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Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 2837

Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Chapter 2837

Chapter 2837

A director standing beside Hunter said, “Director Carlson, what a wonderful thought you expressed, why don’t you calculate how much money we’ve previously spent on the investment in the medical courses in different schools? Now, you’re even planning on building a medical school. Do you think it can be settled with merely two billion dollars? Not to mention the training of a professional team, how about you try and calculate the yearly bonus we can get?”

To many directors, the bonus was the apple of their eyes.

Director Carlson laughed, “when President Jewell was here, that was what he considered too. He believed it was necessary to build a medical school. Think about it. Are we desperate for money? What we’re desperate for is fame. After hundreds of years, we’ll be gone, but the medical school we’ve established will continue to stand firm in Australia. Our company will be able to make a breakthrough in the medical field and contribute to humankind.”

Hunter reacted as though he had heard a joke. “Forget it. We don’t have such a selfless dream. Tackling cancer isn’t easy. Many other countries have invested tens of billions of dollars every year, but have they managed to tackle them?”

“There will be improvements in the medical field as long as we work hard. Who has never gotten sick? Take Director Coolidge, for example. Your dad passed away last year because he was in the last stage of cancer. If there’s hope for cancer treatment, would your dad pass away at the age of 60?”

Director Carlson’s words made many people go quiet.

More than half of them were certainly not in need of money.

Even a lot of senior directors could never spend all of their money in this life.

However, what they feared most was death.

Charity silently watched the situation.

She could roughly understand why Director Carlson chose the path that Chester had embarked on.

It was because someone like him at his age understood many directors’ mindsets.

Hunter was a representation of wealth and benefits, while Director Carlson was a representation of reputation and life.

Soon, Director Carlson won by two votes during a show of hands.

In the end, Charity chose to support Director Carlson.

Hunter went mad on the spot. He even forgot himself as he leaped to his feet and slammed his hands on the table, “charity, my son is crippled all because of you. How dare you support Director Carlson?”

“Why can’t she support me?” Director Carlson provoked him.

“Did both of you make a deal in private?” Hunter asked ferociously, “How much did the Carlson family pay you?”

“Even if I don’t support him, Director Carlson will win.”

Charity met Hunter’s eyes calmly. “Although you’ve been making promises, I’m sorry because all I care about is benefits. Ten years later, if there’s a breakthrough in health technology in other countries, Jewell Corporation will have to spend a large sum of money begging them to share a small part of their knowledge with us. What’s more, the knowledge won’t be exclusive to US. If you don’t buy it, other companies will do so, and Jewell Corporation’s business will go downhill in the future. You need to think for our future generation.”

Charity’s words caused many in the meeting room who sided with Hunter to frown. They seemed to be swayed.

“As long as we make enough money, why do we need to worry that our future generation won’t have enough money to spend?” Hunter slammed his hands on the table furiously again.

“If we have our own hospital, we can have the latest medical team to research the technology. Then, we’ll never have to beg anyone. Our future generation will also be able to bring an endless supply of wealth through technology. It’ll be written in medical history that Jewell Corporation is the one that successfully tackled a certain medical aspect.”

After pausing for a moment, charity added, “Besides, the relevant department is currently dissatisfied with Jewell Corporation. If you can contribute to society, the department will change its impression on your company.”

Hunter rebuked, “It’s all your fault that the relevant department is dissatisfied with Jewell Corporation.”

“I was just telling the truth,” charity refuted.

“Charity, a woman like you will be cursed with a horrible death.” Hunter widened his round eyes. 1

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