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Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 2833

Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Chapter 2833

Chapter 2833

Chester felt bitter.

In the past, the people he looked down upon the most were good men and husbands.

He did not expect that he would regret it so much one day.

“You’ve said so much, but you haven’t mentioned yourself. Are you planning to give Jewell Corporation up?” Charity swept a glance across Chester’s body.

“I don’t want to give it up, but I’m powerless.” Chester clenched his hands. “The doctor said I can only be discharged In at least three months. My left leg still needs to be operated on, and my head hurts all the time.

I don’t get sufficient sleep at night and am not clear­headed enough during the day. Shaun is handling many matters in my stead now.”

Charity frowned. It seemed that Finn had guessed everything correctly.

“Of course, if you’re willing to take charge of Jewell Corporation, I’ll give you my full support,” Chester suddenly said.

Charity was stunned. “I’ve never thought about it. All I want now is to manage Neeson Corporation.”

“I guessed so too.” Chester smiled. There was a clear understanding in his eyes. “That’s why… supporting Finn is the best choice for you. You can even get 200 million dollars for nothing. When you become the vice chairman, you can provide some assistance from the sidelines to prevent Jewell Corporation from taking the wrong path.”

As Charity watched the pale, sickly man on the bed, a mix of feelings overwhelmed her.

“What are you going to do? I mean… in the future,” Charity asked probingly. “You still have to treat your leg. I heard they have more advanced technology overseas.”

“There are two ways. The first is undergoing treatment for two or three years and becoming a cripple. The other way is amputation and getting a prosthetic limb. I’ll be able to walk normally, but I’ll lose a leg completely. I’m a doctor. No one understands this industry better than me.”

Chester smiled nonchalantly. “Why don’t… you help me make a decision?”

“Me?” Charity shook her head after hesitating for two seconds. “I’m sorry. I can’t make that decision for you.”

Chester blinked his long eyelashes. “Can you help me massage my leg?”

His left leg was injured, while his right leg only sustained some scratches.

Charity flipped the blanket open, revealing his right leg, which had some scars and bruises.

However, he wore nothing underneath the blanket.

Charity’s face flushed red, and she suddenly regretted it. She knew she should not have agreed to his request. 2

“Why don’t you let a professional caregiver do this?”

“Why? Is it too scary?” A hurt expression flashed across Chester’s eyes.

“It’s fine-”

“You don’t have to console me.” Chester sighed sadly.

Charity was about to go crazy, and she had never felt like that in a long time. However, considering that he was a patient and would not have been in that state if it were not for her, she eventually massaged his leg carefully. “Tell me if it hurts.”

What replied to her was a man’s soft moan.

« I*

Charity felt goosebumps all over.

“Can you shut up?” She gritted her teeth and reminded him.

“I can’t control it. My leg is too sore.” Chester looked toward her languidly. “I have to enjoy this as much as possible. I might not be this fortunate in the future.”

Charity kept her mouth shut.

She simply massaged his leg silently and did not dare to look around.

The man’s moans echoed in the ward.

Charity had to take deep breaths and tell herself to calm down.

“Are you up, Young Master Jewell? Have some lunch. I made a serving for you too, Miss Robbins.”

At that moment, Ken entered. From his angle, that intimate scene made him dumbfounded for two seconds before his face blushed. “I… I’m sorry. I didn’t know you guys were… I shouldn’t have disturbed you. I’ll go out right now.”

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