Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 324

Her Billionaire Husband

Chapter 324

Chapter 324 They Both Looked Dashing


“No problem.” When Matthew turned around and walked away, he raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose, as if he was suffering from a headache as a result of Veronica’s sudden change in appearance.

She followed him out of the room, and put on a pair of Dr Martens before standing coolly in front of Matthew.

“Let’s go!” she said with a smile.

As a result, the duo went downstairs together and drove to the theater.

The car was parked on the mall’s second floor. They exited the car wearing black masks, and took the elevator to the theater which was located on the 12th floor.

Veronica had already purchased movie tickets for the next hour while on their car ride.

After they had received their tickets, they had nothing to do. Hence, Veronica said to Matthew in a male voice, “Let’s go. It’s still early, so let’s go downstairs for a walk.”

“Okay,” he responded.

They then walked around the mall, but everyone did a double take because of their stunning appearance.

Matthew ignored those people’s stares, and he lifted his arm and put it around Veronica’s neck. With this, the two of them looked like brothers.

“Wow! He’s really handsome.”

“This is similar to a television scene in which a tyrant president appears. The man with short grayish white hair looks handsome and wild. He’s so cool!”

“Goodness, I love them!”

“Are they models out and about for a photoshoot?”

Veronica and Matthew’s dashing appearances attracted much attention, and many women stopped to take photos.

At this point, two little girls ran over, stood in front of them, and asked Veronica, “Hi handsome! Uh… can I have your number?”

The girl was courageous and bold enough to step forward to request for Veronica’s number.

Veronica was stunned for a moment before pointing to herself and asking, “Me?”

“Yes. I think… you look like the movie star, Timothée Chalamet,” the little girl replied, shyly holding her phone before asking again, “Can I get your number?”

Matthew’s face fell and he wrapped his arms around Veronica’s neck. He then pulled her close and refused coldly, “No!”

“Oh? I can’t? In that case… Can I take a photo with you, handsome?” the girl asked.

“Yes, yes! Can we take a picture with you?” said another little girl in a goose-yellow down jacket.

After seeing the two girls’ boldness and enthusiasm, Veronica immediately agreed, “Sure.”

Since she was a cross-dressing, no one would recognize her, so there was no big deal.

“We’re busy.”

Matthew flatly refused, mercilessly wrapping his arms around Veronica’s neck and walking away, ignoring the two girls.

This scene drew the attention of others and some even pointed at them, sparking heated debate.

“My God, that man is so overbearing! Could it be that he has feelings for that man?”

“Yeah. Take a look at him—his expression darkened, and it seemed like he’s jealous.”

“Goodness, handsome guys are originally hard to come by, but now that handsome guys are starting to get together, what should we women do?”

“They bat for their own team, I guess.”

“Tsk! So this is what they mean.”

People behind them continued to talk while looking back at the two of them.

Veronica could clearly hear their conversation despite the low volume.

She glanced at Matthew beside her, and asked inexplicably, “How could you have the heart to refuse the two girls who wanted to take a photo with us?”

“You’re mine. Why should you take photos with other people?”

“Hey, they’re girls. Girls!”

“Not even girls!”

Matthew cast a cold glance at Veronica beside him and felt compelled to remove the makeup from her face. She appeared more appealing to the eye with her face bare.

D*mn it!

Don’t tell me she’s now going after girls as well?

Matthew suddenly felt that he had so many more love rivals.

Veronica frowned and her lips were slightly pursed under the mask as she mocked mercilessly, “Matthew, are you… are you jealous?”

Goodness! What is wrong with his man?

“It’s for your own good, so as not to reveal your identity.”

Matthew provided an enticing reason.

Veronica pouted and secretly smiled, but she remained silent.

Veronica could only go with Matthew to the men’s clothing store because she was disguised as a man.

In the mall, there was a floor of high-end brand stores.

Veronica rarely visited here.


She took him to the Armani men’s clothing store. The staff noticed the two extraordinary men, and the fact that Matthew was dressed in handmade haute couture.

The clothes were of the highest quality, cut to fit, with plenty of drape and ironing.

It looked expensive.

“You’re welcome to take a look. Our store carries all the latest items,” the staff said enthusiastically.

“We’ll take a look on our own. You don’t have to worry about us.”

Veronica was not used to the staffs’ enthusiasm, so she grabbed Matthew’s arm and walked into the store.

In the store, she looked around at the new clothes and eventually pointed to the linen gray woolen trench coat, saying, “Do you want to try it? It looks like it will fit you.”

She chose clothes for Matthew while shopping with him.

This was some weird feeling, but it made Matthew appreciate the time spent with Veronica.

“Okay. It’s your call,” he said with a slight nod.

He responded casually, but it was easy to sense his extra tenderness towards her.

On the contrary, several shopping guides on the side couldn’t help but widen their eyes when they saw it.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe such good-looking men bat for their own team!”

“Perhaps they like people like themselves?”

“Although it’s not surprising, it’s a shame he’s so attractive and likes men.”

“Shh! Be quiet. Don’t let them hear you.”

Several staff lowered their voices and spoke quietly.

Veronica, on the other hand, was talking to Matthew, and they didn’t care what the people were talking about.

They didn’t stop talking until Veronica beckoned to the staff and pointed at the clothes. They came over and respectfully inquired, “Which one do you prefer? You can try them on.”

“That one.”

The staff lowered their voices and spoke quietly.

“All right, please give us a moment. Who is wearing it?” inquired the shopping guide as she retrieved the wool trench coat.

“He’s wearing it.”

“Go and try it on,” Veronica said as she took the clothes and handed them to Matthew.

She spoke in a low and magnetic male’s voice, but it was laced with the femininity of a woman. Also, Veronica’s gaze for Matthew was full of love.

Another staff member saw this scene and sighed lovingly.

Matthew looked at this coat of ordinary workmanship which he didn’t like. However, it had been carefully selected by Veronica for him, so he couldn’t refuse.


He grabbed the item and went into the dressing room.

Veronica stood at the door and in a moment, Matthew came out.

He usually wore suits and leather shoes. Although he looked cool and handsome, he eventually gave people the impression of arrogance, in which strangers found it hard to approach him.

And this gray woolen trench coat was of a casual style. It not only added a sense of youthfulness, but also made a strong visual impact, giving Veronica the impression that Matthew was more approachable. At the same time, it managed to retain his nobleness.

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