My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 889

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 889

Chapter 889

Angela wasn‘t sure why, but her eyes grew misty as she spoke. Flustered, she looked down and broke away from his intense gaze.

Richard was speechless, foundered by all the questions she threw at him. He wasn‘t sure where to begin.

She waited for his response, but when he didn‘t give her one, a bitter smile curled on her lips as she asked challengingly. “It‘s not rocket science. All you have to do is answer yes or no.”

“I don‘t want to answer,” he said monotonously as he let her go and turned to walk ahead.

It was at that moment that Angela was sure she was nothing more than a job and that he would have shown the same level of dedication even if she were any other girl. She was not special at all.

In that case, she did not have to torture herself and delude herself into thinking she was different, that she meant something to him

Fortunately, the trail got easier as they neared the foot of the mountain. When she took the final step to dismount from the hike, Angela thought her legs would give up on her. She quickly found a large and flat rock to sit on, then called out to the man ahead of her, “Hey, you go ahead! I‘m going to stay here and catch my breath for a bit.”

Richard glanced at her for a while and left without another word.

The base entrance was just nearby anyway. There was no point in him dawdling here to take care of her. That was what she told herself as she watched his retreating figure, but for some reason, tears sprang up to her eyes once more. She sniffed to ease the prickling sensation in her nose. Crapwhatwrong with mePull yourself together, AngelaYou were the one whasked him to leaveand now that he didyoure crying about it like some kid abandonein playgroundSnaout of itYoure just job to himJust someone he has to protectYoure not his girlfriendRemember that

She gave herself a pat on the head as if to knock some sense into herself. She wished she was less sentimental because nothing good ever came out of it. Back in the day, she had been so duped by Dexter‘s occasional kindness that she was blind to his other flaws. Now, Richard was being nice to her because it was his duty to protect her, but she was reading too much into it, so much so that she started to fall for him.

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