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Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 2836

Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Chapter 2836

Chapter 2836

During the board of directors meeting in the morning, the directors appeared one after another. They were all men and women older than Charity.

However, no one dared to underestimate charity when everyone gathered.

What a joke, who would dare to be careless with a countryside girl who had climbed to such a position?

Director Carlson went up to her immediately. “Lizzie, did you eat the pumpkin soup I sent you when you were in the hospital? It’s especially suitable for girls because it’s great for beauty and wound healing.”

“Thank you, Uncle Jeremy.” charity smiled, she did not sound very enthusiastic, and it even sounded a little cold.

When Hunter, who entered afterward, saw Charity and Director Carlson so friendly with each other, his face darkened. He scolded, “Some people must’ve lost their conscience. Someone almost lost his life to save her, yet she’s so ungrateful to him.”

“That’s right. Don’t be too heartless, Eliza.” A director close to Hunter warned, “If it weren’t for Chester, you would be dead right now.”

“Sigh. Most people don’t expect anything in return after doing a good deed, yet you guys think otherwise.” Finn walked over and spoke sarcastically. Then, he raised his eyebrows at Charity. “Let me tell you this, Miss Robbins. Even if you help some people, they’ll only take it for granted.”

Hunter said furiously, “It’s a given that she has to repay our kindness. Because of her, my son, who was healthy and well, is now a cripple.”

Charity frowned. “He won’t necessarily be a cripple. If he goes overseas and gets proper treatment, he still has a chance to walk.”

“That’ll take many years. By then, what use is there even if Chester returns? What else can a crippled person do besides sitting at home and waiting for death to come?” Hunter got even angrier as he spoke. “His life has been ruined because of you.”

Charity felt repulsed.

She finally knew why Chester had a bad relationship with Hunter and would rather let the Carlson family take charge of Jewell Corporation than let Hunter meddle with the company.

Hunter was narrow-minded and did not think before saying or doing something. What was more, he was selfish as well.

Having been born into such a family, it was no wonder Chester would develop that kind of personality. 1

However, Charity did not want to quarrel with Hunter, so she sat down.

Director Carlson patted Hunter’s shoulder and said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about your son like that when so many people are around.”

“Stop pretending. You must be very smug.” Hunter glared at him. “ However, I’m warning you. Jewell Corporation will forever belong to the Jewell family. You Carlsons should give up on your wishful thinking over the past ten years.”

A hint of disdain flashed across Director Carlson’s eyes.

Then, the meeting officially started.

Hunter started to talk first. “Everyone here should know that my son had met with an accident. His condition isn’t great, so he can’t handle work matters. Since Jewell Corporation is in a state of disunity now, it urgently needs someone to lead it to the right path. As Chester’s father, I shall step up and support Jewell Corporation for my son…”

Hunter gave a ten-minute-long speech mainly about Jewell Corporation’s situation and its future development.

When he finished, Director Carlson stood up too. “Firstly, I express my regret for Chester experiencing such a misfortune. I believe the kid has a determination that others don’t possess, so he’ll surely pull himself together very soon. At the same time, I’m grateful to him. If it weren’t for him overcoming the crisis, Jewell Corporation wouldn’t be what it is today…”

Every director listened attentively.

In conclusion, Hunter intended to lead everyone to achieve greater profit and enjoy a higher dividend next year, while Director Carlson wanted to establish a medical school and invest a huge sum of money in nurturing a professional team to tackle the treatment of cancer, tumors, and other terminal illnesses.

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