My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 888

My Baby’s Daddy

Chapter 888

Chapter 888

“No, thanks,” Angela said, turning him down with a smile as she took on a formal tone.

With long strides, she trekked down the way they came. From the back, her slender frame looked like it could carry the weight of the world.

Richard stared at her retreating figure for a beat or two before he followed her, striding easily, but very well–paced.

Hiking up a rocky mountain like this was comparatively easier than going down it. At any given moment, Angela could very well step on a loosened rock and fall, especially since the trees here that she could hold onto for support were no better than saplings.

Richard walked ahead of her, and whenever there was uneven terrain or steep slopes, he would stand close to her, ready to catch her if she fell.

Presently, she was holding onto one of the smaller trees, hoping that it could hold her weight until her foot found a solid rock to stand on below the slope. However, the tree was so young and weak that she uprooted it completely, causing her to fall backward when she skidded on the ground.

She let out a shriek just as Richard reached out to catch her, keeping her from hitting the earth. He pulled her against him and held her there while her arms snaked around his waist instinctively.

She was pressed up to his chest, ‘still dazed from the fall as her heart beat frantically under her rib cage. Tired from the hike, she nuzzled into his broad and firm chest, then closed her eyes as she relished the break in the exercise.

He did not push her away but merely watched as she closed her eyes and lay there. Her cheeks were flushed, and there were beads of sweat on her forehead that sparkled under the sun. He softened at that moment and let her lean into him, holding her

Upon sensing his relaxed stance, she smiled.

Around them, the mountain breeze whistled through the trees, and the sun was beaming down on the mountain, coating everything in its gentle, golden rays. For a moment, everything came to an idyllic standstill.

Angela could hear Richard‘s strong and steady heartbeat. Inexplicably, her own heartbeat quickened as well, as if trying to match up to his

“Captain Lloyd, are you always this dedicated to every target you are assigned to protect? I guess what I‘m trying to say is, if I were any other girl, would you be this kind to her as well?” she asked slowly as she looked up at him.

He met her eyes, his gaze smoldering and dark.

Angela blinked, looking into his eyes as she asked, “Would you let her use your bathroom and let her go in and out of your bedroom as she likes? Piggyback her when she gets hurt? Leap to protect her and shield her from every harm at any given moment? If she were the one holding onto you now, would you hold her even tighter?”

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