My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 893

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 893

Chapter 893

Angela had only been put on the IV for no more than ten minutes when her eyes suddenly flew open. The first thing that came to her mind was her mother struggling for her life in a hospital somewhere, and the thought made her bolt upright in bed.

“Don‘t move,” a low male voice sounded next to her, followed by a hand pressing down firmly on her left arm so that she wouldn‘t pull out the needle on her own.

She looked down at the needle pushed under her skin and demanded in a watery voice, “Pull it out. I don‘t need it.”

Richard personally detached the needle. He was supposed to apply pressure to stop the bleeding the moment the needle was out, but Angela was in such a rush that she lifted the covers and tried to get down from the bed. At once, the blood trickled down the back of her hand.

With an assertive and domineering air, the man held her arm in place and grabbed a cotton ball from the bedside table, then pressed it down on the back of her hand where the needle had been.

Tears filled her eyes, but she allowed him to stop the bleeding as she gazed at him calmly and ordered, “Take me home, Richard.”

He did not answer her, paying particular attention to the task at hand.

At such close proximity, she could clearly make out the hard set of his jaw and the cold indifference on his handsome face.

When the bleeding stopped, Richard loosened his grip and looked up at her, then said slowly, “You have to stay here.”

She pulled away from him as pain flashed across her features. There was a chill in her voice as she asked defiantly, “And what if I say no?”

Angela…” He was trying to coax her now, but there was a hint of resignation in his eyes. He knew that he could not stop her if she insisted on leaving.

Right now, the only thing she cared about was going home to see her mother for the last time. She had to go back even if she couldn‘t make it in time, otherwise, the guilt and regret that followed would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Richard ended up following her out of the infirmary and into her bedroom. She picked up her bag once more, and she turned to say to him, “Car keys.”

At once, Richard was plunged into a dilemma. If he were to hand her the car keys, he would be watching her walk right into the trap set up by those evil men, which was the same as delivering her to death‘s doorstep. On the other hand, if he refused to give her the keys and she missed seeing her mother for the last time, she would hate him forever.

He could cope with that, but he really didn‘t want her to hate him forever.

Angela reached out her hand and stared at him with wide eyes, her silent demand evident in her tears. She was so delicate, but for some reason, she gave him immense pressure. It was as if she held some inexplicable power over him, and he could not keep a firm stance whenever she was around.

At that moment, he lost all his calm and reason. But just as he was about to give in to impulse and offer to go with her, Trevor burst out of the conference room and came running in their direction excitedly. “Miss Meyers!” he shouted. “Miss

Meyers! Good news! Your mother‘s fine. She only suffered a broken leg!”

Angela‘s hand fell to the side when she heard this. She tossed her bag onto the floor and ran to meet Trevor halfway. When she came up to him, she clutched his shoulders and urged, “Really? Is my mom really okay?”

“She is! Your dad just called, and he said your mom is fine save for the broken femur and a mild concussion. The doctor told him she‘ll be fine after half a month‘s resti” Trevor answered, but he was still in the midst of conveying the good news when Angela suddenly threw her arms around him in relief.

She hugged him tight as she muttered, “Thank you, Trevor! I can‘t thank you enough!”

Trevor was stumped by how overwhelmed she was.

Meanwhile, behind her, Richard looked considerably stormy, and he narrowed his eyes dangerously as he watched the woman hugging his subordinate.

The air grew colder, and Trevor immediately realized that he was overstepping his boundaries by letting Angela hug him. Gently pushing her away, he cleared his throat and said, “Miss Meyers, your dad also requested that you stay put here for your own safety. He doesn‘t want you getting into danger.”

“Is he still on the line?” she asked.

Trevor patted his head as if to berate himself for forgetting about this. “He is. Go on, you must be dying to talk to him.” Before he could say anything, Angela took him by the hand and pulled him alongside her as she ran toward the conference room.

Richard suddenly felt as if a weight had been taken off his shoulders. He let out a huge sigh of relief, secretly thanking Trevor for the timely interruption that saved him from betraying his own work principles. Had the news not come in time, he would have risked everything just to personally drive Angela home to see her mother.

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