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Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 2829

Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Chapter 2829

Chapter 2829

“Charity, I told you I can wait – ” Max was struggling helplessly.

“Max, you see life as too simple sometimes.” charity looked at him seriously. “Perhaps this has to do with the environment you were raised in. Your family might not be considered well-off, but your parents love you. You’ve also been living in a healthy environment, and now that you’re older, the only hardship you’ve faced is on the battlefield.”

“Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Yes. Of course, there is. Think about it. If I insist on being with you, will your parents like me? Even if our families used to be on good terms, they’ll hate me. How nice it would be if I hadn’t shown up. Then, I wouldn’t have interrupted your life, and you’d surely be able to marry a rich lady who would be helpful to your future. With time, not only will there be a conflict between your mom and me, but you’ll also have a falling-out with your parents. You may think it doesn’t matter simply because you’re not mature enough yet.” 1

At the mere thought of those things, charity would rather stay single forever. “I’m very sorry, but I don’t wish to deal with all this. The first half of my life has been exhausting. So, for the rest of my life, I’d like my life to be more relaxed and carefree.”

“Okay. I got it.”

Max’s lips tugged in dejection, and his handsome face looked lonely.

“Charity, I truly like you from the bottom of my heart. But if getting together with you makes you feel stressed and unhappy, I won’t make things difficult for you.”

By the time Larissa brought the dishes to the table, Max already left.

“Where’s Max? why did he leave before the meal?”

“I’ve made it clear to him, so let him calm down. I don’t think he’ll feel like eating even if he stays.” Charity sat down and helped herself to a bowl of soup.

At the sight of charity’s composed expression, Larissa could not help but say with a sigh, “Max is actually a great kid, but unfortunately, both of you aren’t fated to be together. It’s fine.

After all, you both are still young. In the future-”

“I might not get married in the future.” charity said frankly, “ Mom, I might get a child through artificial insemination, but I don’t want to get married.”

Larissa was stunned for some time. “Well… Lizzie, is it because of my marriage that caused you – ”

“Mom, aren’t you pretty happy alone? Even if I ask you to remarry, you won’t want it. You’ll say you have much more freedom now and complain that if you remarry, you might have to serve the man. Luck is a crucial component when it comes to getting a man. Some seem nice before marriage but become selfish after the marriage, abandoning their families or children. And after you give birth to a child, the man might look down on you for being out of shape. If you go to work, he’ll complain about you not looking after the child.”

“While that’s true…”

“By the time I undergo artificial insemination in the future and have my own child, I won’t be lonely when I get old.”

“That’s true too.” Larissa was convinced. “Suit yourself, then.”

As her daughter said, it would be better to live alone than be with a sc*mmy man.

After dinner, Charity received an unknown phone call.

“Miss Robbins, I’m Finn. I heard you’ve been discharged, and I’m wondering where you’re at now? I’ve bought you some tonics and would like to pay you a visit.” The man said with a slight smile, “I should’ve visited you in the hospital, but I was abroad a few days ago.” 1

It immediately hit charity that Finn was the son of Director Carlson from Jewell Corporation, when Chester was in jail, the Carlson family acted most unscrupulously. “You didn’t come and visit me not because you were abroad. It was because Chester was in the hospital, and you were afraid of being spotted.”

“Miss Robbins, you’re smart.” Finn laughed and said, “Have you heard? Jewell Corporation is having a board of directors meeting the day after tomorrow.”

“But I’m merely a shareholder. I didn’t join the board of directors.”

Finn asked in surprise, “Don’t you know? Chester approved you to join the board of directors before something happened to him.”

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