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Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 2834

Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Chapter 2834

Chapter 2834


Charity was stunned. “We…”

“Come back,” Chester called.

Ken, who was about to open the door and head out, bit the bullet and said with his back facing them, “I didn’t see anything.”

“Don’t spout nonsense. She’s giving me a massage,” Chester scolded.

Ken was taken aback.

Charity quickly pulled the blanket down to cover Chester’s leg. “Since you’re here, I’ll leave now.”

“Don’t.” Ken knew he had misunderstood, so he said hastily, “I’ve prepared your meal. Miss Robbins. Since it’s past noon, you can have lunch together. Young Master Jewell’s appetite hasn’t been good lately, but maybe he’ll eat better with you here.”

“Enough. Don’t put Charity in a difficult position.” Chester sighed softly. “People might lose their appetite looking at how ugly I am. There’s no need to do this.”

Ken had served Chester the entire time, but it was his first time hearing Chester lament, and he was momentarily dumbfounded.

What act was Chester putting on?

Right then, Charity said, “You’re not that ugly.”

“Forget it. I know what I look like.” Chester looked miserable.

Upon seeing that, Ken quickly pleaded, “Miss Robbins, please stay back and have lunch. It’s just a meal.”

Charity could not stand those two people singing the same tune, so she stayed back to have a meal in the end.

Although it was a takeaway, the food was tasty. Charity knew it was a meal specially ordered from a certain five- star hotel chef.

Compared to her, Chester’s eating speed was relatively slower.

Ken was feeding Chester clumsily. He even ” accidentally” spilled some soup on Chester’s gown. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”

Chester had a frown on his handsome, sickly face. He looked frustrated but did not say a word.

“Do you need my help?” Since Charity was almost finished with her meal, she stood up after seeing the situation.

“Thank you, Miss Robbins.” Ken quickly placed the bowl in her hands.

Charity could not understand something. “Why are you always here to take care of Chester? Didn’t you hire a caregiver?”

“We hired a male caregiver, but he went home because he had some family issues.”

“Actually, a female caregiver will be more attentive,” Charity suggested.

Ken whispered, “Young Master Jewell doesn’t like unfamiliar women looking at and touching his body.”

Chester glanced at Charity and held his breath.

He had been keeping himself pure and clean.

“Oh.” Charity blew on the soup and said, “That’s a little pretentious. Haven’t many women seen your body before? Besides, what’s there left to hide with this body of yours?”

u u

The outline of Chester’s face stiffened.

Ken almost burst out laughing, but he held it in to uphold his professionalism.

Charity looked sincere as she said, “Maybe the caregiver you hired is too old. Why don’t you look for a female student from medical school? It’ll be better if the girl is youthful, pretty, and gentle. Then, Chester might agree to it.”

“I’ve already turned over a new leaf. I don’t touch women anymore.” Chester felt so attacked that his heart hurt. ” Any woman looks like a tree to me now.”

“That makes sense. After much experience, you’ll find that all women with good figures look the same with their clothes off.” Charity nodded honestly.

Chester widened his eyes. The color of his handsome face alternated between pale and flushed.

Ken started to admire Eliza’s sharp tongue.

How could someone continue the conversation from that?

“Open your mouth,” Charity ordered.

Chester drank the soup obediently.

Watching from the side, Ken honestly thought Young Master Jewell was like a dog who would eat anything Eliza fed him.

In contrast, Young Master Jewell disliked whatever he fed him.

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