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Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 883

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children

Chapter 883

Chapter 883 

(Your mommy is very busy,” said Duke gently. “AI, I will send you something later. Have a look and tell me if you can break the code.”

Alden nodded. “Okay, Daddy.”

After hanging up, Duke sent Alden the program used to issue orders, which was extracted by Adina

He had worked with his son before and knew how extraordinary his skills were.

Adina‘s talent was mainly in programming, while Alden had an incredible talent in breaking into information systems.

In the Winters family‘s mansion, Alden received an email.

George leaned over to look. “What did Daddy send you?” Alden opened the email and frowned. “It‘s a program code. Daddy asked me to try to break it.” He took the phone upstairs, took out the notebook from under the bed, and sat on the carpet with the notebook in his arms.

George stood behind him, watching his brother try to break into the code.

The sound of his fingers clacking on the keyboard filled the room. As he continued, his face turned solemn.

After half an hour, he finally stopped. George asked him, “What program is this? Did you succeed in breaking into it?” Alden shook his head. “The original server is too far from Sea City, and the attack command can‘t be sent.”

He paused. “If I‘m not mistaken, this should be some kind of biochip that can control the human brain.”

“Why does Daddy want you to break into this kind of thing?” George frowned. “Daddy didn‘t allow us to touch these things after returning from the Hestia Border.”

Alden pursed his lips. He had a theory, but he wasn‘t completely sure.

It was just unbelievable. But the whole situation made sense now. ‘If his theory was wrong, why would Mommy move out suddenly? Why would Daddy ask him to break into an unethical program?‘

“I‘ll ask Daddy.” Alden called Duke once again.

Duke was still cooking. He was trying to make two simple dishes, and a bowl of soup. He did it very meticulously and took his own sweet time. As he was stirring the eggs, his phone vibrated. He wiped his hands and answered the call.

“Daddy, it‘s a bit difficult to break into this program,” Alden‘s voice came from the other end of the phone. “This is the program of the human biological intelligence chip. Can I ask you why you want me to break into such a program?”

Duke gritted his teeth. “One of my subordinates was implanted with a biochip by Elder Maurice,” he said calmly.

Alden narrowed his eyes. “Okay. I‘ll find a way to break it.”

Alden hung up. But his face darkened. He looked very serious.

George stared at him. “Al, what are you thinking?”

Alden did not speak. He pursed his thin lips and turned on the computer. He looked through the Dark Net‘s forum. His face became even more somber.

He looked at George. “Georgie, some well–known hackers on the Dark Net have all been invited to Sea City by Daddy with a lot of money as reward. People on the Dark Net are all guessing what has happened.“

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