My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 890

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 890

Chapter 890

She hated that she was so desperate to feel loved.

Closing her eyesAngela took a deep breath and cleared her mind. When she opened her eyes once more, there were none of the glistening tears or muddled emotions

Upon returning to base, she fell onto her bed and slept. She had woken up at an ungodly hour that morning, and the arduous hike had left her completely drained.

However, little did she know that Richard had received bad news while she was sleeping.

In the conference room, Richard hung up on the call and clenched his phone tightly, then turned to look at his subordinates. “Angela‘s mother just met with an accident. She‘s badly injured and she‘s been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.”

The four men working in front of their computers exchanged a worried glance. The accident was not entirely unexpected; the criminals who had recently crossed the international borders were ruthless, and instigating the accident to hurt Angela‘s mother was undoubtedly their plan to lure Angela out from hiding.

“Should we tell Miss Meyers about this?” Willy asked.

“She would be devastated, and she‘d insist on going back to see her mother,” Jared said sympathetically.

“But she has the right to know,” Sean pointed out.

“Poor Miss Meyers. She‘ll be heartbroken!” Trevor said fretfully.

Richard frowned. He had no right keeping this from Angela, which meant he was duty–bound to tell her the truth.

Meanwhile, when Angela had straightened up her bedroom, she sat down on the couch and let her mind wander. One said wandering, but really it just kept replaying the scene on the hiking trail where she had kissed Richard. It had only been a fleeting moment, but it had left a tingling sensation in the pit of her stomach that would not go away

The more she dwelled on it, the deeper her blush and the faster her heartbeat. That was the first time she had kissed a man on her own initiative, but the fact that he was unfazed by it made her feel like a pathetic loser.

Just as she was drowning in her own embarrassment, a knock came from the door.

She got to her feet and reached to open the door, only to be greeted by Richard, who looked as handsome as he was impassive. The air around her suddenly felt thin, and she blinked as she asked bewilderedly, “What is it?”

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