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Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 2835

Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Chapter 2835

Chapter 2835

Chester did not speak.

He simply stared at Charity with an affectionate and melancholic yet frustrated gaze.

Charity immediately felt uncomfortable. “I’m leaving.”

“Thankyou for your hard work today. See Miss Robbins off, Ken,” Chester said hastily.

“No need. I know the way out.” charity took her bag and scurried away.

As Chester watched her leave from behind, a hint of sadness flashed across his eyes.

Ken said, “President Jewell, you can use work as an excuse to ask Miss Robbins to come over.”

“You have a point there.” Chester was stunned for two seconds. Then, he praised Ken. “My head injury has really made me stupid.”

Ken thought to himself, ‘You didn’t look like you were stupid when you were pretending to be weak and fragile.’

“You shall go to the board of directors meeting at Jewell Corporation tomorrow to protect her,” Chester told Ken, “If she supports Finn, I’m afraid my dad will act out of control. Tell my dad directly that this is my stance.”

“But this will cause a rift between you and chairman Jewell.” Ken was in a dilemma.

“If my dad is smart enough, he’ll know I’m doing him a favor so that he doesn’t lose his honor in his later life,” Chester said coldly.

Ken felt his head ache.

Young Master Jewell and chairman Jewell’s relationship was already hostile, what would happen to Young Master Jewell after that incident?

The next day, charity drove her car into Jewell Corporation.

After parking her car, she walked into the elevator lobby, where Ken had already been waiting for some time. “Good morning, Miss Robbins.”


“Young Master Jewell told me to come. He was worried chairman Jewell would bother you if you helped Finn,” Ken said respectfully.

Charity did not refuse. After the accident, Steven had not recovered as his injuries were much more severe than hers, so she did not have a bodyguard.

The board of directors meeting… There would definitely be trouble.

“What is Chester up to? Is he really not planning to manage Jewell Corporation anymore?” charity lowered her voice and said, “This is his blood, sweat, and tears.”

“Do you think Young Master Jewell is lying to you?” Ken smiled bitterly. “In fact, how can Young Master Jewell be content with this? However, the doctor told him that his body isn’t suited for an intense workload anymore. He has to rest for at least three to four years, or it’ll affect his lifespan.”

Charity felt a pang of sadness.

Ken said, “Young Master Jewell doesn’t care about those, and he doesn’t lack money either. A career is simply icing on the cake. I’m mainly worried that if Chairman Jewell finds out Young Master Jewell was the one who told you to support Finn, a huge conflict would arise between the father and son.”

“I won’t tell Chairman Jewell about it,” charity said, “If he asks, I’ll tell him it’s my idea because Finn had given me two billion dollars.”

Ken did not expect charity to understand his thoughts immediately. He blushed. “I’m sorry, Miss Robbins. I’m just worried that Young Master Jewell will have nothing to rely on in the future. Although he’s rich, his leg is crippled, and he doesn’t have a family of his own yet. The only family members he has are Chairman Jewell and his wife. If they have a falling-out, he will be alone in the future.”

“You’re a loyal person, and your concerns are valid. Chester seems to have many people on his side now, but there’ll be people leaving him once he loses his power. I understand.”

Charity sighed.

For some reason, she thought Chester was pitiful.

However, there must be a cause for those who were pitiful to have sunk to their lows.

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