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Always Been Yours Chapter 898

Always Been Yours (Tessa and Nicholas)

Chapter 898

Chapter 898 New Friend

Linville was a power icon in the fashion industry, and she was also the editor-in-chief of an international fashion magazine.

When Tessa heard that, she thanked her gratefully. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.” Linville had a good impression of Tessa. She felt like spending time with this gentle girl was really comfortable, so she treated her as a friend.

Also, she didn’t know why, but she had a feeling that she had met this girl somewhere before. But she just couldn’t figure it out on the spot, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Tessa, have we met before?”

“I don’t think so. This is my first time in Milan.” Tessa looked at Linville in confusion.

Hearing her answer, Linville knitted her brows. “Did I remember it wrongly? But you give me a very familiar feeling.”

When Nicholas heard that, something came to his mind, and he explained, “I think you might have seen my wife’s performance or her interview in magazines. She’s a violinist.”

Linville was stunned for a moment and remembered immediately. She looked at Tessa in surprise and shouted, “You’re the Virtuoso!”

Tessa was embarrassed by that title and quickly said humbly, “That’s just the media’s gimmick. I’m not that good.”

“You’re too humble. I’ve seen your performance footage. They’re really brilliant!”

Linville gave Tessa a thumbs up and sighed. “If I knew you were the Virtuoso, I wouldn’t have invited other guests to perform in the show. I could’ve just invited you. Your musical style matches exactly with our concept this time. Such a pity.”

Since H&G always had a classical theme, the classic concept was the main theme of this time’s fashion week too.

Hearing that, Tessa said with a smile, “It’s okay. I can be your performance guest next time when we have the chance.”

Everyone had a good time throughout the meal.

When they were leaving, Tessa even exchanged contact numbers with Linville.

Maybe it was because Tessa got to know a new friend. On their way back, the smile on her face hadn’t dropped at all.

When Nicholas saw that, he pulled her into his arms and lowered his head before saying softly, “You’re that happy?”

“Of course. I made a new friend today.” She nodded with a smile.

His eyes were full of affection, and it was due to his wife’s jolly mood.

That night, when the family was having dinner in their room, a knock resonated from outside the door.

“Hello. Is this Miss Tessa Reinhart?” A young man looking like a butler was standing at the door in a black suit.

Tessa was stunned for a moment before she nodded and asked, “You are…”

“Greetings. Madam Linville is in the middle of something, so she sent me here to give this dress to you,” he explained and gave her the dress.

Hearing that, Tessa was a little surprised, but she still accepted the dress since Linville had specially prepared it for her.

She then closed the door and brought the dress back into the room.

When Nicholas saw the gift box in her hands, he took it for her immediately. “There are so many things. Why didn’t you ask me to help you?”

Gregory, on the side, also went to Tessa with a curious look. “Did you buy presents for me, Mommy?”

“It’s not a present.” Tessa rubbed the little guy’s black and soft hair and explained, “These are dresses sent by Miss Linville for tomorrow’s fashion show.”

As she was talking, she opened the gift box and found out that Linville was really thoughtful. Inside the box was not only her outfit but also Nicholas’ and Gregory’s. On top of that, there was a pair of exquisite flats coming together with her dress. It was obvious that Linville took Tessa’s pregnancy into account.

“Miss Linville is a wonderful person. She’s so thoughtful,” she exclaimed while looking at the three dresses on the bed, which looked like matching outfits.

Nicholas went up to her and had his arms wrapped around her waist before saying with a smile, “Don’t worry about it. We can thank her later.”

“Right.” Tessa nodded.

The next afternoon, Linville and Warner went to the hotel to pick Tessa and the two boys up to the fashion show venue.

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