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Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 2832

Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Chapter 2832

Chapter 2832

Charity stared intently at the arm that she was pressing on with both hands.

It was bony.

“Finn tempted me into helping him using 20 billion dollars.”

“20 billion dollars.” Chester laughed. “That’s quite a large sum of money. The Carlson family is putting in a lot of money to get what they want.”

“What do you need me to do?” charity asked directly.

“Will you agree to do whatever I ask you to do? You’re suddenly so nice that I’m not used to it.” while Chester was speaking, his brows raised a little.

“I’m not that despicable.” charity looked down. “I’m not the kind who’ll kick a man when he’s down.”

“I know.” Chester’s gentle gaze was fixed on her. “If Cindy hadn’t exposed what you said on the Internet, Finn wouldn’t have looked for you and tried tempting you.”

Charity recalled what she had said earlier, she told Madam Jewell that Chester willingly saved her and that she did not beg him to do so. 1

That remark was indeed cruel.

“Just promise Finn,” Chester said all of a sudden.

Charity was dumbfounded as she did not expect Chester to say that. “I thought… you’d want me to help you or your dad.”

“My dad isn’t competent enough.” Chester forced a bitter laugh. “ Back when Jewell Corporation hadn’t expanded to this scale, the company nearly went bankrupt under my dad’s leadership. If I hadn’t returned to the country and turned the tide, Jewell Corporation wouldn’t exist. Even though he has been the chairman over the years, I’ve never allowed him to intervene in anything company-related. All he does is socialize with others. To be frank, his competence is far from any other directors’.”

“Your dad would probably get mad if he heard this.” Charity was stunned.

“That’s true since he doesn’t think so. Over the years, he has had so many people supporting him and buttering him up that he has forgotten how incapable he is.”

Chester said, “Even so, the hospital isn’t a place to fight and scheme against each other. If it gets out of hand, the patients’ lives will be affected.”

“That’s true.” Charity nodded.

In order to generate revenue, many shady and heartless hospitals would not take the patients’ illnesses seriously. They would treat a minor illness as a major one and desperately save those who were beyond saving.

Jewell Corporation was not considered good either as it had a lot of issues, with receiving bribes as one example. Nevertheless, their doctors were not so heartless to treat patients like that.

Those who could work in Jewell Corporation were capable people.

Chester said with a low voice, “Director Carlson’s way of doing things can’t be considered great, but he still prioritizes medical development among the senior management in the company. As for my dad, he attaches more importance to benefits and income. When two people with different perspectives lead the company, they’ll bring the company toward different paths. I can’t keep backing my dad simply because he’s my dad.”

Charity finally understood.

She stared into Chester’s conflicted-looking eyes. “I always thought you were the sort who would put benefits before anything else, but you surprised me.”

“I actually am. After all, with so many employees and doctors in the company, there must be some who are despicable. We can’t expect everyone to be squeaky clean. Haven’t you heard about this saying? It’s the same everywhere. What I can do, at least, is guarantee that the hospital under Jewell Corporation has the most brilliant medical facilities in the country. Besides, the company has always been investing in all kinds of cancer research.”

Chester said seriously, “My private life might be messy, but I’ve never been careless in my career.”

Charity looked at him deep in the eyes.

Suddenly, Chester’s thin lips curled into a grin. “Have you suddenly realized I’m not as bad as you think? There’s a good side to me too, right?”

“You’re an excellent doctor.” Charity commented, “But you’re not a good man or husband.” 1

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