her alone. Then, a plot popped into her mind. as she looked in the direction Richard left. Ariel was familiar with the place, so she decided to come from the other direction and make it seem like she merely bumped into him by chance.

Meanwhile, Angela was getting bored inside the room. She looked at the time and realized it was almost time for lunch, but Richard had yet to return.

Is he not done with the meeting?

She opened the door and came out to see Trevor walking toward her. She then went up to him and asked, “Where’s Captain Lloyd?”

“Hi, Miss Meyers. Has he not returned to his room yet?”


“He left the conference room ten minutes ago, but he didn’t look too happy.. Perhaps he went for a walk. Trevor took a guess.

Hearing that, her eyes widened. “He didn’t look too happy? Why?”

“It might be because of his family, but we didn’t probe into it, Miss Meyers. Why don’t you look for him?” Jared suggested. They felt it was better if Angela comforted Richard.


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