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Divorce Anxiety

Nothing is more devastating than returning home only to be presented with divorce papers by your own husband. Unfortunately, that is the reality for Kathleen Johnson. She tries to change his mind by reasoning that she is pregnant with his child, not expecting that he would so emotionlessly tell her

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A Better Life After Divorce

Seven years of loving him in secret, and three years of being married to him. This is how long Sophia Yarrow has had her attention on the same completely emotionless man, Alexander Xenos. Even when surrounded by negative speculation about why she married him, she doesn’t care, as long as

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The Alpha King’s Claim

Mysteriously transported into the werewolf world, my only hope of returning to Earth was by marrying their Alpha King, but he certainly needs a lesson—manners-wise and, well, bed-wise. As the Alpha King of all werewolves and lycans, Aero needed to be fair to all. He ruled with an iron fist,

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